Thursday, June 14, 2018

Scarlett's Dream Come True Seeing The Wiggles at The Wellmont Theater!

For some time now, Scarlett has really been into music whether it be top 40 songs or kiddy music.  She has her favorites and enjoys singing along to whatever she requests to hear. One of her favorite musical acts by far is the Wiggles.  Any parent of a toddler age child has probably heard of The Wiggles at some point or another.  If you haven't, I can guarantee your child will instantly fall in love with them.

The Wellmont Theater is a theater and concert venue located in Montclair, NJ.  The theater opened in 1922 and was originally intended for live entertainment until it switched to showing only movies in 1929.  It stayed the same until 2008, when it completed a large renovation and became an entertainment venue again.  Music was back and people flocked back to hear their favorite acts.  The location of the theater is in downtown Montclair and ideal for grabbing dinner or even some ice cream afterwards.  If you're not in the mood to eat, why not check out the various shops geared towards all interests? Parking can be a little tricky so make sure you find a spot ahead of your show.

There's always an individual or a band performing at the Wellmont Theater and I can guarantee you'll find an upcoming show that you'd enjoy seeing.  The variety of shows ranges from stand-up comedy, musical acts and more.  You can even rent the theater for a private event like a corporate reception.  Inside the theater you'll find The Pharmacie Liquor Bar, where you can get a drink before or after a show as well as grab something to eat.

Scarlett has had a love affair with The Wiggles for about a year now.  The Australian foursome is a singing and dancing group geared towards preschool age children.  Parents everywhere have surely gotten some of their songs stuck in their head, they're just too catchy! Scarlett is always singing Fruit Salad, Rock-a-Bye Your Bear, or Do The Propeller.  The current line-up consists of Emma, Lachy, Simon, and Anthony.  Some may know the Wiggles from their childhood since the group just celebrated their 25th anniversary.  I personally was not aware of them when I was younger. The group is known for their individual colors which represent which Wiggle they are.

Scarlett's favorite from the group is Emma, which isn't surprising! I think all little girls who are fans of the Wiggles gravitate towards her.  It's hard to resist her beautiful curly pigtails, smiling face, and love of bows!

When I found out that the group was bringing their Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Tour to the US, I was crossing my fingers that they'd be playing somewhere close to us.  Since we're in the tri-state area, I was hoping we'd have a shot since three states would be covered. Thankfully, The Wiggles heard my wiggly prayers and announced they'd be playing in Montclair, NJ!  Luckily, Montclair is under a 2 hour drive for us and I knew it was meant to be!

I prepared an Emma outfit for Scarlett to wear to the show ahead of time so she could channel her favorite lady.  This is her first real concert so I had to make it extra special! I ordered her special black and yellow show bows, a black and yellow hair bow, and of course she had an Emma costume that came all the way from Australia.  I think we have the black and yellow covered as best as possible, don't you agree?

On the day of the show, we made the drive to the Wellmont Theater and Scarlett was just as excited as ever.  I've been telling her for weeks and weeks that we'd be going and have been helping her count down the days.  The fact that the show date had finally arrived was incredible for my tiny tot.

I've never previously been to The Wellmont Theater before so I didn't know what to expect upon arrival.  The inside is intimate with ample restrooms, friendly staff, and bartenders on hand to serve you.  Flash photography is not allowed so make sure you know that before you go! I was going to bring my DSLR camera to the show, but unfortunately was not able to.

My husband Jay and I along with Scarlett were in the upper balcony.  You may think that this is not ideal seating, but it really is since you have a clear view of everything.  In my opinion, there's not a bad seat in the whole theater.  As soon as you exit the doors to the upper balcony, there's restrooms and a bar where you can get some popcorn or a quick drink.  That was very convenient for having to take a child to the restroom and there's monitors outside so you don't miss the show.

The Wiggles put on a fantastic show and Scarlett was singing and dancing through the entire thing.  All of The Wiggles have wonderful stage presence and interact with the audience throughout the show.  There's one part of the show where they collect posters and drawings that children in the audience bring for them.  Scarlett had a card for them and it was a fun moment for her to know they'll read her card at some point!

Whether they were wearing giraffe or fish costumes or doing Irish dances in glittery costumes, there was always something to see! Scarlett kept saying she wanted to hug Emma and wanted to go on stage to see her, but it was hard to explain to a 3.5 year old that she couldn't when Emma was right in front of her!

Of course they sang all of the tunes they were known for! It was magical to see all of the love that the children had for them. Even some of the parents were getting into it! Scarlett was so happy and it was an exciting to take her to her first concert in a different state and be up past her bedtime! A special night for sure.  It was wonderful as a parent to see Scarlett so happy and share an experience like this with her.

