Saturday, December 15, 2018

Celebrate The 90th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse With Precious Moments #PreciousMoments, #MickeysBirthday, #Mickey90, #Disney

For the past year or so, Scarlett has really been into Mickey Mouse.  She enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and asking Alexa to play songs from the show too.  It seems like that cuddly and adorable mouse appeals to all ages from 0-99! It's not everyday that a Mouse turns 90, and it's important to symbolize it in a special way.  

Precious Moments offers adorable porcelain ornaments and figurines for virtually any occasion you need including engagements, wedding, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and more.  Whether you want a figurine to represent a new baby in your home or even a nativity scene to put on your table for Christmas, they have it all.  Precious Moments has been bringing people joy for almost 40 years now and their products are famous.  There's certainly a special piece that will be perfect for you or a loved one that will warm their heart.  Keep Precious Moments in mind for gifts this year and beyond.

To commemorate the fact that Mickey Mouse is turning 90, Precious Moments created a new Mickey Mouse figurine to signify this milestone.  The figurine would make a perfect gift for any Disney lover in your life both child or adult.  Mickey Mouse sits joyfully on top of his colorful cake in this festive figurine, complete with 90 candles that light up with LED light!

The first person I think of when I think of Mickey Mouse is Scarlett.  I knew she'd love to have this figurine sit on top of her dresser where she can always look at him.  The figurine arrived well-packaged and Scarlett was immediately ready to open it.  It's not an overly large figurine, but big enough to display wherever you'd like it, including in a china hutch.

Mickey is very lightweight and not too heavy.  Once you put the batteries in, the candles on the cake light up.  They are not overly bright, but I think it's easier to see if you turn the lights off.  The colors on the cake are very vivid and bright.  Each layer of the cake features a different design whether stars, sprinkles, or circles.  On top of the cake is the star of the show, the birthday boy Mickey! Mickey has on a fun party hat and is holding a delicious slice of chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.  Scarlett wanted to know if Mickey would share his cake with her.

Scarlett loves birthdays and has sung Happy Birthday to Mickey quite a few times now.  She knows the importance of birthdays! The figurine is made very well and will display beautifully for some time to come.

If you're looking for the ultimate gift for any Disney lover, Mickey Mouse's 90th Anniversary Figurine will surely bring a smile to their face.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Precious Moments for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Make HSN Part Of Your Holiday Season! #HolidayGiftGuide

I have an unhealthy obsession with all kitchen items.  It doesn't matter if it's a muffin pan, a blender, or a spatula, I love everything equally.  I had more fun than most when creating my wedding registry. Seeing all of the kitchen items on my list made my eyes light up like the fourth of July!  I was truly like a kid in a candy store. Cooking and baking is something I truly enjoy, and I'm always on the lookout for the newest and hottest kitchenware.  Having quality kitchen products in your kitchen is a must-have.

HSN, or the Home Shopping Network was founded in 1977 to give people the chance to buy quality products from the comfort of their own home.  Their mission is to make shopping fun and allow you to shop at home any time of day from the TV or computer in your pajamas if you choose! 

The company truly has everything you could possibly need for housewarming, birthday and anniversary presents and everything in between.  Buy Dad that new Fit Bit he's been wanting for Christmas, your sister a pair of warm fleece pajamas just because, and a new pots and pans set for Grandma's birthday.  Don't forget a new necklace or bracelet for Mom for Christmas too! HSN always offers wonderful prices and flexible payment plans.

Feel free to treat yourself to something beautiful that you've had your eye on. I can guarantee there's something that you'll instantly fall in love with.  Keep HSN in mind for Christmas presents for anyone on your list both present and future.  

As a wife and a mother, it's important that I prepare meals for my family that are not only healthy, but delicious too. Of course we don't always eat as well as we should from time to time, but it's important that you make healthy choices as much as you can.  Everyone loves fried chicken and French fries, but nobody loves the oil, fat, and grease that comes along with them.  With the Elite Bistro 5.6 Quart Digital Air Fryer, you can have the taste of fried foods without the guilt.

This beautiful air fryer comes in black, teal, or red depending on your color preference.  Enjoy the scrumptious taste of fried shrimp or even fried fish without the fat and calories! With the unit's high-heat, high-speed hot air currents, your food will taste perfectly crispy each and every time. Adjustable temperature settings and a 30-minute timer allow you to customize the cooking to fit your meal's requirements.  When your dinner is done, the frying basket releases your food with ease thanks to its nonstick coating.  The touchscreen display is easy and fast to use.  You'll enjoy the included recipe booklet to give you ideas on how to make any meal tasty and delicious.  

