Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chooze Shoes Review

Babies have the most adorably tiny feet.  I feel like if you don't think babies' feet are ridiculously cute, something must be wrong with you.  Of course, those small piggies have to be put into some stylish yet functional shoes too. Make sure you choose something that will make both you and baby happy.  If you have a little one, it's only natural that you'll turn to Chooze Shoes.

Chooze Shoes is shoe paradise for all shoe lovers.  The kicks for girls, boys, and baby range from Mary Janes and loafers to sneakers, slip-on's, and sandals.  Of course these aren't just regular shoes, they feature awesome prints.  How do prints like rainbows, polkadots, hearts, stars, and even planets sound? There will surely be a pick that both your son or daughter will go gaga over.  Go ahead and get a new pair of sparkly sandals for your daughter this summer, and a pair of shark slip-on's for your son.  Keep Chooze Shoes in mind for all of your children's shoe needs.

Scarlett is only 20 weeks old but already has an impressive shoe collection.  It's practically impossible for me to resist buying her teeny tiny shoes.  I fail miserably at trying to have self control against baby shoes.  

When my daughter had the chance to review a pair of shoes from Chooze Shoes, we were both very happy.  Well, I was more happy than she was.  She could care less, but her mom surely cared a lot! I settled on the WeeChooze in Cheer and couldn't have been more satisfied with my pick.

Pink shoes that feature hearts and flowers, what more could you want out of life?

These fabulous slip-on style shoes are the perfect addition to Scarlett's closet.  If you look closely, you'll notice that the prints are different.  Scarlett is definitely a unique girl and these shoes will help set her apart from the other babies at her playgroup! One shoe has hearts while the other has flowers.  Nothing screams baby girl like hearts and flowers! I picked size 6-9 months for her as she'll be able to wear them for the entire summer.  The shoes are slightly big on her, but she'll be 6 months in June.  I'm sure they'll fit perfectly then. Rest assured, baby's feet will be comfortable in the shoes as backs of them are flexible, and they are ideal for growing feet. The pink is bright and cheery and perfect for summer.  

The fashion possibilities are endless with these shoes.  Pair these with a cute sundress, shorts, jeans, or even a skirt.  No matter what article of clothing you'll put your little one in with these shoes, you can guarantee that they'll look adorable!

I'm very satisfied with the quality of the shoes and think they'll definitely last throughout the summer, and into the fall too.  Now the hard part is just waiting for Scarlett's adorable tootsies to fit into the shoes!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Chooze Shoes for providing Scarlett with a complimentary pair of shoes in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gymboree Review

Ever since I found out I was having a girl, I dreamt of pink sparkly clothing and headbands. I knew I wanted to dress my daughter in the girliest duds possible.  Since she was born, her closet has been filling up rapidly with the most adorable outfits you could ever lay your eyes on.  It's beyond fun having a girl and I want to make sure that her clothes are not only stylish but quality made too.  When I envision quality clothes, Gymboree is a brand that instantly comes to mind.

Gymboree offers adorable baby and children's clothing that will make your child look their best.  The prints and colors will make any child happy from baby up to 10 years old.  Girls will be delighted with striped dresses, shirts with animals on them, and brightly colored sandals.  Boys will love solid shirts with pirates or cars on them, and of course cargo shorts. Gymboree's clothes hold up well in the wash and look their best for years to come. If your child doesn't currently have any clothing from Gymboree in their closet, it's time to fix that.  

Gymboree recently debuted their Hop' N' Roll collection which focuses on play.  Play is so important to children as it allows their creativity and imagination to shine through.  My daughter and I spend hours playing together everyday and have so much fun.  I will treasure those memories as she gets older, and I hope she remembers the fun times too!

I was able to check out a few pieces for Scarlett and we both were very satisfied with the collection. I   settled on some summer selections for her, since it'll be hot before you know it!

This Polka Dot Tiered Tank would look perfect with white leggings for a fun day of play at the park.  Pair it with gold or even white sandals for a fun and casual baby chic look.  I love anything with polkadots, so this is right up my alley.  The navy is bright and bold and the white dots help to set off a perfect color combination.  Every baby needs at least one polka dotted piece in her wardrobe, and I can't wait for Scarlett to wear it. 

If you're looking for something fun and whimsical, how about the Geo Print Smock Top? Every baby girl needs this kind of look in her closet, it's mandatory! The creme background looks great with the soft yellows and greens.  Pair this with jeans and sandals or sneakers, and your child will be the star of the playground in no time.  Scarlett will be rocking this outfit around the house or when visiting her friends at her playgroup.

Rompers are a must in summer wear for babies.  The Geo Print Romper would be an instant hit on Scarlett this  summer when riding around town in her stroller.  Who can resist the adorable print too? I know I can't.  This would look great with gold velcro sandals.  The colors are bright and vivid. Surely this is one of my favorite pieces ever and Scarlett will look adorable in it.

