Saturday, January 11, 2020

Entenmann's Little Bites Cinnamuffins Will Make Kids Smile! #LoveLittleBites #LunchboxGoals

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Entenmann's.  I am receiving a gift card for participating in this campaign.  All thoughts are strictly my own.*

Scarlett goes to preschool four days a week, which means I pack a lunch for her to have at school each day.  Some days I have more creativity in what I pack for her, while others it's a more ordinary lunch. One thing that remains a constant is Scarlett's desire to have a treat in her lunch.  If it was up to her, she'd have a cookie or candy in her lunchbox all the time! I don't always like to pack her something sweet, but when I do I make sure it's worthwhile.

Entenmann's offers over 100 tasty and scrumptious baked goods ranging from America's favorite crumb cakes, donuts, and cookies to danishes and cupcakes.  There's truly a dessert to please anyone's taste buds.  Their chocolate glazed donuts are outstanding and I always grab a box when I'm in the grocery store.  I am sure that everyone has tried at least one item from the Entenmann's line.  

Now that the new year is here (can you believe it's 2020?!) and school is back in session it's time to get kids excited to be back with something extremely yummy in their lunch.  Little Bites Cinnamuffins provide the irresistible taste of cinnamon in every bite.  These moist muffins are baked soft and provide the taste kids go crazy for and the good choice that parents want.  Parents will love a no high fructose corn syrup treat that has zero grams of trans fat per serving and less contains than 200 calories.

Since the muffins are pre-portioned they're ideal for placing in a lunchbox for little hands to enjoy at school or on-the-go.  It's also a smart choice to throw in a tote bag for a mid-day work treat or even while traveling.

Not only will adding the new seasonal favorite to a child's lunchbox make them the talk of the lunchroom, but parents will also have the chance to win $2,500 for themselves and their local school of choice by participating in the #Lunchbox Goals sweepstakes with Little Bites snacks and Sara Lee Breads! Fans can visit Lunchbox Goals to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win.  All sweepstake entries must be submitted by January 31st to qualify.

When I packed Scarlett's lunch the previous night for school, I knew she'd be thrilled to have the Cinnamuffins in her lunchbox.  I'm also thankful for her preschool teacher who encourages the children to eat their lunch first before having a treat! Cinnamon is a flavor that is appreciated by all, especially in the colder months of the year.  These bite sized muffins are small but pack a big taste that is so satisfying. Scarlett came home from school and mentioned how much she liked having the muffins in her lunch. I don't blame her!

I hope this flavor is here to stay because I would definitely buy it again. When you delight your taste buds with Little Bites Cinnamuffins, you know it'll be a good day.

On Location Tour's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Walking Tour Will Make Fans Say Wow!

I will admit I'm not the easiest when it comes to trying new television shows.  I don't like the average sitcom and it takes a lot for me to get into a new show.  Between taking care of two young children and maintaining order in my house, I don't get a lot of time left in the day for myself.  When I do find a show that is worth watching, it usually is binge-watched at night when my kids are in bed.

If you haven't previously heard of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, it's definitely worth tuning into.  I had heard good things about it, but didn't actually watch it for the first time until the second season was out.  That actually worked in my favor because I didn't have to wait for the second season to come out once I finished the first.  The premise of the show is based around a New York City housewife named Midge Maisel in 1958 who discovers she has a secret talent, stand-up comedy.  The third season recently premiered and it's full of surprises.  

The show follows her life as she progresses from doing tiny bar shows all the way up to opening for a famous singer.  Of course a lot happens along the way in Midge's personal life as well as working life. I won't give any spoilers away of course!  I must say that the dresses and hats are to die for.  I'm always envious of the women in the show's outfits. It's also a lot of fun seeing New York City transformed into the 1950's.  If you're a fan of period pieces, this show is definitely for you.

Once you become hooked to a show it's only normal to want to know everything about it.  If you love the show and live close to NYC, you're in luck because On Location Tours is launching a bus and walking tour of the restaurants, bars, and more visited by rising stand-up comic Mrs. Maisel (played by Rachel Brosnahan) in the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  The 20 year old company is known for its sightseeing trips to NYC locations used in shows like "Sex and the City", "Gossip Girl", and "The Sopranos." 

Since I don't live too far away from NYC, I was excited to be able to get a break for a few hours and be apart of the tour thanks to my husband watching my kids.  It's rare I get time away from my children, but this was definitely worth it! 