Our seats in the upper balcony were great and we were able to hear and see everything well.  All in all we had a great time and left with smiles and and memories.  Scarlett was also thrilled with her Wiggles shirt and toy figures too.

Jay and I are looking forward to coming back to Montclair in the future and going to another show for just the two of us.  It'll be exciting to check out the downtown for sure!

If you're looking for a fun venue that caters to all ages, it's time to make a trip to the Wellmont Theater!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to the Wellmont Theater for providing tickets in exchange for this post. All thoughts are strictly my own.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Scarlett Loves Food

Out of the struggles I face with Scarlett, I'm lucky that food is not one of them.  I have friends who have children who eat next to nothing and it's a fight to get them to eat.  That seems extremely stressful and I'm fortunate to not have to deal with that.

From a young age, Scarlett has always enjoyed food.  I did my best to expose her to everything my husband and I liked so she wouldn't be a picky eater.  She loved veggies as a baby and that enthusiasm has continued into her toddlers years. Some of Scarlett's favorite snacks are carrots, chopped peppers, tomatoes, and veggie chips.  Of course she loves her fair share of junk, but gets very excited for vegetables.  She's a unique child!

Honestly, there's not much that Scarlett won't eat.  Even if she doesn't like a food, I encourage her to try it so she can determine if she truly doesn't like it, rather than showing disdain for it just by looking at it.  Some of her favorites are any kind of pasta with veggies, chicken and cheese quesadillas, fruit, soups (all kinds), stews/chili, fish, seafood, cheese, and much more.  She also loves roasted potatoes and snacks like crackers and air popped popcorn.  As Scarlett has gotten older she has been exposed to sugary treats and of course juice.  I try to limit juice and sweets but she loves any sweet drinks including lemonade.  Scarlett is a big carb lover like myself and can go to town on a wedge of cheese or a bowl of pasta in record time.

Scarlett's portions are big and sometimes it surprises me how much she can eat! She eats more than I do on occasion!.  Her weight is fine and she's an active child, so I let her eat as much as she wants within reason.  It's hard to eat around her because she wants what you're eating even if she has the same thing.  My husband and I have to eat usually after she goes to bed because she'll want a 2nd dinner.

People are often impressed with her zest for food and wish their children were like her.  I hope she always has an interest in food because it makes me one happy mom!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Sock Subscription Makes An Ideal Gift For the Fashionista In Your Life

What Makes a Sock Subscription so Convenient?

New socks are one of the great luxuries of life. When you were a kid, you may not have liked getting socks as a present. Today, however, you enjoy slipping on a fresh pair from Say It With a Sock. The experience can be made even better if you put on a pair of stylish, fun socks. You can get a new pair of socks each month by signing up for a sock subscription. This type of subscription is convenient and beneficial for the following four reasons.

1. Get Free Exchanges

When you become a member of a monthly sock club, you gain access to high-fashion and high-quality socks. The company offers a wide range of socks with either patterns or graphics to ensure you get the type of product you'll love to wear as much as possible. If you ever get a style you don't love, you can exchange it for free without hassle.

2. Choose Your Size

Feet come in all shapes and sizes. Because you want to make sure the products you get will fit on your feet well, you can choose from a variety of sizes. Whether you need socks for a child or a grown-up, you can find something that meets your needs.

3. Select a Subscription Duration

When you sign up for a sock subscription, you're not stuck in a contract. You can prepay for six or 12 months or choose to pay as you go. You can also choose to skip a month if you don't think you need a new pair that soon. Choosing how often you get your new socks ensures you'll only pay for products you're ready to use.

4. Receive Quality Products

This type of subscription gives you access to high-quality socks. You'll get brand name products known for funky styles, durability and comfort. With this type of quality, you can feel confident knowing you'll be happy with anything you get.

Are you ready to learn about the benefits of a sock subscription first hand? Shop though everything Say It With a Sock has to offer right now.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Save Money With DIY Fixes Around The Home!

My husband and I have been homeowners now for over 4 years.  In the course of those four years, we've had to pay our fair share of expenses to fix various things around the home.  Whether we were fixing a leaky toilet or having our air conditioning unit repaired, the list seems to be endless.  When you rent, all of your repairs are covered and you don't have to pay anything out of pocket.  Sometimes I miss renting! Since homeowner repairs can be so costly, sometimes it can be helpful to find a DIY fix to save some money!

Roto-Rooter is the #1 plumbing and water restoration company.  To make things easier and save you a big bill from a plumber's visit, the company offers a Gel Clog Remover that you can use at home.  The three main things that clog a drain pipe are soap, grease, and hair.  Roto-Rooter's Gel Clog Remover attacks the source of the clog with a formula of up to 25% more clog-busting active ingredients than any other national brand.

