Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Robeez Review

My daughter's closet is a perfect indication of what it's like to have a baby girl.  Once you open the door, you'll find a ridiculous amount of shoes, hair bows, and clothes.  She can't even walk yet but her dangly feet must be adorned with adorable shoes, it's practically mandatory! As a mom, it's important for my daughter to have not only stylish but comfortable shoes too.  Luckily, Robeez is a reliable brand I can count on for baby shoes.

Robeez is the premiere baby and toddler soft sole shoe brand that supports the healthy development of little feet. The line carries shoes for both boys and girls.  These shoes aren't just normal sneakers or shoes in solid colors, oh no.  Your heart probably can't handle such cuteness as soft sole shoes with owls, flowers, or even Ariel from the little mermaid on them.  That's just the beginning and I'm just getting started! How about cupcakes or even dogs too? Little boys will be excited to slip their feet into skulls, sharks, and even dinosaur shoes.  Your child will surely get a lot of compliments on their kicks when they ride around town in their stroller.  If you're looking for a baby shower gift or a new baby gift, how about a pair of Robeez? Keep them in mind for a unique present that everyone will love.

When my daughter Scarlett had a chance to review Robeez shoes, I went nuts.  She doesn't currently own a pair but I've been coveting certain styles for her.  I was so excited that her little piggies would have the chance to be in the cutest shoe brand ever.  I finally settled on a pair  that made me happier than you'd believe.  Her closet is thrilled to introduce the Cutie Pie Soft Soles Baby Shoes

The shoes are for 6-12 months, which would be June to December for her. Even though she can't wear them right now, it won't be too long! June is only two months away at this point.

Adorable shoes for an adorable baby

I'm so in love with the shoes, it's not even funny.  I can't imagine Scarlett wearing anything cuter. The shoes are made with real leather and feature a non-slip suede outsole.  This prevents your child from slipping, and the elasticized band keeps the shoe securely on baby's foot.

Warm weather needs to get here ASAP so Scarlett can start rocking her new shoes.  The dog shoes feature a pretty hot pink background with an appliqué of a grey and white dog. Our dog Carolyn might be jealous when Scarlett wears these.  She'll think she's being replaced! I just love the flower tucked behind the dog's ear, so cute.  The colors are bright and bold and I can tell the shoe is well made. I have no fears about the appliqué coming off or becoming loose, it's on securely.  Scarlett has a pair of denim capri's that I can't wait for her to wear.  I think we'll pair a solid pink shirt with the capri's and the shoes.  It'll be a baby casual look that day! 

The shoes look very comfortable and I can't envision Scarlett having any issues with them not fitting her well.  I'm satisfied with the quality of the shoe, and I really like how the brand promotes early foot development too.  Since Robeez makes a lot of their soft sole shoes to fit until 4 years of age, we'll certainly be buying many pairs in the near future! Go ahead and buy your child their first or even fifth pair of Robeez today.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Robeez for providing me with complimentary product in exchange for this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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