I could not go on living my life unless Scarlett owned these French Terry Watermelon Shorts! Nothing say summer like watermelon, am I right? Those watermelon slices look good enough to eat and very realistic.  I feel that the colors are vivid and bold.  Of course the little bow at the waist is too cute.  The adorable shorts would look fabulous with a pink or white onesie or tank paired with pink or white shoes.  I would put a cute clippie or headband in her hair for a look that can't be beat.

I am very satisfied with the choices I made for Scarlett from the Hop 'N' Roll collection. Each piece is made well and held up beautifully when washed.  I know my daughter will look absolutely adorable in the clothe and I can't wait to see her in them.

Head on over to Gymboree today and pick out something that you and your child will both love.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Gymboree for providing me with a gift card in order to facilitate this post. All thoughts are strictly my own.  
Monday, April 27, 2015

Air Oasis Review

I try to do my best as a parent by providing a clean and safe environment for my child, among other things.  While it's important for children to be exposed to germs, you don't want them to breathe in germs and dirty air on a regular basis.  Make sure your child's room has air that is clean and sanitized to ensure a restful sleep at night as well as safe playing during the day.

Air Oasis offers air purifiers and sanitizers that will provide you with peace of mind for your child's bedroom or nursery.  Babies and children need healthy environments to thrive and Air Oasis is there to assist.  Air Oasis's premium purifier is the Air Angel.  This angel will protect a room up to 250 sq feet.  Place it on a dresser or nightstand and you're good to go.  The whisper quiet technology will keep the air clean without disrupting your little one's sleep.  Go ahead and introduce the Air Angel into your life and have one less worry as a parent.  That's definitely priceless.  The product makes an excellent baby shower or new baby gift too. 

I received an Air Angel for Scarlett's nursery for review.  She's 20 weeks old now and I always worry about her quality of air.  Is the air in my house clean enough? Is she breathing in germs? You can't always be sure of the air quality, but you can do your part in making a difference.  Luckily, she hasn't been sick yet. 

Scarlett's new best friend.  

The compact unit fits on her dresser and has been a great new addition to her room.  I leave the unit running all the time to ensure clean air continuously.  The unit is sleek and white and looks great with her room decor.  A great feature about this product is that there is no maintenance.  There's no filters to change or clean as it runs behind the scenes.  My daughter is at an age where she likes to grab everything and luckily this is out of her reach.

I had no trouble using the unit for the first time.  It's very self explanatory and in moments it was up and running.  From that minute on, my daughter's air quality has changed for the better.  We have a dog in our house and I'm sure she's always bringing in something from being outside.  I look forward to using this unit in her room for years to come.  It'll bring peace of mind to me as she grows and germs come into play more when she's mobile.  It's whisper quiet and you can barely hear it, which is a big plus since Scarlett is sometimes a light sleeper. 

The best thing you can do for your child is to provide them with clean air, it's mandatory. Thanks to the Air Oasis, we'll always be confident about Scarlett's air quality and you can't put a price tag on that.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Air Oasis for providing me with complimentary product in order to facilitate this review.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Make Your Mom Say Wow This Mother's Day from Downy!

Mother's Day is rapidly approaching! Have you thought about what to do with Mom for her special day this year? How about a delicious lunch followed by a spa experience? Anything you want to do for her would be greatly appreciated.

Delight Mom with a package that's just for her.  Go ahead and recognize all of her hard work and everything she does for you.

One lucky winner will win a Downy prize pack that will make Mom's Day!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Timex Giveaway

Over the years watches have transformed from simple timepieces to style icons.  Watches used to feature small faces and have minimal features.  Nowadays, the faces are oversized and come in a variety of different colors for both men and women. You can't forget about all of the extra features either. If you're looking for a great Mother's Day gift this year, look no further than Timex.

Timex is your headquarters for all men and women's watches.  Whether you're looking for a gold or silver watch with a small or large face, Timex will be your go-to pick.  The timepieces come in a variety of colors and styles depending on your needs.  A silver watch with rhinestones on the face works well for work to play transition.  Timex is a trusted watch brand and their products are made with dedication and last for many years.  Why not treat Mom to a fabulous watch this Mother's Day?

The Miami watch turns up the heat with shimmering crystals from Swarovski.  Nothing is more beautiful than this watch and your wrist would be proud to display it. Every lady would be thrilled to receive this watch on her special day this year.

Hello, I love you.

You'll have no problem pairing this watch with practically every outfit you wear.  The beautiful brushed silver paired with the rhinestones produces a fabulous watch.  The rhinestones add pizazz to the watch that is welcomed. Nobody can resist the fashionable oversized face either.  Go ahead and show this watch off, it definitely deserves it. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New York – A City Steeped in History

New York or New Amsterdam to give its original name has a history dating back to 1624, when Dutch colonists first sailed into what is the world’s largest natural harbor. This city has always been a draw for people from around the world looking to make a new life, and the 19th and 20th century saw millions of immigrants arrive, take their place and play their role in creating America’s largest city.

New York is rightfully proud of its exciting and illustrious history, and in this city it’s easy to find a museum or historic location in which to explore the Big Apple’s past.

