Thursday, February 20, 2020

Be In The Know About Chrissy's Striped Knee High Socks

Some might think that striped knee socks are only meant to go with a Halloween costume, but that's not the case at all.  You'd be surprised at how many different occasions knee socks would be ideal for.

Chrissy's Knee Socks are knee socks that come in a range of every possible color combination to perfectly match your uniform, costume or everyday outfit.  Choose from socks for men, women, and children.  Basic doesn't have to be boring when you show your stripes! 

Choose from a fantastic combination of striped socks like purple/orange as well as teal/white and many, many others.  Maybe you'd like to wear the colors of your favorite sports league to the next game day party? That would certainly be a festive way to celebrate.  Your child would probably get some brownie points for representing their school's colors too.  Don't forget American stars and stripes on July 4th or President's Day, as well as green and red stripes for Christmas.  

Unicorn lovers can rejoice as there's even rainbow socks to make you smile! Even if you don't have a specific occasion to celebrate or recognize, just wearing a pair of striped knee socks will certainly bring some fun to your day.  Be creative and pair an outfit around your socks. 

If you only want to wear striped socks with your Halloween costume, the black/yellow combination would be ideal for anyone going as a bumble bee or butterfly! The high quality socks will make you happy each and every time you wear them.  

Chrissy's prides themselves on creating high-quality American made socks and their fur free stance is at the center of their sustainable fashion policy.  The socks are manufactured using materials sourced from carefully selected suppliers in order to ensure compliance with their animal friendly policy.  Please read more about that policy here

If you're looking to give your outfits some pizazz, it's time to make an order at Chrissy's for yourself or a loved one. 

*DISCLOSURE* This is a sponsored post in partnership with Chrissy's.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Jack's 6 Month Update

Jack is already half a year old, can you believe it? He turned 6 months on the 8th and time is just flying by.

I took Jack to the doctor yesterday for his 6 month appointment.  He is 17 pounds which to me seems like a lot.  The doctor was very happy with his height and weight since his last visit.  Scarlett was 19 lbs at a year, so this is not a tiny guy by any means! 

Food is a big part of Jack's life.  He REALLY enjoys eating and has tried many new foods since we started solids back in December.  He had a bad reaction to peas and green beans, so I cannot buy or make any baby food that contains either vegetable.  I wanted to buy him some jars of mixed vegetables but as soon as I saw peas on the jar, I knew it wouldn't be good for him.

For the first few weeks of solids, I was making Jack's food.  He was going through each jar I made for him extremely quickly, and I couldn't keep up.  If I made 7 jars, it was gone in about 2 days.  Steaming and blending all the fruits and veggies takes time and I certainly couldn't be doing this constantly every few days.  It's just easier for me to now buy Jack's baby food to have on hand whenever I need it.  One of his favorite veggie combos is spinach and carrots, and he loves any fruit medley too.  He did try a jar of chicken with chicken broth and he was not a fan.  It was very thick and he had trouble eating it.  I can't blame him, it looked very unappealing! He does love Geber's vegetable turkey dinner and also chicken with rice.

Since Jack is 6 months old now, the doctor told me I can try giving peanut butter and eggs.  I think I'm going to try scrambled eggs later today and see what he thinks.  Jack tried cheese yesterday and didn't like it.  I did give him a mashed up blueberry which he loved.  We also started him on a sippy cup of water about a week ago.  He took to the water quickly and seemed to love it. 

Jack has a 7 ounce bottle four times a day with three solid meals in-between. We do breakfast at about 9:30-10, lunch at 2, and dinner at 5:30 for him.  His last bottle is at 7 right before he goes to bed.

One thing that bothers me is that I cannot get Jack on a consistent daytime schedule.  He wakes up at a different time every morning and our mornings are chaotic because I take Scarlett to preschool 4 days a week.  I'm rushing around trying to get her fed and ready and I may or may not have to give him a bottle before we leave depending on when he last ate.  If he ate at 6:30 or 7 AM, it's an easier morning for me because then I have 15 more minutes to get what I need done.  His naps are not at the same time everyday either.  I feel bad for him that he's always in the car being dragged to everything.  The doctor told me to see if I can get someone to stay with Jack while I do school pick-up and drop off.  Since that isn't possible, I have to just accept that he is not going to be as heavily scheduled as Scarlett was.  I try not to compare my children to each other, but it's hard not to.  I hope at some point I can get something consistent during the day. 

Bedtime is the only true consistency we have as he goes to sleep every night at 7:15 sharp.  We do bath, story, bottle, and bed.  I'm lucky that I have this routine with him because if night time was erratic too, I'd be really upset. He is not sleeping through the night, but I hope he will be soon enough.

Jack continues to love everything Scarlett does.  He really loves his big sister and cracks up hysterically at her.  Of course she eats up the attention and always is doing something that she wants him to notice. 

Since Jack has some flatness on the back of his head that is noticeable, I'm taking him to a consultation on Tuesday to see about getting a helmet.  Scarlett had one but her flatness was much more severe, so I'm curious as to what they will say about him.  Hopefully if he needs one he won't need to be in it too long.

