Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shakespeare Stories Review

As a parent, it's your job to read to your child on a daily basis.  There's nothing more important than instilling a love of reading into your little one from an early age.  Books help children in so many ways and building an active imagination is only just one of the benefits. Sit down with your child every night before bed to create fabulous memories and a zest for reading.

Shakespeare Stories is a collection of children's books written by author Nancy Shakespeare.  The series follows two main characters, Benjamin the bear and Tatum the princess on their many adventures. The books teach life lessons and events paired with fun and lovable characters.  Benjamin's books cover topics such as going to kindergarden, getting a new sister, and riding an airplane.  Tatum's book details her search for her missing chocolates and how to be responsible.  Any child would be delighted to have these books in their bookshelf and be read to.  

The bright colors and detailed illustrations would draw any kiddie in.  The books would make an excellent present for any child.  Go ahead and purchase the collection for your tot today! 

Scarlett was sent the entire collection of Nancy's books, plus an adorable Princess Tatum plush doll. She immediately grabbed the plush and held it while I read to her.  I try to read to her nightly as it makes us closer and will help her to develop a love of reading.  She's 4 months old now and is getting more curious everyday, so she tries to grab the pages and book as I read.  I couldn't be more pleased with that as it shows me she's really enjoying what she's hearing! Scarlett and I read Benjamin Bear goes on a picnic this morning and she really seemed to enjoy it.  She was watching me read and taking everything in.  I also noticed her touching the pictures and trying to grasp the story and its message in her own way. 

The books are so adorable and I love the corresponding stories that each character deals with.  Since Scarlett's so young, she'll be able to enjoy these books for some time to come as they will grow with her.  I'm sure she'll be connecting with and loving Benjamin and Princess Tatum in no time.  

Princess Tatum's book teaches responsibility which every child needs to learn at a young age.  Also, I would be very upset too if I lost my chocolates.  I don't blame Princess Tatum!

A great thing about these books is that any child can relate to the life events.  If your child is going to be a big brother soon to a baby sister, he will love the book about Benjamin Bear getting a new sister.  When a child can connect a new event with something comforting like Benjamin Bear, it will help them to accept the change more easily.

I can't wait to read the rest of the stories to Scarlett.  I know we'll both enjoy them.  It's never too early to start reading to your child.  Don't delay, start today!

*DISCLOSURE* I received complimentary product in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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