The city’s first museum

A city with this much history deserves a dedicated museum and that’s exactly what the New York Historical Society is, founded in 1804. This was the city’s first museum and has held a number of ground-breaking extensive exhibits such as the history of slavery in New York, as well as being home to one of the oldest libraries in America. Exhibitions, documents and artifacts explore events such as the Civil War and the New York City Draft Riots, as well historical figures including President Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who was born a slave but became a free man in New York. This museum is probably one of the best resources in which to explore the city’s history right up until present day and many of the exhibitions can be viewed online.

A historic building

The Lower East Side is today popularly associated with the city’s arts scene; and writers, musicians and artists have been drawn to this neighborhood mainly due to the previously inexpensive rental accommodation. However, if you want to walk in the footsteps of the 20 million immigrants who lived in the 97 Orchard Street building between 1863 and 1935, then the Lower East Side Tenement is the place to go. Restoration has turned this building into a time capsule allowing visitors to view how immigrants lived over 150 years ago when they first arrived in the city. Visitors can also visit a recreated family run store as well as obtain information from actors who portray residents of this time period.

Spot the history

New York today is of course vastly different from its first humble beginnings, but you can walk around this city and discover its history in the iconic buildings and landmarks. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge and you’ll be walking on 130 years of history, or take a trip to Ellis Island where millions of immigrants were processed before either being permitted or denied access to the city. The Statue of Liberty, which sits on Liberty Island, has been standing as a symbol of freedom since 1886 and visitors can climb to Lady Liberty’s crown to view the waterfront area. Once the tallest building in New York, and arguably it’s most famous, the Empire State Building has been a cultural icon for almost 75 years – if you get the chance to visit, it will only take around two minutes to travel to the 86th floor observation deck.

New York is undoubtedly one of the most incredible cities and this may be why it’s sometimes regarded as the capital of the world. It’s an ever-changing metropolis with each generation building on the last, leaving their mark and shaping this great city’s history.

Image by Justin in SD used under the Creative Commons license
Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NovosBed Review

To me, a bed is more than just for sleeping.  Yes, that's an important part of it, but a bed represents happiness and comfort which translates over to when I play with my daughter in bed.  I love to lay down with her and give her endless cuddles and kisses while we play.  Of course I watch TV with my husband and dog in bed too. You need a mattress that will let you wake up feeling rested too.  If you spend a lot of time in bed like me, it's important to make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible.  

NovosBed is your paradise for everything bed.  Indulge in luxurious memory foam mattresses and pillows that will make your body happy.  There are different types of mattresses depending on your needs and the way you sleep, but choose from gel, natural, or high density.  I think gel would be a fabulous pick.  No bed is complete without a memory foam mattress, it's mandatory in life.  If you're looking to have a restful and peaceful night sleep each and every night, it's essential you welcome Novosbed into your life.

My current mattress is six years old and was begging for an upgrade.  My husband and I got it when we moved in together years ago.  It's just a regular mattress with no bells or whistles. It's comfortable, but mattresses only last so long.  I've been eyeing a memory foam mattress for a while now and knew I needed to kick up the comfort factor.  NovosBed is the perfect pick for a bed makeover.

I was sent an Aria Pillow-Top Medium-Soft Memory Foam Mattress and I couldn't be more thrilled.  As soon as my bed saw the new mattress it smiled from bed post to bed post.  This is just the change it was asking for!

What else could a bed want besides memory foam? 

The mattress came extremely quickly and was very easy to set up.  The unusual thing is that it comes compressed and packaged in 3 different layers for easy shipping.  It expands within a few hours of being removed from the box and was ready for use within 4-6 hours.  Those honestly were the hardest hours of my life while I waited, but I knew the wait would be worth it! Once the mattress was on my bed, it never looked better.  I couldn't wait to lay down on it.

I slept on the mattress for the first time the other night and I was in complete heaven. It felt like I was laying on clouds and I couldn't have been happier. Honestly, I've never laid on a more comfortable mattress in my entire life.  It has a traditional memory foam like feel and the foam recovers shape within 1-1.5 seconds.  I'm a firm, but soft mattress kind of lady and this was surely the ideal pick for me. The memory foam is high quality and very well made.  I woke up feeling refreshed and well-rested, which isn't an easy feat considering I have a 19 week old baby.   My husband also enjoyed the mattress and said he had a good night's sleep too.  Combine a memory foam mattress with a memory foam pillow and you'll die.  Cause of death? Comfort.

Spring cleaning is on everyone's agenda this season.  Why not spruce up your bedroom and give it the upgrade it deserves? Welcome spring in with a new mattress and bedding to satisfy the change your soul is seeking.

My dog and baby enjoyed hanging out on the bed too.  Memory foam is enjoyed equally among pets and babies.  Carolyn curled up and went right to sleep.  The mattress transported her right to Planet Sleep and I give Novosbed all the credit.  I don't know how we went so long without a memory foam mattress, but the good thing is that we'll never go another night on a traditional mattress again!

