Monday, October 22, 2018

Bring Ponycycle to Your Child's Playroom! #HolidayGiftGuide

As the temperatures drop and drop, it gets harder to have Scarlett play outside.  She needs to play outside on a regular basis to get her energy out.  When it starts to get really cold and in the 30's, I make her stay inside.  We have a mini trampoline in our playroom that she can bounce on to her hearts content.  Also, I may throw some pillows on the floor and have her do a mini obstacle course to also keep her active.  I'm always looking for new things or ways to keep her energy at bay while indoors.

PonyCycle is an adorable, child sized ride on toy pony which relies on child power to move.  Your little one will feel like they're riding a real pony, as a natural riding motion is required to get pony moving.  The ponies come in a variety of colors and styles depending on your child's interests.

There's also a zebra and a unicorn if your child wants to stray slightly from the horse selections. Depending on your child's age, PonyCycle comes in two sizes, small which is for ages 3-5, and medium which is for ages 4-9.  Whichever PonyCycle you choose, I can guarantee your son or daughter will absolutely love it.  Can you imagine seeing the joy on their face when they see it underneath the Christmas tree on Christmas morning?

Scarlett received a black and white Ponycycle and was absolutely thrilled when it arrived.  The installation process was simple, just connecting the head to the base and zipping it up.  I dislike putting together toys and always find it harder than it should be.  Luckily, this was easy and just took a few moments.

Since Ponycycle is powered by movement, you won't have to worry about constantly buying expensive batteries to power the horse.  From the minute we had Ponycycle installed, Scarlett was ready to use it.

The black and white Ponycycle we received was a size medium for ages 4-9.  The benefit of this size is that it will provide years of fun!  The pony is beautiful and very realistic down from the markings to the soft hair.  I love how sturdy and well built it is, it feels like such high quality.  It will definitely delight any child and provide hours of fun.

Scarlett immediately jumped on the horse and was ready to go!  She is almost 4 but was not too short for it at all.  I had to help her get on it due to the height of the horse, but after that she completely understood what to do.  There were no issues with Scarlett not being able to hold onto the handlebars or her feet slipping from the foot straps. She loved it and said it was so much fun! My tiny tot also enjoyed petting and hugging the horse and telling me how soft he was.

The horse doesn't go too fast which is important so children don't fall off and get hurt.  The Ponycycle truly mimics horseback riding and gives kids a fun ride.

Since our house is on the smaller side, we don't have a large amount of space for Scarlett to ride the horse.  We have a moderate amount of hardwoods downstairs that she is using to her advantage.  Due to this, we will probably have to use Ponycycle outside to really maximize the fun!

I can guarantee Scarlett will be using this indoors and outdoors for some time to come.  What child wouldn't want to have their very own ride on horse? If you're looking to buy a child an unforgettable Christmas or birthday present, Ponycyle is a great choice.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Ponycycle for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 
Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Give Your Child A Beautiful Teepee From Teepee Joy #HolidayGiftGuide

Over the summer, I redecorated Scarlett's room slightly.  We got rid of her crib with the rail off and transitioned her to a cute espresso sleigh toddler bed.  Along with the new bed, I found a pretty bedding set and matching rug to give her room a boost it desperately needed.  Scarlett was thrilled with the mini makeover and it finally felt like a little girl's room and not a baby's.  There are still areas of her room I want to change and I've been on the hunt for something unique to add an element of fun.

Teepee Joy offers the largest selection of children's teepees online.  All teepees are made-to-order in a small shop in Chicago.  There are plenty of teepees to choose from for any child's preferences including solid colors and patterns.  Girls will love a beautiful pink and white chevron teepee while boys will enjoy a sailboat or dinosaur theme.  

Whichever teepee you choose, you have the choice to add coordinating matching pillows, mats, and banners to really make the teepee come to life.  If you don't see a pattern you absolutely love, feel free to customize your own pattern! Choose from hundreds of fabrics in different colors to make your teepee dreams a reality.  Maybe you'd prefer gold teddy bears or pink flowers instead? Get creative and make your child one happy boy or girl!

With Christmas on the horizon, it's not too early to start your holiday shopping.  If you want to order a teepee for your child for Christmas, I know they'd be wild with excitement when they see it under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning! Feel free to keep the company in mind for future children's gift giving ideas too.   Parents will be pleased to now that each teepee is made-to-order with the utmost attention to detail.  Chemical-free fabrics along with high-quality USA manufacturing standards ensure the safety of your tiny tot.  