Like most people in this world, I like to save money when I can.  Sometimes some homeowner repairs and fixes are unavoidable with savings and you have to leave it to the professionals.  In the cases that the situation is less problematic or severe, sometimes you're able to fix things yourself!

Did you know that a broken toilet lever is pretty easy to fix? In most cases, if pressing the lever doesn't flush the toilet, you can just open the tank and re-attach the chain.  In some cases, the handle itself can become corroded or any one of the pieces that connect the handle to the flapper (including the handle, nut, metal rod, or chain) can break.  All of these parts can be replaced very cheaply. 

Another easy fix involves the garbage disposal.  Some people are cautious of the garbage disposal because of the hidden blades and bad noises.  However it's actually fairly easy to clear up a clog.  You'll need to cut the power to the unit to prevent any accidents.  Some units are plugged into an outlet in your cabinet, but others may be wired directly to the wall.  Once the disposal is turned off, you can use an allen wrench to adjust the flywheel inside the disposal.  Simply do this by placing the allen wrench in the hole in the center of the bottom of the unit.  You won't actually see the flywheel, but rotating it can help loosen any jammed food inside.

Once you've done this, you can then use either a wooden dowel or some pliers to reach into the top of the disposal and try to remove anything clogging the unit that may be near the top.  If you've successfully cleared the obstruction, you can reconnect the power, run water through the disposal and turn it back on to ensure the clog is gone.

If you have a clogged shower or sink drain, Roto Rooter can certainly help you with a DIY fix at home.  Skip calling the plumber and save that money to spend on something fun.  A few weeks back my kitchen sink was backing up and I was in a panic.  My mom was at my house and baked a few batches of brownies and threw a lot of egg shells down the garbage disposal.  

The next day after she left, millions of pieces of tiny egg shells backed up and my sink wouldn't drain.  I just thought to myself "great, how much is this going to cost to fix?" I called my husband at work after unsuccessfully trying to to unclog the sink myself.  He suggested trying the Roto Rooter Gel Clog Remover and I wondered why I hadn't thought of that myself.

The Gel Clog Remover worked wonders and truly saved my sink, my sanity, and my wallet! In no time at all the clog was gone and I could have kissed that blue liquid if it was possible.  I was so happy that I didn't have to wait around for a plumber and my sink was useable again.

I'm sure there are plenty of other DIY fixes that I should learn and know about.  You never know when they'll come in handy! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Add Joy To Your Life With Bloomsy Box

There's nothing quite like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to light up any room.  Can you imagine how beautiful your home would look with flowers as the centerpiece? Not only do flowers make the perfect gift for any occasion, they bring an instant smile to anyone's face.  When's the last time you had a stunning flower arrangement in your house? Go ahead and spoil yourself or someone else today.

Bloomsy Box is a flower subscription service that believes everyone should enjoy beautiful blooms no matter where they are.  A subscriber has the option to choose from a small, medium, or large flower arrangement that they will receive monthly.  You can choose from a range of flowers including peonies and orchids in colors that will take your breath away.  Bloomsy Box can arrive at your door on a month to month basis, or you can pay for a certain length of time in advance like 6 months or a year.

Flowers make the perfect thank you gift for anyone including work clients, and they make an ideal holiday or birthday gift for all.  You don't only have to enjoy gorgeous flowers in your home, why not have them in your office too? Head on over to Bloomsy Box today to start smiling every month.

This morning a gorgeous flower bouquet showed up at my door and I was in absolute heaven.   Not only did the flowers arrive in wonderful shape, they were packaged perfectly and securely with a velcro closure.  A small envelope of flower food was included to make sure your blooms stay gorgeous and healthy for as long as possible.  

Before the flowers arrived, I had no idea what bouquet I'd be receiving.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive these and truly love them.  When it comes to flowers, I usually like more color but these are truly simple and gorgeous.  The soft pink gives the pale background a nice hint of color that is certainly welcomed.  These flowers not only smell great, but they are fresh and very high quality too.  

I cut the flowers down to fit better in the vase and they look spectacular now.  It's interesting how a simple vase of flowers can really brighten up a room and make it more welcoming and inviting.  This bouquet is on an entry table near my door and anytime guests come over, they'll be instantly welcomed by the flowers.

With summer just weeks away, it would be a great idea to have Bloomsy Box in your home.  If you're entertaining and having BBQ's and summer soirees, flowers will surely bring your party up a notch.

I'm very satisfied with my flowers from Bloomsy Box and I hope my arrangement lives for as long as possible.  I'll surely be keeping them in mind for future orders!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Bloomsy Box for providing me with product in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

Friday, June 1, 2018

Put Some Montgomery Inn BBQ In Your Mouth Today!