If you're looking to give your bed the boost it needs, Novosbed is waiting for you.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to NovosBed for providing me with complimentary product in exchange for this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Four Months Old!

Scarlett is now four months old! Time is just moving way too quickly, I don't think I like it. Of course I do like all of the new developments that come with growth!


Toys! Scarlett recently has started being very interested in toys.  It was very sudden because one week she didn't like them, and the next she loved them.  Of course, I went out and got her a few toys since she only had a few.  Her current favorites are a VTech phone and a doll. She loves to hold her toys and babble to them too.  She also grabs everything and anything near her.  

Feet are the newest discovery for Scarlett.  She found them about a week ago and is constantly grabbing them and holding onto them.  She also rolls over from stomach to back with ease now.

Scarlett traveled on a plane for the second time to go visit her grandparents. She did very well and slept almost the entire way.

She received her helmet and will be in it for the next 6 months.  Luckily, she doesn't mind it and seems to be doing great with it.

If you smile at Scarlett, she'll smile back at you.  I love to make her smile and will constantly do it.

We took her to the pool for the first time yesterday and put her feet in the water.  She really seemed to enjoy it.

She's discovered Lynnie as well and will reach out to pet her.  I have to remind her to be gentle though. 

Scarlett met two of her cousins for the first time ever recently, as well as went to Boston! She enjoyed being pushed around in her stroller and seeing all of the sights.

Upcoming events:
We'll be discussing starting rice cereal and solids at her 4 month pediatrician appointment next week.

I'm also looking forward to summer and taking Scarlett to the park and various other outdoor activities.  We have a Little Tikes slide for her on our deck as well as an inflatable mini pool for her to sit in.  What a lucky girl!


Scarlett continues to be a very easy baby.  She's happy-go-lucky and is content to just sit on the couch with you and hang out.  She'll watch TV with you too.  She will not cry at all. When she's tired or hungry though, she'll let you know by screaming loudly! I can't wait to see how her personality will develop further in the coming months.

4 month breakdown:

Scarlett weighs about 13 lbs and drinks about five 5 ounce bottles a day.  She's in size 1 diapers and can still wear some 0-3 month clothing, as well as 3m, and 3-6.  She takes a while to grow out of clothes and seems to put on weight but slowly.  

Can't wait to see what 5 months brings!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shakespeare Stories Review

As a parent, it's your job to read to your child on a daily basis.  There's nothing more important than instilling a love of reading into your little one from an early age.  Books help children in so many ways and building an active imagination is only just one of the benefits. Sit down with your child every night before bed to create fabulous memories and a zest for reading.

Shakespeare Stories is a collection of children's books written by author Nancy Shakespeare.  The series follows two main characters, Benjamin the bear and Tatum the princess on their many adventures. The books teach life lessons and events paired with fun and lovable characters.  Benjamin's books cover topics such as going to kindergarden, getting a new sister, and riding an airplane.  Tatum's book details her search for her missing chocolates and how to be responsible.  Any child would be delighted to have these books in their bookshelf and be read to.  

The bright colors and detailed illustrations would draw any kiddie in.  The books would make an excellent present for any child.  Go ahead and purchase the collection for your tot today! 

Scarlett was sent the entire collection of Nancy's books, plus an adorable Princess Tatum plush doll. She immediately grabbed the plush and held it while I read to her.  I try to read to her nightly as it makes us closer and will help her to develop a love of reading.  She's 4 months old now and is getting more curious everyday, so she tries to grab the pages and book as I read.  I couldn't be more pleased with that as it shows me she's really enjoying what she's hearing! Scarlett and I read Benjamin Bear goes on a picnic this morning and she really seemed to enjoy it.  She was watching me read and taking everything in.  I also noticed her touching the pictures and trying to grasp the story and its message in her own way. 

The books are so adorable and I love the corresponding stories that each character deals with.  Since Scarlett's so young, she'll be able to enjoy these books for some time to come as they will grow with her.  I'm sure she'll be connecting with and loving Benjamin and Princess Tatum in no time.  

Princess Tatum's book teaches responsibility which every child needs to learn at a young age.  Also, I would be very upset too if I lost my chocolates.  I don't blame Princess Tatum!

A great thing about these books is that any child can relate to the life events.  If your child is going to be a big brother soon to a baby sister, he will love the book about Benjamin Bear getting a new sister.  When a child can connect a new event with something comforting like Benjamin Bear, it will help them to accept the change more easily.

I can't wait to read the rest of the stories to Scarlett.  I know we'll both enjoy them.  It's never too early to start reading to your child.  Don't delay, start today!

*DISCLOSURE* I received complimentary product in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

Springtime Treats

Spring is the perfect time to get out those cookie and muffin pans and make some fabulous treats.  Be inspired by springtime plants and flowers, and of course animals.  

Look at how adorable these treats are! :)

Are you planning on baking something delicious this Spring? Sound off below! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lavanila Laboratories Giveaway

Mother's Day is less than a month away now! Have you figured out what to get your wife or Mom for this special day? Skip the flowers or chocolates this year and get them a gift they'll really enjoy.  Every mom loves to be pampered and receiving something from Lavanila would surely make their day.