I've been trying to socialize Jack as much as I can lately.  He's been to many baby storytimes at the library as well as baby play-dates from a local Mom's group I joined.  I also like the double advantage of getting to meet other moms as well.  The baby story-time at the library plays music for the babies and it always makes Jack smile.

Jack is into toys and loves to be read to, but what he likes the most is just being spoken to.  Nothing makes him happier than when he can watch your face as you talk.  He has such a big smile and will usually kick his legs and jabber.  He loves people and faces and is a very social baby.  I have to say that Jack also loves hugs, kisses, and being held just as much as he always has.  He remains a big fan of bath-time too. 

We're working on Jack sitting up and he's getting closer.  I'm sure before I know it he'll be crawling around everywhere!

Can't wait to see what the next few months bring.  
Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Let Graycat Mosaic Create A Fabulous Pet Portrait For You

Our dog Carolyn is a beloved member of our family and very devoted to us.  She's a rescue dog we adopted in 2013 from Tennessee.  We don't know much about her past except that she was found pregnant and roaming the streets of a small town in Tennessee.  She was taken in by a foster family where she had her puppies and everyone was waiting to be adopted.  Through the rescue organization, Lynnie was transported on a bus to us on an 18 hour journey along with her puppies and other animals going to their new families.  She's a wonderful sister to Jack and Scarlett and they love her a lot.

Graycat Mosaic is a mosaic studio started by owner Luba who creates beautiful custom pet portraits using materials like broken dishes, beads, shells, and more.  Have you ever heard of anything so unique before? She doesn't just do dogs but cats, fish, horses, birds, hamsters, and whatever other type of pet you have! I have a lot of pictures of my family displayed in my home but not too many of Lynnie. Since we just moved into a new home and have a lot of wall space, I knew having a portrait of her would be an excellent choice.  Don't forget that this isn't just any ordinary picture, but a gorgeous conversation starter that is made by hand.  Luba's work is also a wonderful opportunity to feature a beloved pet that has passed on for yourself or a friend.  Also, a pet portrait would make an ideal gift for someone who has it all and are hard to buy for.  You can guarantee they won't have one of these!

Luba's creation process is not one that I'd say is simple.  She pours her heart, soul, and energy into each piece to guarantee a work of art each and every time.  For her custom pet portraits, she uses mostly stained glass unless the customer opts for a broken china mosaic.  Luba says that the material of stained glass allows her to recreate the picture very closely, since the glass can be cut into tiny shards.  She mentioned that one of Lynnie's eyes which is the size of a dime took 22 pieces of glass in 5 different colors.  The colors make the portrait become alive and exciting. Luba's artistic vision is inspiring.

Luba also mentioned that when she starts a portrait, she begins from the eyes and spends a lot of time to make it right and accurate.  She pays attention to every detail of the picture which involves a lot of staring.  Jokingly, she told me that staring is an important part of the creative process since she stares at each pet for hours thinking of exactly how to cut the glass best.  Shards for a long haired pet will be different than a short haired one.

It's important that you send Luba a clear picture that represents your dog best.  Maybe you want Fido holding their favorite ball or chew toy in their mouth in the park? Or possibly a photo of Sparky playing in the backyard would be best? Whatever picture you send, I can guarantee it will come out fantastic. The piece can be entirely customized to your vision down to the background colors.  Luba mentioned that the picture I sent of Lynnie was very serious and could I maybe send a different one?  I told her that that's Lynnie's personality.  She's a cautious, careful dog that spends most of her days looking out the window and keeping her family safe.  I felt that the serious picture I chose of Lynnie was extremely accurate.

As Luba worked on the mosaic, I loved seeing all of the progress.  Can you imagine having the talent and skill to create an animal portrait out of broken materials? It's amazing! I can barely sew, so watching others display their talents is always something I enjoy seeing.

The mosaic was created extremely quickly and arrived in the mail heavily packaged.  Once I unwrapped everything, I was blown away.  The portrait was just simply gorgeous and unlike anything I've ever seen.  I still cannot believe Lynnie was created out of stained glass. It blows my mind! The portrait looks just like her and is certainly a true masterpiece.

Luba mails the portrait ready to hang to easily display in any room of your choice.  I noticed that this was not a flimsy piece by any means.  There's a lot of weight to this portrait and it's definitely made to last for years of enjoyment.  It hangs on the wall easily and stays securely.

I chose to hang the picture on a smaller wall in the upstairs of my home.  As soon as it was on my wall, I knew I had picked the perfect spot. The teal background paired excellently with Lynnie's cream coloring.  The black of her nose and brown of her eyes really popped with the teal and brought it to life.  Each shard is painstakingly glued by hand for a true labor of love.  Scarlett thought that it was incredible that Lynnie was made from broken materials and kept asking me how it was created!

Luba's meticulous craftsmanship is definitely evident and I feel very fortunate that she created such a beautiful portrait of our Lynnie.  I can guarantee that this piece will surely be a conversation starter.

If you're looking to display your furry friend in a very stylish and different way, Luba is ready to make the portrait of your dreams!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Graycat Mosaic for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.