The tour meets at 34th street between 5th and Madison.  Our tour guide Stephanie was dressed in true Midge Maisel fashion which was really fun to see.  The premise of the tour is that you're driven on a bus around NYC to see various filming locations of the show.  Stephanie is the perfect tour guide because she has a bubbly, energetic personality and is eager to talk about a show she loves.  There was 22 people on the tour which is a decent number considering the tour is brand new.

Before the bus stops at a specific location, a clip of the establishment is shown on a monitor to familiarize you with what you're going to see.  While we saw many filming locations, here's a few that I took photos of:

Washington Square Park. This is where Midge was involved in the women's protest. 

Music Inn.  This is where Joel and Susie both heard the record of Midge playing at the Gaslight.  Also, you can see Stephanie in her Midge Maisel inspired dress. Love it! 

Albanese Meats and Poultry.  Remember in Season 1 when Rose and Midge were here and so excited when they got the Rabbi? This is that butcher shop! Some ladies on the tour acted out the scene and filmed it.  It was funny to see. 

This was a very accurate filming location as it was truly B. Altman! They used the actual old B. Altman building which closed back in 1989.  Now it's part of the CUNY school.  In the show they use the windows, but the actual B. Altman set is in Queens. 

Old Town Bar & Restaurant.  This is the bar where Archie and Joel went to have drinks in season 1. 

In between driving from location to location, Stephanie is happy and eager to talk about her knowledge of the sets for certain scenes, the costumes, and any inside information that a regular viewer wouldn't necessarily know.  She also was interested in our take on certain aspects of the show and took audience questions as well.

A portion of the tour was walking based which was great because it was unusually warm today in NYC! When I received my tour date a few weeks ago I was concerned because I thought it'd be bitterly cold.  All of us got very lucky today!

The tour from start to finish is about 2.5 hours long.  Time flies by since it's such a fun time.  Sadly, everything has to end at some point though! It was very exciting to be on a bus with others who are big fans of the show.  We all loved the tour and didn't want it to end. 

This was my first TV based tour and I really enjoyed the experience.  Plus, it was really great to be able to do something like this that's unique and different.

I can't believe I have to wait another year for season 4 to premiere! Why does it have to be so far away?

If you're a fan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and looking to be with other avid fans in NYC and discuss your favorite show, it's time to sign up for the tour! 

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to On Location Tours for providing complimentary tickets in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. 

Friday, January 10, 2020


One thing that I've been thinking about lately is Kindergarten.  For whatever reason, it's been on my mind a lot more than it usually is.  It may have to do with Scarlett being in her final year of preschool.  

As I've mentioned previously, Scarlett started preschool at 21 months old back in 2016.  It's honestly scary that she's in her fourth and final year of preschool.  How did four years pass so quickly? I remember she was barely speaking when she began school, now she has endless thoughts and opinions.  Usually, I'm all for new chapters of my children's lives whichever they may be, but this one I feel unusually nervous about.  

Scarlett is very fond of her school, her classmates, the curriculum, and of course the teachers.  She's very close to them and has known them for the past four years.  It's weird that in just less than six months all of it will be over.  It really will feel like the end of an era.  I've done the drive there multiple times every week now since 2016. We even live in a new town but continue to commute to the school because Scarlett loves it so much.  She knows that when school ends in June, she'll be going to Kindergarten.  We talk about it regularly and have pointed out her elementary school to her, which we live near.  

The thought of Kindergarten scares me slightly.  For the first time in Scarlett's life, her day won't be centered around learning through play.  She'll be expected to sit at a desk and learn valuable subjects and information beyond a preschool level.  Scarlett will have to write in sentences, retain essential information, and her performance and behavior will be graded.  What if she doesn't like Kindergarten? What if she's behind and not remembering what she should be? What if she isn't listening to the teacher? What if she can't adapt to being in "real" school since it will be harder? I have a laundry list of thoughts and concerns that are floating in my head.  All I can do is hope for the best.  The school day is long too.  I know she'll come home either hungry or tired.

I'll have one child five days a week now since Scarlett will be in Kindergarten on a full-time basis.  I know Jack will enjoy the one-on-one without fighting for attention when his sister's around.  I'm sure I'll take him to plenty of activities and library story time.  

While I know that Kindergarten is a huge milestone, it would be nice if Scarlett could just stay little forever and never leave me. Why do they have to grow up? All I can do is wish Scarlett the best transition to elementary school possible, and I'll be waiting if she needs anything at all.