Lavanila Laboratories offers everything for you to smell and look your best.  Your bathroom would be thrilled to see body butters, deodorants, fragrance mists, sunscreen, and even items for baby too.  The skincare items come in varying scents of vanilla including grapefruit, lavender, coconut and others.  Everyone's skin should be introduced to a sunscreen or body butter from Lavanila Laboratories on a daily basis, it's mandatory! Anything from Lavanila Laboratories would make a perfect gift for a friend or relative, or even Mom on Mother's Day!

A fabulous collection that every Mom needs is the Healthy Vanilla Grapefruit Collection. This collection is an invigorating blend of sparkling grapefruit, crisp cedar wood, lime, and Madagascar vanilla.  Everything is made with only the finest pure essential oils.  These products lift the spirit and come in a deodorant, roller-ball fragrance, fragrance, and body butter.  It's just what every lady needs to put a smile on their face.

Every bathroom's dream products!

You'll be hooked on the Vanilla Grapefruit collection as soon as you try it.  Throw the roller-ball fragrance in your purse or carry-on bag for a quick pick-me-up anywhere you go.  Let Vanilla Grapefruit be your newest scent of choice!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Netflix #StreamTeam April 2015-Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Teaching your child right from wrong is the best thing you can do as a parent. Plenty of children think lying is a better choice than telling the truth, because they're scared to get in trouble.  If they told the truth initially, it would be received a lot better than trying to cover it up.  When a child knows to do the right thing at an early age, it will help them make better choices throughout life.

Netflix is focusing on its new original series this month, Bloodline.  The Rayburns, who are the family in the show, have some dark secrets that they're wiling to do anything to keep from coming out--lying included.  While everyone lies, some lies are more serious than others. It's one thing to tell your child the park is closed today because you're too tired to take them, but it's another to hide financial matters from your husband.

White lies make it easier for parents and also can potentially make kids happy too.  Young children can make up stories as they learn the difference between fact and fiction, but older kids sometimes lie to keep themselves out of trouble.  It's important that parents sit children down and have them fully understand how lying can impact them.

How do you cope with your child lying? My daughter is only 18 weeks old, so it's impossible for her to lie right now.  As she gets older, I hope she will come to me and be honest about her situation, rather than lying.  Every parent hopes their child will deal properly with a situation or problem, but that's not always the case.  I hope I'll be able to get through to her without her lying.

Netflix has recommend certain TV and movie titles that revolve around lying.  Showing your child these picks would be a smart way to incorporate entertainment with life lessons.

For Little Kids:

1. The Gruffalo
2. Care Bears: S1E8: Untruths and Consequences
3. Veggie Tales In The House: S1E9: Lie-monade
4. Little Princess: S1E9: I Didn't Do It

For Big Kids:

1. Totally Spies!
2. A.N.T Farm S3E9: Pants on Fire
3. Spy School
4. Jessie S1E14-World Wide Web of Lies

For Teens and Parents: 

1. Bloodline
2. Revenge
3. The Bling Ring
4. Pretty Little Liars

Netflix is always wonderful at offering such a diverse mix of options for any age range.  Remember, it's never too early to teach your child right from wrong.  Why not start today?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gymboree Giveaway

Now that Spring is here, it's important to welcome the season with some new additions to your child's wardrobe.  How about a new pair of sandals or a dress for your daughter, or you can let your son pick out a shirt he likes.  Choosing quality clothes that will last is something every parent looks for when selecting clothes for their child.  Luckily Gymboree offers that and also has cute styles to boot.

Gymboree offers baby and children's clothing that will make your child look their best.  The prints and colors will make any child happy from baby up to 10 years old.  Girls will be delighted with polka dotted dresses, shirts with ice cream bars on them, and brightly colored sandals.  Boys will love   striped shirts with pirates or cars on them, and of course cargo shorts.  Gymboree's clothes hold up well in the wash and look their best for years to come. If your child doesn't currently have any clothing from Gymboree in their closet, it's time to fix that.  

Gymboree recently debuted their Hop' N' Roll collection which focuses on play.  Play is so important to children as it allows their creativity and imagination to shine through.  My daughter and I spend hours playing together everyday.  I will treasure those memories as she gets older, and I hope she remembers the fun times too!

The collection is adorable and I want every piece from it in her closet! Check out some of my favorite pieces:

How cute are these? That romper is perfect for summer! It's time to head on over to Gymboree and check out all of their collections, including the Hop 'N' Roll.  You'll definitely find some awesome pieces for your child to look adorable in.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Big Mouth Inc Review

Everyone has that resident funny item in their house without fail.  Whether you have a cookie jar in the shape of a dollhouse, or even a chicken clock it all counts.  It's important that you feel comfortable in your home and have decor that makes you happy or even provides laughter.  Maybe you even have one room designated in your house for whimsical items? Let Big Mouth Inc bring some fun into your home today.

