Monday, April 27, 2015

Air Oasis Review

I try to do my best as a parent by providing a clean and safe environment for my child, among other things.  While it's important for children to be exposed to germs, you don't want them to breathe in germs and dirty air on a regular basis.  Make sure your child's room has air that is clean and sanitized to ensure a restful sleep at night as well as safe playing during the day.

Air Oasis offers air purifiers and sanitizers that will provide you with peace of mind for your child's bedroom or nursery.  Babies and children need healthy environments to thrive and Air Oasis is there to assist.  Air Oasis's premium purifier is the Air Angel.  This angel will protect a room up to 250 sq feet.  Place it on a dresser or nightstand and you're good to go.  The whisper quiet technology will keep the air clean without disrupting your little one's sleep.  Go ahead and introduce the Air Angel into your life and have one less worry as a parent.  That's definitely priceless.  The product makes an excellent baby shower or new baby gift too. 

I received an Air Angel for Scarlett's nursery for review.  She's 20 weeks old now and I always worry about her quality of air.  Is the air in my house clean enough? Is she breathing in germs? You can't always be sure of the air quality, but you can do your part in making a difference.  Luckily, she hasn't been sick yet. 

Scarlett's new best friend.  

The compact unit fits on her dresser and has been a great new addition to her room.  I leave the unit running all the time to ensure clean air continuously.  The unit is sleek and white and looks great with her room decor.  A great feature about this product is that there is no maintenance.  There's no filters to change or clean as it runs behind the scenes.  My daughter is at an age where she likes to grab everything and luckily this is out of her reach.

I had no trouble using the unit for the first time.  It's very self explanatory and in moments it was up and running.  From that minute on, my daughter's air quality has changed for the better.  We have a dog in our house and I'm sure she's always bringing in something from being outside.  I look forward to using this unit in her room for years to come.  It'll bring peace of mind to me as she grows and germs come into play more when she's mobile.  It's whisper quiet and you can barely hear it, which is a big plus since Scarlett is sometimes a light sleeper. 

The best thing you can do for your child is to provide them with clean air, it's mandatory. Thanks to the Air Oasis, we'll always be confident about Scarlett's air quality and you can't put a price tag on that.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Air Oasis for providing me with complimentary product in order to facilitate this review.  

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