My husband is the big meat lover in our family.  He'd happily eat steak, sausage, and ribs every day of the week if he could.  Some of his favorite gifts that I've given him over the years are meats delivered right to our door! At least he makes gift giving easy, right? I enjoy ribs and steak on occasion as a treat.  What are some of your favorite types of meat?

Montgomery Inn is where it's at for BBQ lovers everywhere.  With one taste, you'll quickly know and realize why Montgomery Inn has fans from coast to coast.  Fox News has named it one of America's top 10 barbecue restaurants.  If you don't live near a Montgomery Inn restaurant, let the meat come to your door! Every slab of hand-trimmed world-famous ribs must pass 12 quality checkpoints.

Ever since the family-owned operation opened in 1951, it has served US presidents, locals, and visiting celebrities alike.  Your stomach will be delighted to try brisket baked beans, BBQ sauce, pulled pork/chicken, and of course fantastic slabs of ribs.  If you're looking to make your mouth happy, go ahead and treat yourself or a loved one to an order from Montgomery Inn.

When our Montgomery Inn Summertime BBQ Bonanza order showed up at the door, my husband Jay couldn't have been more thrilled.  You would have thought we won the lottery based on his reaction! Four glorious slabs of perfect ribs were in the order as well as two pounds of pulled chicken, two pounds of brisket baked beans, and two bottles of BBQ sauce.  One bottle is the newest addition to the family, hot and spicy chipotle BBQ sauce.  If you're an individual who is a big fan of grilling and smoking meats, this would be the perfect lunch or dinner for you and your family.

The ribs are fully cooked, but do need to be thawed for 2 hours before eating.  Once the meat was ready, Jay fired up the grill in preparation for all of us to have a delicious dinner! In just 7 minutes from start to finish, those beautiful grilled babies were on my plate looking fabulous.  I loved the luscious BBQ sauce that was poured over them at the end, it was the perfect finishing touch! The beans were frozen, but heated up in just a few minutes on the stove top. 

Once we began eating, I noticed that there was a significant pause in the conversation due to Jay not speaking.  He was focused on attacking that slab and was loving every moment of it.  You know that when your spouse stops talking during a meal that it's fair to say they are immensely enjoying what they're eating! 

It's been a long time since I've had ribs but it's safe to say these were utterly amazing.  Who can resist tender, fall off the bone perfectly cooked ribs? We both really loved the BBQ sauce that was poured on afterwards too.  The flavor of the ribs was phenomenal and we felt spoiled eating such a wonderful dinner! I don't typically go for seconds at meals, but I had to make an exception this time around.

The brisket baked beans were a close favorite with Scarlett and Jay.  I immediately noticed the thick and rich brown sauce filled with beans and chunks of brisket.  Scarlett had many helpings and her messy bean face clearly professed her love for them.  The baked beans were sweet and had a wonderful flavor.

There is about a slab and a half of ribs hanging out in the fridge that have my husband's name on them for lunch or dinner tomorrow.  I know he'll be looking forward to that tomorrow. 

We have not tried the pulled chicken yet, but pulled chicken sandwiches will make a quick and easy weeknight meal paired with chips and fruit.  

If you're looking to have the ultimate meat fest, it's time to place an order with Montgomery Inn! 

Summer is coming to an end but that doesn't mean BBQ's are over just yet! You can take advantage of the Summertime BBQ Bonanza from now through September 15th.  

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Montgomery Inn for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Get Ready for Summer Fashion

Hottest Summer Style Predictions of 2018

Summer fashion trends give a breath of fresh air to wardrobe updates as the world embraces the heat and sun of the season. Every aspect of design plays a role in whether a piece is hot or not. Wholesale shades sunglasses designers and fashion gurus try to match their work to the elements that analysts say will be more popular. Here are some of their predictions for the summer of 2018.


Both bold and soft colors make their mark on this season’s favorites. Bright primary and secondary colors – blue, red, yellow, and green – permeate the runways. On the flip side, pastels are showing up in a lot of the latest fashions. Yellow cream and lilac may be seen separately or paired in one ensemble, gracing the summer with a delicate touch.


For this summer, it is a good idea to think inside the box. Checked or boxy patterns seem to dominate many styles. The classic summer gingham is in fashion again this year, but there is also evidence that larger box patters are emerging. Also trending are the bright colors and swirled prints of South Beach fashion. When you buy retro glasses wholesale, you can get style and colors to go with every outfit.


Just as pastels soften the colors of summer, the puffed sleeve is making a comeback to infuse a bit of sweetness in your closet. This style embraces the romance and intrigue of summer. For the executive who may be looking for a way to stay cool in the summer but still remain professional, power shorts turn the traditional pantsuit into an ensemble fit for the boardroom. 

Apparel Candy sells wholesale sunglasses to complement just about every outfit. Visit the website to see just how many choices there are when it comes to eye care that takes full advantage of the summer months.