Big Mouth Inc is the headquarters for all fun and silly products.  The company offers sound machines with wacky noises, milestone and over the hill gag gifts, toys, salt and pepper shakers, household products, and so much more.  Each item does not fail in bringing a crazy element! How about a beach ball in the shape of a cheeseburger? Or maybe a musical corkscrew? There's honestly so many items available at Big Mouth Inc, you'll be very entertained while surfing the site.  If you're looking for an out-of-the-box gift for that friend or relative who has everything, let Big Mouth Inc put a big smile on their mouth when they see it.

Since summer is approaching, it's time to start thinking about warm weather, pools, and beaches.  Of course when you go to the pool, it's essential to have a float to lay on.  Not everyone wants to jump right in and get their whole body wet.  If you're like me, you like to leisurely lay on a float as the water carries you around.  Don't just lay on a solid colored float, you need something with personality! 

I was sent the Pizza Slice Pool Float.  This float is adorable and looks so realistic.  Hmm, it makes me want a piece of pizza already and it's only 8:50 AM! 

Hop on board for deliciousness! 

There's a pool nearby that we go to every summer.  I'm certainly looking forward to taking the baby with us and dipping her feet in the water for the first time! Lazy summer days are perfect for relaxing in the pool and working on that tan.

This float inflates to over 5 feet long once fully inflated.  That's one big piece of pizza! I love how realistic the pizza looks.  The pepperoni's are large and in charge and the perfect shade of red.  The cream color looks exactly like cheese, and of course the darker tan color on top perfectly represents the crust.  

I already inflated the float and had no issues when doing so.  The air perfectly flowed through the inside of the float and in seconds I was staring at a large slice of pizza.  I definitely wanted to take a bite of it.  Since it's so large, it's now being stored in my garage until I use it. It will definitely be a hit at the pool and since the surface area is wide, it can easily hold whoever wants to lay on it. 

Big Mouth Inc offers so many other floats including donuts, flamingo's, junior mint boxes, and more. You'll certainly be the talk of the pool with this float and will have to work to stop people from trying to use it.  

Don't let summer pass you by this season without using a float from Big Mouth Inc.  

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Big Mouth Inc for providing me with complimentary product in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

Magic Tree Stickers Will Fill Your Home with Love

Let's face it, not everybody possesses enough talent to beautifully decorate their home. While some may have more of the decor gene in them, others may not know what to do.  Life is a lot easier when decor is handed to you in the form of a wall sticker.  You'll no longer have to worry about if the picture you want to hang is big enough or compliments the room exactly.  Magic Tree Stickers is there to assist in filling each wall space in your home.

Magic Tree Stickers sells tree stickers in various designs that are made from the highest quality vinyl.  How about a large family tree sticker for your new baby's nursery? If you're looking for something in your living room, the white birch decal might be more up your alley. If you aren't looking for trees, there are many other designs including quotes, flowers, animals and more.  The stickers are adhesive and removable.  Just simply stick it and you'll instantly have beautiful walls in each room of your home.  The best part is that they are easy to take off and don't leave any residue behind.  Every home should have Magic Tree Stickers in them.

Here are some wonderful examples of the diversity offered from Magic Tree Stickers:

The PS I love you sticker would be cute for a bedroom or even a living room.  It certainly would be a conversation starter! I just love that pretty cursive writing.

If you're looking for bedroom wall stickers, look no further.  There's certainly a large selection offered.  Which one do you like the best?  I just love this one! 

Keep Magic Tree Stickers in mind for your next decor project and they will leave you a satisfied customer in return.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Robeez Review

My daughter's closet is a perfect indication of what it's like to have a baby girl.  Once you open the door, you'll find a ridiculous amount of shoes, hair bows, and clothes.  She can't even walk yet but her dangly feet must be adorned with adorable shoes, it's practically mandatory! As a mom, it's important for my daughter to have not only stylish but comfortable shoes too.  Luckily, Robeez is a reliable brand I can count on for baby shoes.

Robeez is the premiere baby and toddler soft sole shoe brand that supports the healthy development of little feet. The line carries shoes for both boys and girls.  These shoes aren't just normal sneakers or shoes in solid colors, oh no.  Your heart probably can't handle such cuteness as soft sole shoes with owls, flowers, or even Ariel from the little mermaid on them.  That's just the beginning and I'm just getting started! How about cupcakes or even dogs too? Little boys will be excited to slip their feet into skulls, sharks, and even dinosaur shoes.  Your child will surely get a lot of compliments on their kicks when they ride around town in their stroller.  If you're looking for a baby shower gift or a new baby gift, how about a pair of Robeez? Keep them in mind for a unique present that everyone will love.

When my daughter Scarlett had a chance to review Robeez shoes, I went nuts.  She doesn't currently own a pair but I've been coveting certain styles for her.  I was so excited that her little piggies would have the chance to be in the cutest shoe brand ever.  I finally settled on a pair  that made me happier than you'd believe.  Her closet is thrilled to introduce the Cutie Pie Soft Soles Baby Shoes

The shoes are for 6-12 months, which would be June to December for her. Even though she can't wear them right now, it won't be too long! June is only two months away at this point.

