Monday, April 20, 2015

Four Months Old!

Scarlett is now four months old! Time is just moving way too quickly, I don't think I like it. Of course I do like all of the new developments that come with growth!


Toys! Scarlett recently has started being very interested in toys.  It was very sudden because one week she didn't like them, and the next she loved them.  Of course, I went out and got her a few toys since she only had a few.  Her current favorites are a VTech phone and a doll. She loves to hold her toys and babble to them too.  She also grabs everything and anything near her.  

Feet are the newest discovery for Scarlett.  She found them about a week ago and is constantly grabbing them and holding onto them.  She also rolls over from stomach to back with ease now.

Scarlett traveled on a plane for the second time to go visit her grandparents. She did very well and slept almost the entire way.

She received her helmet and will be in it for the next 6 months.  Luckily, she doesn't mind it and seems to be doing great with it.

If you smile at Scarlett, she'll smile back at you.  I love to make her smile and will constantly do it.

We took her to the pool for the first time yesterday and put her feet in the water.  She really seemed to enjoy it.

She's discovered Lynnie as well and will reach out to pet her.  I have to remind her to be gentle though. 

Scarlett met two of her cousins for the first time ever recently, as well as went to Boston! She enjoyed being pushed around in her stroller and seeing all of the sights.

Upcoming events:
We'll be discussing starting rice cereal and solids at her 4 month pediatrician appointment next week.

I'm also looking forward to summer and taking Scarlett to the park and various other outdoor activities.  We have a Little Tikes slide for her on our deck as well as an inflatable mini pool for her to sit in.  What a lucky girl!


Scarlett continues to be a very easy baby.  She's happy-go-lucky and is content to just sit on the couch with you and hang out.  She'll watch TV with you too.  She will not cry at all. When she's tired or hungry though, she'll let you know by screaming loudly! I can't wait to see how her personality will develop further in the coming months.

4 month breakdown:

Scarlett weighs about 13 lbs and drinks about five 5 ounce bottles a day.  She's in size 1 diapers and can still wear some 0-3 month clothing, as well as 3m, and 3-6.  She takes a while to grow out of clothes and seems to put on weight but slowly.  

Can't wait to see what 5 months brings!

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  1. She is such a beautiful little girl and I was so glad to see this recap of the past months as I have been away for a couple of months with some Lupus issues. Keep up the great work mom and dad!