Scarlett has had a changing table in her room that I've been meaning to move out for a long time now. We haven't used it in about two years and it's honestly just taking up space.  You know how you put off certain projects for later? That's what I've been doing and it's time to address it.  I knew moving the changing table out would provide the perfect space for the Think Pink Teepee.  What little girl wouldn't want a teepee in her room?

However way you choose to decorate your child's teepee, it will surely be a magical place whether it's in their room or in the playroom.  Let the teepee be a place where your child plays with friends or relaxes and enjoys some peace and quiet with a book and some snacks.
The teepee arrived in a case unassembled. The assembly was pretty straight forward and simple.  I did watch a YouTube video to help me assemble it which came in handy.  It did take me longer to complete than it should have because I kept doing something wrong until I realized.  I was lucky that the teepee arrived when Scarlett was in school so I could have it in her room ready to surprise her when she came home.

I wanted the teepee to be a surprise, so I didn't tell Scarlett that it was coming ahead of time.  The teepee arrived with a coordinating mat, but I wanted to put other things inside it to make it cozy and a truly special spot for Scarlett. Scarlett has a sheep pillow that she loves, so I put that inside for her to relax on.  I also ordered a sequin pillow that is in the shape a heart to add to the comfort.  Her stuffed Mickey Mouse made himself comfortable in his new teepee home. Lastly, I put her two favorite books inside so she can read them in ultimate comfort.  To cap everything off, I ordered fairy lights from Amazon to decorate the outside.  I think the teepee looked amazing and wish I had a special hangout spot just for me too!

Once Scarlett got home from school and discovered it, she was instantly in love.  She said "whoa!" as soon as she saw it and wanted to climb inside right away.  I was happy that it fit perfectly in the spot that I designated it for.  The teepee is very high quality, sturdy, and well made.  Children will love the windows on the side so they can look out and see everything around them.  The lights that I added around the teepee really make it ultra special and fun.  I wish I had a teepee in my room when I was a child!  The pink and white are bright and vivid and really stand out.  Having the coordinating mat really adds to the pizzazz factor of the teepee.  Plus, it's extremely comfortable to sit on!

I can tell this is going to be one of Scarlett's new favorite hangout spots for years to come.  She doesn't play too much in her room because it's small and we keep most of the toys in the playroom.  I'm hoping that this will encourage her to want to spend more time in her room.  I know her friends will love it when they come over!

The teepee is pretty compact and is not too large once expanded.  It's portable which is perfect for taking on holiday road trips so your child can have fun with their cousins.

If you're looking for a gift for a child who has it all, I can guarantee they don't have a teepee.  Go ahead and make their day!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Teepee Joy for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Is Hiring a Lawyer To Fight a Traffic Ticket Expensive?

Is Hiring a Lawyer To Fight a Traffic Ticket Expensive?

Ending up with a ticket because you went over the speed limit or ran through a red light can be expensive. Many people have to dip into their rainy day funds to handle these unexpected expenses. However, you can actually save money by having a Santa Ana traffic ticket lawyer handle your case, which will probably cost less money than the ticket.

It Is More Affordable Than Most People Realize

Most people naturally think hiring a lawyer of any kind will cost a lot of money. What those individuals fail to realize is that it does not take as much of the attorney’s time to deal with a traffic ticket case than defending someone against shoplifting or assault. Plenty of  traffic ticket lawyers can handle dozens of these cases in a single day. As a result, they often do not charge as much. In fact, plenty of these lawyers charge as little as $99 for a case. This is a great deal considering you could pay over $400 for running a red light.

There Is a Greater Chance of Getting the Ticket Dismissed

Judges will be more intimidated if you have an attorney by your side. A lot of people think they can save money by defending themselves in court, but the truth is they typically do not see substantial results because they do not adequately understand the law. A ticket lawyer will know precisely what tactics to implement to get you out of paying the fine. It is a small investment that usually results in greater savings than if you go through the process independently.  

As soon as you get a ticket, you need to start looking in your area for an experienced traffic lawyer. You can contact a lawyer near you who offers free consultations, so you get a thorough understanding of how much you will need to pay before hiring anyone.