Once the air fryer arrived, I couldn't wait to get started using it.  Since I have a small family, I felt the 5.6 quart size was perfect for 3 people.  It would be even more ideal for a single person or a couple as well.  The basket size can hold a decent amount of food, but depending on if you're cooking for a larger family or even a party, you may have to cook in batches.  I chose to have the air fryer in the beautiful and vibrant red so it could give my kitchen a pop of color.  Considering the quart size of the fryer, it's pretty compact and doesn't take up too much room on your counter.  If you don't have a lot of kitchen space, you may have to store it and use it only when you need to.

For the first run of the air fryer, I chose to make popcorn chicken.  There's nothing more tasty than perfectly crisp and piping hot chicken.  The chicken went in for 4 minutes a side at 392F and then once done flipped for another 4 minutes.  As the chicken cooks, you can hear the machine circulating the air inside and it's relatively quiet.  Once the cooking process is finished, the unit beeps signifying the food is done.  Once you're done eating, clean-up is a breeze.  Just take the basket out with the push of a button to clean and reuse time and time again.

The popcorn chicken came out extremely crispy and tasty.  You could definitely taste the difference of the air fryer chicken versus cooking in a traditional oven.  My family was very impressed with the quality of the taste and is looking so forward to trying more air fried foods.

Next on the agenda is wings, egg rolls, and calzones stuffed with sausage and cheese.  I can't wait to see how they come out!

If you're looking for something to step up the culinary excitement in the kitchen, it's time to make room for the Elite Bistro Digital Air Fryer!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to HSN for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Celebrate The Holiday Season at Hershey Park! #HersheyPark #ChristmasCandyLane #HersheyPA

The holidays are my favorite time of year.  From the delicious food and treats to the beautiful lights and holiday cheer, what more could you want? It's truly a magical time for both adults and children. Whether you spend the holiday season with friends or family, It's essential that you make sure that you fill it with lots of fun, memories, and smiles.

Hershey Park is a family theme park located in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Plan a getaway for the day or overnight for your family and experience everything from exhilarating coaster rides and chocolatey adventures to premier dining and luxurious spa treatments.  There's something to do in every season including Hershey Park in the Dark for Halloween, and Christmas Candylane for Christmas in the colder months of the year.  During the summer children will enjoy the water park inside Hershey to cool them off.
Spend time with family and friends and create new traditions this winter.  You can experience a winter wonderland with selections of fun activities at Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction, Zoo America, The Hershey Story Museum and more.  Don't forget to check out Hershey's Sweet Lights which features two miles of lit Christmas displays.  If you're staying overnight, The chocolate themed Hotel Hershey or Hershey Lodge is waiting for you.  Both offer restaurants and shops for your enjoyment as well as endless chocolate.  The Hotel Hershey is a little bit more upscale than Hershey Lodge.  The Lodge is more for families and also has an indoor water park.  You'll leave with sweet chocolate-filled memories that can only be made at the Sweetest Place on Earth! 

I went to Hershey back in the summer of 2008 for the day and did not stay overnight.  I remember meeting a Reese's character, riding rides, and going to their water park.  Since I am an avid lover of chocolate, Hershey was right up my alley.  Fast forward 10 years later, and we wanted to take Scarlett for her 4th birthday! She loves chocolate just as much as her mom and I knew it would be a memorable trip for her.  I always try to take her to new places so she can experience as much as possible.

Once we arrived at the Hershey Lodge, my family knew they were in for a wonderful stay.  The lodge was fully decorated for Christmas with beautiful lights, trees, and wreaths everywhere you looked. You even get a Hershey bar for each member of your family when you check-in! If you're looking for amenities, look no further.  Hershey Lodge offers several restaurants including Forebay, Hershey Grill, The Bears Den, and Fire and Grain.  After you have dinner at one of the fabulous eateries, you can check out the gift shop to buy a chocolate themed souvenir for yourself or a loved one.  The Lodge also offers Water Works, a new indoor water park that opened in 2016.  There's also daily events at the Lodge for the season including a meet and greet with Santa, kid crafts, a Reese's character appearance and more.  You'll receive a daily list of events at check-in.