Monday, May 28, 2018

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Is a Treat Everyone Will Love

When it comes to ice cream, I frequently love to try new and interesting types on a regular basis. Who can resist a cool and creamy frozen treat that will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth? I've recently eaten wildflower lemon, kiwi strawberry and even hibiscus ice cream.  Although I love classic flavors, there's nothing quite like sampling something that will make you say wow!

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is the ultimate treat that everyone will enjoy this fall.  If you're looking to take your taste buds out of their typical routine, it's time to experience the pop-able, portable, and satisfying low-calorie My/Mo Mochi ice cream.  The mouth-watering ice cream that's wrapped in a delectable rice dough is only 110 calories per piece and guilt-free.  Sink your teeth into such fabulous flavors like double chocolate, green tea, cookies & cream, ripe strawberry, sweet mango, vanilla bean, and mint chocolate chip.  There's truly a flavor for everyone's taste preferences.  Go ahead and stock your freezer with these yummy treats for a tasty snack any time of day.  

Even though today is the first day of Fall, the temps are still in the 80s here in New England. The vibe outside is still summer-like, which is perfect for enjoying My/Mo Mochi ice cream! I've heard of these tasty sounding treats but have never had the opportunity to personally sample them until now

With 6 pieces of My/Mo Mochi per box, there's more than enough to share with friends or family.  The flavors that showed up at my door were double chocolate, ripe strawberry, and green tea.  Scarlett has been asking for ice cream a lot lately and once she found out what was inside the box, she was very excited.  All I heard was "ICE CREAM!" followed by a huge smile.  How can you deny that tiny cutie? It's a daily struggle for me.

I like that there are such a range of flavors to really satisfy anyone's taste buds.  Since I'm a chocoholic, I went right for the double chocolate My/Mo Mochi and wanted to taste-test it right away.  Each piece of My/Mo Mochi is round and looks like a tiny scoop of ice cream.  This is not just any ordinary ice cream though, it has a thick rice dough blanket around it.  When you bite into it, you're met with a chewy exterior followed by a smooth and creamy ice cream center.  The combination is really delicious and unlike anything I've previously tasted.  When you indulge in a My/Mo Mochi, make sure you let it sit out for a minute or two before eating it, because it's too frozen to eat instantly.  

The double chocolate My/Mo Mochi was sweet and had a wonderful rich chocolatey taste that was unbeatable.  The rice dough coating really adds to the ice cream experience and takes it up a notch.  

My husband Jay is a big fan of green tea hot tea as well as ice cream, so he reserved that flavor for himself.  I was told that the green tea flavor was very prevalent and instantly noticed.  He also enjoyed the rice dough coating and said the chewy texture was an interesting element to add to ice cream.

Scarlett likes fruity flavored ice cream best and opted for the strawberry.  She's used to ice cream being in a cup or cone so she was intrigued by how ice cream could be made in a small ball like My/Mo Mochi was.  Her questions stopped once she started eating and I heard no words except "yum!" I think it's safe to say she's a fan!

If you're looking for a mid-day snack or an after-dinner sweet treat, a piece of My/Mo Mochi would certainly make your tummy happy.  One is really enough to satisfy a sweet tooth and at 110 calories, you can leave the guilt at the door.  Go ahead and introduce your taste-buds to the fantastic My/Mo Mochi ice cream today.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream for providing product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

Friday, May 25, 2018

BBQ's Are Delicious This Summer Thanks to Kenmore Grills

What's the first thing you think of when you think about summer? I envision BBQ's, pool parties, lazy days spent at the beach, and tons of grilled corn and watermelon.  Summer is my favorite season and there's truly nothing else like it! If you're a fan of grilled foods, it's essential that you have a reliable and quality grill to make juicy burgers and steaks on. Don't forget a delicious dessert to round out the meal with either.

K-Mart is your one-stop-shop for all of your summer outdoor needs including sunscreen, beach towels, pool toys, water toys, snacks, and more.  If you'll be entertaining guests with fabulous BBQ's and summer soirees, your entertaining necessities will be covered with quality dishes, bowls, patio sets, flatware and serving pieces to make your next party a hit. There's something for everyone and it's waiting for you!

Outdoor entertaining is a must during the warmer months of the year.  Who doesn't love inviting friends and family over for fun conversation over delicious food? Pasta salad, grilled chicken and avocado, corn, and bean salad are on my list of must-have's to serve my guests.  You can't forget refreshing beverages like frozen margarita's and plenty of wine either.  For those who aren't big drinkers, lemonade and punch are always crowd-pleasers.