Adorable shoes for an adorable baby

I'm so in love with the shoes, it's not even funny.  I can't imagine Scarlett wearing anything cuter. The shoes are made with real leather and feature a non-slip suede outsole.  This prevents your child from slipping, and the elasticized band keeps the shoe securely on baby's foot.

Warm weather needs to get here ASAP so Scarlett can start rocking her new shoes.  The dog shoes feature a pretty hot pink background with an appliqué of a grey and white dog. Our dog Carolyn might be jealous when Scarlett wears these.  She'll think she's being replaced! I just love the flower tucked behind the dog's ear, so cute.  The colors are bright and bold and I can tell the shoe is well made. I have no fears about the appliqué coming off or becoming loose, it's on securely.  Scarlett has a pair of denim capri's that I can't wait for her to wear.  I think we'll pair a solid pink shirt with the capri's and the shoes.  It'll be a baby casual look that day! 

The shoes look very comfortable and I can't envision Scarlett having any issues with them not fitting her well.  I'm satisfied with the quality of the shoe, and I really like how the brand promotes early foot development too.  Since Robeez makes a lot of their soft sole shoes to fit until 4 years of age, we'll certainly be buying many pairs in the near future! Go ahead and buy your child their first or even fifth pair of Robeez today.

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Best Gifts You Can Give a New Mommy

After I had my little bundle of joy in December, I was completely overwhelmed with the wonderful gifts I got from my family and friends. I was lucky enough to get some amazing presents, but I know how difficult some of my friends found it to pick out gifts for me.

So, I thought I would share my top tips for picking gifts for new mommies here:

Offer your help

Even if money is tight, there is no reason you can’t give the new mommy the gift of help. Many new moms are determined to do everything themselves, and so, may not accept your offer straight away. However, offer again a few weeks later, and I guarantee you, your friend will be incredibly grateful for a helping hand - I know I was, anyway.

Whether you offer to take an older child out for the day, do some washing for your friend or help out with the cleaning, your friend will really appreciate the gesture.

Pamper Products

When you are a new mom, you have very little time to pamper and take care of yourself. Even so, some bath or shower products or some luxury moisturisers is a wonderful gift. Especially, when it comes with an offer of watching the baby for an hour while the new mom takes a relaxing soak in the tub.

If you have a favorite product, perhaps you could get the new mom a jar of that to try out? A friend of mine mentioned that she had a cream that helped her to avoid pregnancy stretch marks scarring and got me a tube of it as a gift. And I must say, I absolutely love it.

new baby.jpg

Luxury Dressing Gown

It might sound like an odd gift, but hear me out. As a new mom, I had two dressing gowns, and it still was not enough.

In the early days, I was always ending up with some kind of baby substance on my dressing gown, and with limited time getting them washed was always a struggle. An extra dressing gown, especially a gorgeous luxury one, would have been a godsend.

Netflix Subscription

Obviously, find out if the new mommy already has a Netflix or LoveFilm subscription, but if not, this is a fantastic gift.

When you have to get up in the early hours of the morning to breastfeed, having something to occupy your mind with, such as a fantastic television series, is ideal. For me, early morning breastfeeding and Netflix went hand in hand.

A Spa Day

If you think your friend deserves a real treat (FIY all new mommies do), then why not push the boat out with a luxury spa day treat? It’s probably best to book this for some time in the near future, as many new mommies don’t want to leave their little ones at first.

Booking a luxury spa day for you and your friend for when the baby is a couple of months old will give your friend something nice to look forward to.

There are so many great gifts you can give a new mommy, all you need to do is think about what your friend really needs.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Let SamePage Keep You Organized

If you're a mom like me, life can be pretty hectic most of the time.  Between playdates, pediatrician appointments and my own agenda, it can be easy to lose track of something.  I like to keep myself pretty organized or else I will forget things.  Whether you keep your schedule written in a notebook, or even digitally online, you'll always remember important events!

SamePage allows you to organize, collaborate, and update all at once.  Do you need to share information with the PTA for your next meeting? Maybe you want to post some bulletin points for your next book club meeting with the ladies from the library.  Everyone has something to share with others.  No matter what that is, Samepage lets you create a single "page" online.  On this page you can add text, images, video, calendars, and much more.

Thanks to SamePage, you'll be able to share the pages with anyone you want.  Everyone will be in the loop thanks to your efforts.  You can create as many pages as you want.  Feel free to share your children's updates with their grandparents, or keep track of your kid's soccer team schedule to share with the rest of the team.  The best part is you can download the SamePage app to stay organized while on-the-go too.

Example of what SamePage offers

The tool is great for work too if you have specific deadlines that you need to meet for certain projects.  There's so many different ways to use this website which makes it so wonderful and versatile.

You'll feel proud and organized and you can give all of the credit to SamePage!