The Lodge is extremely clean and well-maintained.  I noticed that all of the employees were very friendly and were happy to answer any questions you may have during your stay.

Once we got settled into our room, we headed over to Water Works.  Scarlett absolutely loves water parks and the fact that the lodge has one makes the trip that much more exciting for her.  The water park isn't enormous, but large enough to keep the kiddies happy.  There's three sections of water fun for all ages.  The youngest children will enjoy the toddler section which 3 small water slides and fountains to bring smiles to their faces.  If you have semi- older children, they will enjoy a pool that isn't too deep that has interactive water elements inside.  Finally, there's a pool that is much deeper for older children and adults with a water slide.  The Reese's Walkway is a favorite for children of all ages.  Step onto the weighted floating Reese's cup's while holding onto the above net to get across! Scarlett spent a few hours going down the kiddie slides and had a blast.  Adjacent to Water Works is also an arcade room and activity room with Lego's for children once they dry off.   You're also able to get a bite to eat or have a refreshing drink at the food stand in Water Works.

After that, we went to dinner at the Bear's Den which had an extensive menu with options that everyone will enjoy.  My husband had a Black and Blue Burger, I had a sandwich, and Scarlett had a kid's hot dog.  Everything was extremely tasty and we enjoyed our meals a lot.

Unfortunately, we were unable to go to Christmas Candylane that night.  I preferred to go at night since all of the lights would be so beautiful in the dark, but it just wasn't in the cards since Scarlett was tired.

In the morning, we went to Fire and Grain for Scarlett's birthday breakfast.  You can either opt for the buffet breakfast or choose from menu items.  We chose menu items and Scarlett opted for the chocolate pancakes, I had a regular short stack of pancakes, and my husband Jay had the biscuits and gravy platter with a side of grilled tomatoes.  Everything was delicious and the chocolate pancakes were definitely not short on chocolate! Our server knew it was Scarlett's birthday and gave her a kid's cup full of Hershey's kisses.  What more could a 4 year old want? She was thrilled.

After breakfast we hit Water Works for some more splashin' fun.  Once our time there was up, we headed to Christmas Candylane and Chocolate World for our final stops of the trip.

Chocolate World is paradise and the jackpot for all chocolate lovers.  Everywhere you turn you're met with fabulous bagged Hershey's candies, Hershey themed items to buy, make your own chocolate bars, a tour of how the chocolate is made, and so much more.  The food court inside serves lunch options like pizza, sandwiches, and soups, as well as sweet treats like mega stuffed cookies, sundae's, brownies, and milkshakes. Chocolate World is certainly not for those looking to watch their weight, but a special time to indulge in whatever you want.  Scarlett and I shared a pizza for lunch and afterwards we also dug into a Reese's sundae while Jay had a Hershey's melting hot chocolate. This wasn't just an ordinary hot chocolate but it consisted of two melted Hershey bars made with lots of milk to make your tummy smile.  He was in chocolate bliss for sure.  The sundae had the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate and we both said YUM!

Afterwards, we went to our last activity of the day, Christmas Candylane.  Christmas Candylane is magical for both children and adults, and the event has just celebrated its 35th anniversary.  Step foot inside and you'll be met with over 4 million lights, 45 rides, and many shops and eateries featuring irresistible chocolate treats. Take a spin on Laff Rider and WildCat among others then take a break and have a delicious frozen hot chocolate or snickerdoodle s'mores to make your stomach happy.

It was interesting to see that the park was really not crowded.  If you picture a theme park, you envision it in the summer and crowded with thousands of people.  This was not the case at all.  It was funny to be in a popular theme park and have 3 or 4 people be on line in front of you.  Scarlett loved not having to wait for the rides! She went on the carousel, Balloon Flite, and a few others.  It was chilly outdoors but not horrible.  As long as you're dressed warmly enough and bundled, you should be good to go.  We enjoyed walking around the park and seeing all of the holiday lights and decorations.  Christmastime is certainly a magical time of year!

We had a wonderful weekend at Hershey Park and look forward to coming back sometime in the near future.  This surely will be a trip that we'll remember for a long time.  If you're looking to book a family vacation in the warmer months of the year, why not take the family to Hershey Park for a fabulous vacation this summer? Fun in the sun is always on the agenda.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Hershey Lodge for providing accommodations as well as tickets to Christmas Candylane.  All thoughts are strictly my own.