Having a quality grill is practically a necessity for outdoor parties. Whether you're in the market for a new grill or looking to replace an existing one, how about the Kenmore 3 Burner Black Patio Grill

This beauty is both stylish and spacious with its 496 square inches of cooking space and 30,000 BTUs of power.  The generous side shelves fold down for compact storage, making it a great option for smaller spaces.  The sleek base houses an enclosed cabinet to hide the propane tank.  We're lucky that this Kenmore grill is the newest addition to my parent's backyard!

Once you place your grill order, you get consistent updates in preparation of when your delivery will arrive as well as as a call the day before with the delivery time window.  The delivery process was smooth and problem free.

You'll love all of the convenient features that this 3 burner grill has to offer including electronic ignition for easy lighting, porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids and durable porcelain-enameled lid with a stainless steel handle.  Clean up is a breeze with the easy to clean pull out grease tray and cup.  Since it's on movable casters, you'll be easily able to move around the grill to anywhere you please on your outdoor space.

Since our backyard is very small, having a large grill is out of the question.  I loved the fact that the Kenmore grill was small and wouldn't take up too much room.  It's sleek and modern and the black and stainless steel combination is very attractive.  Simply lift the lid to enjoy perfectly grilled food each and every time!

My dad was able to set up the grill with the help of a friend in about an hour and a half. They laid all of the parts out and said it was important to read every step of the instruction booklet to fully understand.  It looked wonderful once complete and we all started thinking of what we wanted to grill first! With modern oversized knobs and temperatures that reach 700 degrees, you'll surely be able to grill anything you want. 

To begin grilling, just push the ignition button and you'll be on your way to grilled paradise. It's been warm here in New England lately.   My family grilled fabulous burgers and hot dogs to have alongside baked beans and corn.

The grill heated up fast and was ready to go in no time!  My husband Jay did the honors and grilled us a wonderful dinner that cooked fast and evenly.  My parents complimented him on what a good grilling job he did.  The surface area was large and the burgers were able to go on the bottom while the dogs went on the top.  A three burner grill is perfect for a small family to enjoy.

Afterwards, Jay was able to easily wipe down the grill both inside and out to keep it clean. My whole family was very impressed with the grill and how wonderful the food tasted.

We're very much looking forward to using the grill in the future and having tasty meals all summer long.  I'm thinking steak and shrimp is next! If you're looking to revv up your grilling, it's time to introduce a Kenmore Grill to your backyard.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to K-Mart for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Scarlett's 3.5 Year Old Update

I haven't done an update since Scarlett turned 3, so I felt like now would be a perfect time to do an another one.  It's hard to believe she'll be four at the end of the year!

Here's what's new with my silly girl:

Scarlett is potty trained! I'm so happy to announce she's out of pull-ups and has been completely day and night trained for the past two months.  She virtually had no accidents in the beginning and was excited to be in big girl underwear.  I was thrilled to not have to buy pull-ups anymore which are very expensive.  Scarlett is great at telling you when she has to go to the bathroom which I am grateful for.  Most kids are day trained long before they are night trained too so I am lucky it worked in my favor.  Our days are starting earlier since she wakes up early to go to the bathroom.  I'm not ready to be up at 6 AM, but I have no choice.  She used to sleep until 7:30-8, so the days are extra long lately!

I continue to be impressed with how much Scarlett knows.  She listens and remembers everything and you really have to watch what you say around her.  It's safe to say she's my little parrot! She knows more and more on a daily basis and sometimes I'm shocked with how much she has picked up. Her personality is fun and silly but mixed with a caring side.  She feels bad if someone gets hurt and is crying.  It's fun to hear her speak in full sentences and she's come a long way with her speech, especially since she was a late talker.

Scarlett is very big into music and TV these days.  Some of her favorite shows are Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Club House, The Wiggles, PJ Masks, Peppa Pig, Masha and The Bear and more.  Music is also something that she loves and she has a big opinion on what she listens to.  She'll tell me to change a song if she doesn't like it, but will tell me when she loves one too.  It's pretty funny.  Her favorite songs are Train's Play That Song, Ed Sheeran's Perfect, Charlie Puth's One Call Away, and Imagine Dragons Thunder.  She loves to sing along to those songs and it always brings a smile to my face.

Preschool is over in mid June and the year flew by.  She goes 3 days a week now and is never thrilled when I have to pick her up.  I think she'd love to live there if given the opportunity! There's an end of the year show and dinner for the preschool families in the coming weeks and I can't wait to hear her sing in her class's show.  I'm sure it'll be adorable! I've asked her what songs she is singing, but she won't tell me.  I guess I'll be surprised.

Play-Doh and arts and crafts are what she enjoys most.  You'll always find her making something with Play-Doh or drawing in a coloring book with her crayons.  She also loves puzzles, magnatiles, and her doll house.