*DISCLOSURE* This is a sponsored post which I received compensation for.  All thoughts are strictly my own.
Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wallaroo Review

Summer is so close, I can practically reach out and grab it! This season is one of my favorite times of the year.  I look forward to lemonade, watermelon, and of course hot weather. Since my daughter will be 6 months old at the start of the summer, I can't wait to spend a lot of time with her outdoors.  It's important to keep yourself protected from the sun when you're out and about.  Wallaroo will keep you protected and stylish all at the same time.

Wallaroo offers a line of UPF protective hats that harmoniously blends sun protection with fashion.  The hats are perfect for the whole family and include styles for men, women, and children.  The collection is available in in bright colors such as tangerine, lime, and magenta to name a few. Of course you can have a hat in navy, gray, or white if you're looking for something low-key.  Don't forget to choose a classic style like canvas, loose weave, or even cotton twill.  Whatever you choose will look great on you when you're having fun in the sun.

I was sent the Napa hat which is right up my alley.  I love oversized, floppy hats and this type is always my first choice.  Years ago, I had a white floppy hat that was damaged during a move.  I really loved the hat and have been recently thinking about purchasing a new one. When I had the opportunity to review the Napa hat, I was very excited!

The hat provides a wide capeline-style brim that will keep you cool in the hottest of temperatures.  Some hats tend to be big on me, but luckily I won't have that problem thanks to the internal drawstring.  

Oversized hats tend to be what I gravitate towards when choosing a hat, and this one does not disappoint at all.  The large brim is just what I'm looking for.  A touch of personality is added due to the brown card with red wooden beads.  I absolutely love how it looks on and wore it for the first time yesterday. I got a few compliments on it already! 

I feel that the hat is made well and will hold up for years to come.  I'm really looking forward to wearing it all throughout the summer.  It will look great paired with wedges and a cute sundress.  Also, since the hat is tan which is a neutral color it can be paired with many colors and still look excellent.  

Let Wallaroo make all of your hat dreams come true.  There's certainly a style for everyone's needs.  What will be your pick of choice?

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Wallaroo Hats for providing me with complimentary product in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are my own.  
Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NeoFlam Review

I've always been a fan of vintage items for as long as I can remember.  To me, there's nothing more fun than owning an item that hasn't been for sale in 30 or 40 years.  My daughter has vintage toys from the 60's and 70's, and I have special mixing bowls and casserole dishes that are a good 30 years old in my kitchen.  Owning items that have history and personality are important to me.  Give your kitchen that vintage touch it's craving with an old school cookware or dish set.

NeoFlam brings your kitchen to life with cast aluminum and stovetop cookware with Ecolon non-stick coating.  Your food will come out perfectly each and everytime thanks to the wonderful Ecolon element.  Neoflam also offers cutting boards and food storage for your other food prep needs in the kitchen.  The company provides many different cookware styles depending on your needs.  If you're in the market for a gift for that resident foodie in your life, keep Neoflam in mind.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking for my husband and I.  Cooking is something I really enjoy and I usually look forward to preparing meals every night.  There's something very cathartic about creating a meal from beginning to end.  When you're in the kitchen, it's essential that you're using quality and reliable cookware to cook your food with.

When I found out about Neoflam's retro line, I knew that a piece from the line was something that my kitchen absolutely needed.  This line offers a classic design for today's modern kitchen.  With the retro line, you can choose from saucepans, frying pans, and stockpots offered in a fun vintage blue color.

I was sent the Retro 3L stockpot, which I was absolutely very excited over.  I've been needing a new stockpot and this one seemed perfect for my needs.

When you use this stockpot, you'll instantly be transported back to 1955.

This stockpot is too cool.  The color is something you'd see out of the kitchen in I love Lucy. I made chili in it for dinner tonight and it turned out perfect and delicious.  This product has thicker walls inside that allow food to not easily burn while keeping it hot longer.  With other stockpots the recipe that I use for my chili burns a little on the inside of the pot, leaving a big mess. Thanks to the ecolon coating, this was not the case this time! The coating also reflects heat and infrared rays to ensure that flavor and nutrition is not lost during cooking.

I had no issues carrying the pot from the stove to the table either.  I was surprised at how lightweight it was, as most stockpots aren't.  The silicone coated handles offer a non-slip and soft grip.  As I mentioned before, the color is one of my favorite parts about this product. It's sort of a Robin's Egg blue and really appeals to me. There's also a nice glittery/sparkly element through the color.  My kitchen is all white including appliances, so the pop of color adds a nice touch.  

Since the stockpot is 3 quarts, it allows you to create a volume of food that will easily feed your family.  The pot is not too large and easily fits in my kitchen drawer that holds my other pots and pans.  I'm extremely satisfied with it and can't wait to use it for future meals.

There's so many things you can make in a stockpot including soups, stirfrys, and stews.  It's time to get creative in the kitchen and whip up delicious recipes with your NeoFlam cookware.  The only thing my kitchen is missing now is a matching saucepan!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to NeoFlam for providing me with complimentary product in exchange for this post.  All thoughts are my own.