Food continues to be a love affair for my tiny tot.  Scarlett loves fruit and veggies as much as I love chocolate.  Of course she loves her fair share of junk food too, but she really is the healthiest eater I know.  She eats tomatoes and peppers and fruit all day long. I asked her if she wanted a piece of cake the other day and she said no, I want a red pepper! I hope she continues to love fruits and veggies for years to come.

Scarlett enjoys helping me cook and bake on a frequent basis.  She's always game for helping me mix some pancake batter or pouring rice into a measuring cup.  On Thursday morning I made her eggs for breakfast and she enjoyed cracking the eggs.  I then greased the pan and she said "so it doesn't stick!" That warmed my heart because that's the first step to cooking eggs.  It really shows me that she's paying attention and cares.  Who knows, maybe she'll have a career in cooking?

We have a bunch of things planned for the summer including going to Florida, going to see The Wiggles, and going away for a combined anniversary/birthday trip for me, among many other things. I know Scarlett will have a ton of fun at each place.  We'll be staying overnight on a scenic farm for the birthday/anniversary trip which Scarlett will love.  I had to make it kid friendly to keep her happy and entertained! No family was able to watch her so we could go alone, but that's ok!

My tiny girl is usually an easy-going child, but has her moments as of late.  She is really testing boundaries lately and pushing limits and some days are really challenging.  I am doing the best I can but sometimes she doesn't listen to anyone.  This is not an easy age! I have to count my blessings though because she is a good sleeper, good eater, and usually very patient.  You can't have everything, right?

I can't see where the next 6 months takes us.  This year is just flying by!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

5 Reasons You Should Hire Professional Exterminators If Bugs Keep Coming Back

All pests are hard to get rid of, but some are more tenacious than others. If you have tried to exterminate a pest yourself or have even hired an exterminator only to see the bugs return, it is time to call one of the best pest control companies in the business. Here are five reasons to call Terminix if you are facing re-infestation: 

1. Sometimes You Need a Professional: Some pests are harder to exterminate than others. For instance, bed bugs are known to be particularly resolute. If you are dealing with bed bugs, Terminix can send over a top  bed bug exterminator to help you sleep without being bitten. 
2. Not all Pests are the Same: Not all pests will respond the same way to certain treatment methods. Terminix professionals tailor their extermination methods depending on the type of pest that has infested your home.
3. Years of Experience: Terminix has been in the pest control business for nearly a century and has been recognized as one of the top pest control companies nationwide. If the bugs have returned, they may need to have special treatments and Terminix professionals know what it takes to rid your home of bugs. 
4. A Satisfaction Guarantee: Terminix professionals pride themselves in their service. If the bugs return, your Terminix professional will revisit your home at no additional cost to make sure that the pests are handled.*
5. Home Protection: In addition to pest control, Terminix offers a variety of options for protecting your home against future infestation. 

If the bugs keep coming back, it is time to call in the professionals at Terminix and serve those pests an eviction notice. 

* If within 30 days after an inspection or treatment you aren’t totally satisfied, we will refund the applicable treatment or coverage charges and reimburse any prepaid services and cancel your plan.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

My 4th Mother's Day!

Tomorrow marks my 4th Mother's Day.  Can you believe it?

It seems like yesterday Scarlett was a baby and the future was full of wonder and discovery.  The years flew by and my tiny baby transformed into a walking, talking toddler who is full of opinions and questions.  Sometimes I miss the days where life was slower and Scarlett was less active but I also am happy with where life is currently. 

Scarlett and I on my first Mother's Day in 2015.  She was 5 months old!

Being a mom is certainly not for everyone.  You sacrifice a lot and you give your child your all.  Life is not just about you anymore, but caring for someone else's needs entirely day in and day out.  Not everyone is cut out to be a parent and that's perfectly ok.   It's up to me to make sure Scarlett is happy and healthy, especially as a stay-at-home-mom.  Our days are long and sometimes I am exhausted by bedtime, but like they say the days are long and the years are short.

It's scary to me that Scarlett is turning four this year.  It really does make me sad because the baby years are fleeting and I'll blink and she'll be in kindergarten!  I wish there was a way to freeze time because three is such a fun age.  Scarlett constantly makes my husband and I laugh and she's really a joy to be around.  I can have a real conversation with her and she has a lot to say these days! Plus, she's into music and loves to sing along to certain pop songs on the radio.

My wish for her on Mother's Day is for us to always be close.  I wish her all the happiness in the world and will always love her now and forever.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Recovery Village in Cleveland Ohio is Here to Help

As much as we want life to be easy and smooth sailing, that's not always the case.  Sometimes people get caught up in activities that they aren't proud of and need help to fix.  There are all kinds of reasons why people take up drug and alcohol use.  The most important thing is that these individuals receive the help they need in overcoming their addiction.

The Recovery Village in Cleveland Ohio is here to help and they want to make sure you are comfortable during this life-changing process.  The treatment facility offers unique drug and alcohol rehab centers and facilities created just for you.  Patients will enjoy modern facilities that provide a full continuum of care in a therapeutic setting.  Enjoy luxurious accommodations and amenities designed to heal body and mind.

Once you log onto the Recovery Village's website, you'll see all of the locations available for the treatment center.  The alcohol rehab, drug rehab, and eating disorder treatment centers are located minutes away from many of the nation's largest cities.  Each of the treatment facilities provide full services including medical drug or alcohol detox, PHP, eating disorder medical stabilization, residential care, individualized and group therapy, and post-treatment options.  

Any information you need on local Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery meetings as well as other valuable phone numbers and information is available on the website. The Recovery Village has a team of experts who can assist on finding the right treatment plan, locating rehab centers, and helping with financial limitations.  If you're in need of help, the first step of recovery is admitting you need it. 

Remember, it's never too late to help yourself and be the best person you can be.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Celebrate Precious Moments' 40th Anniversary With Noah's Ark Themed Nursery Items! + Giveaway

I remember being so excited to decorate Scarlett's nursery before she was born.  Once we ordered the furniture, the decorating and design process began! I ordered many prints online for the walls that I framed and hung with care.  I have to say I love how her room came out, especially because I am not always the best with decorating.  If you're pregnant and due soon, or recently gave birth, Precious Moments would be ideal for any nursery.

Precious Moments offers adorable porcelain ornaments and figurines for virtually any occasion you need including engagements, wedding, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and more.  Whether you want a figurine to represent a new baby in your home or even a nativity scene to put on your table for Christmas, they have it all.  Precious Moments has been bringing people joy for almost 40 years now and their products are famous.  There's certainly a special piece that will be perfect for you or a loved one that will warm their heart.  Keep Precious Moments in mind for  gifts this year and beyond.

In honor of Precious Moments 40th anniversary, they are kicking off the season with a beautiful new line of Noah's Ark-Themed nursery items.  If you're a new mom or looking for the perfect gift for someone's nursery, the brand has you covered.  The Overflowing With Love Collection offers adorable animal themed items that add a bright touch of faith and fun to nursery decor.  This coordinated collection features a photo frame, snow globe, nightlight, bank and more.  Surely anything from the collection would make a perfect gift for a baby shower, baptism, or to welcome new baby home!

The piggy bank features the smiling faces of God's creatures.  Children will enjoy having the opportunity to keep their first coins and dollars safe, and the bank will be treasured throughout childhood and passed down to future generations.  Boys and girls will love the expertly crafted porcelain bank that's carefully hand painted.  

Place your favorite photo in the adorable frame the holds a 4x6 photo of a precious little one.  Noah's menagerie graces the corner of the frame which would be a sweet accent for a nursery room or the desk of a parent or grandparent.  The frame is made with durable ceramic and is carefully hand painted.

Why not decorate a little boy or girl's nursery with the faithful spirit of Noah and his ark filled with all of God's creatures? The musical snow globe plays the tune "Jesus Loves Me." The 5 inch high snow globe is crafted in cold-cast resin and carefully hand painted.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, May 4, 2018

Reflecting on Turning 30

In 4 months from tomorrow, I turn 30. When I stop to think about that, it honestly is a little scary.  It makes me feel old.  Everyone says that age is just a number, and hopefully I can keep that saying in mind on a more frequent basis.

It feels like just yesterday I was in high school and going to the movies with my friends.  It wasn't as recent as I imagine though since high school was 13 years ago now.  I can't believe that! 

I'm in a place in my life where people are first getting married and having children, so it's not the norm where I live to be married in your early 20's and have kids right away.  My friends are all significantly older than me and chose to have children later in life.  I like the fact that I had Scarlett at 26 and will be always be a younger mom.  

I met my husband when I was 19 and we've been together ever since.  We celebrate 5 years of marriage this year and 11 years together in total.  That also boggles my mind.  My birthday is 5 days after our anniversary.   The years just fly on by! 

I'm happy with where life has taken me thus far, and I did a lot before having a child.  I went to college in NYC, worked many jobs, met a lot of people, and just experienced life in my 20's.  I've traveled and seen the world and I hope to do even more traveling in this next decade of my life.  You could say that I'm not the same person in some ways as I was five years ago, and that's ok.  

Life is all about learning and growing in order to be the best person possible.  Certain events and people shape your life for the better, or sometimes in a not so negative light.  I think it's important to learn from those times and use them as life lessons.  

I hope that my 30's bring lots of happiness, health, and great surprises along the way.  Goodbye 20's, it's time for a new chapter of life!