Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Twin XL Giveaway

Even though it may feel like summer just started, it's hard to believe that back-to-school season is in full swing.  There are TV and radio commercials along with print ads featuring clothes, school supplies, and backpacks made to help you make your first few weeks at school memorable.  I remember loving back-to-school shopping and wearing the new clothes that were bought for me in the early weeks of school.  Parents, make sure your children have a fantastic school year when they go back in the fall.

Twin XL helps you to discover twin x-long bedding, sheets, and all of your bedroom accessories at the lowest prices in designer styles.   If you have a child going off to college in the fall, make sure they have bedding that will fit the standard twin XL dorm bed.  When I was in college years ago, I remember buying a Twin XL comforter set for my bed.  Having a pattern or print that you like on your bed makes the small dorm room seem a little bit more enjoyable! Twin XL offers many different styles and colors guaranteed to add personality to your bed.  Go ahead and pick out a comforter today.

If you're in the market for a twin XL bedding set but haven't found anything you like yet, why not consider the Turquoise Ivy Union Twin XL Comforter Set
Send your child off to college with this beautiful turquoise bed set.  Indulge in the exceptional comfort and quality of the brand's premium extra long all season comforter.  The luxurious microfiber shell won't pill or shrink.  It is specially dyed for long lasting color that wont fade, and the durable double sewn edging will help provide you years of enjoyment. This machine washable set comes with an extra long comforter and one standard sham.  This beautiful turquoise color is certainly not to be overlooked.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hope's Heart Gifts Etsy Shop Review

Gift baskets make the best presents.  I've given many gift baskets as birthday presents over the years and the recipients absolutely loved them.  What's not to love about a beautiful basket filled to the brim with items that you enjoy? The best part is how they are decorated.  Make sure you select a basket that's big enough to hold everything you want to give.  After that, put clear cellophane paper around the big and tie with a gorgeous bow.  It will be almost too pretty to open, but they won't be able to resist! Go ahead and make someone's birthday extra special with a gift basket today.

Hope's Heart Gifts is an Etsy shop ran by owner Hope. Her shop offers fabulous gift baskets for all occasions.  Know someone who's having an upcoming birthday or baby shower? Why not consider a gift basket for the special occasion? A diaper cake would make the ideal baby shower present, and a spa or candy basket would make the ultimate present for the recipient's birthday.  If you have a foodie in your life, why not treat their taste buds to Hope's gluten-free granola.  They will surely love it.  Each stunning basket is made with dedication and pride and you can see Hope's talent truly shine through. Feel free to request a custom order too.

Open the basket to have all of your spa dreams come true.

I was fortunate enough to receive the organic premiun spa gift basket for review.  It's been a long time since I've treated myself to new skincare products so this was a very welcomed opportunity. Each item in the basket is all-natural and organic.  How does a facial cleanser, facial moisturizer, glow serum, pineapple masque, and vanilla body lotion sound? That's definitely not all! You can't forget about the wooden pumice brush, muscle rub, and the sample kit.  The sample kit offers 6 sample containers of various spa products wrapped in a teal organza bag.  Top it all off with a seashell candle holder with scented tealight candle and loofah sponge all packaged together in a wicker basket with oversized shimmery bow.

This basket is just beautiful! Everything came packaged so nicely and it was hard to open it because it was just so pretty! I got past that feeling quickly and soon looked through the contents.  I didn't see anything that I didn't like.  Recently in my pregnancy I've developed dry skin on my face.  The moisturizer truly helped keep the dryness at bay and I enjoyed the clean, fresh scent that was left behind.  I do take great measures to ensure what I put in my body is safe since I want the best for my child.  The fact that all of the products are natural and organic is important to me. I also used the facial cleanser this morning to wash my face in the shower.  Afterwards, my skin felt very clean and smooth which left me satisfied. Sometimes your face doesn't always feel like it's clean with certain products, but I had no hesitations with this one.

Last night I had my own mini spa night.  I gave myself a pedicure and used the pumice brush on my feet. The brush quickly buffed my feet to smooth perfection and got rid of the rough skin on my heels. I certainly will be keeping that on hand to make my feet look picture perfect year round.  I also used the pineapple masque afterwards. The pineapple scent reminded me of being on a tropical island.  My skin was glowing afterwards and I know my face was satisfied with the results.

The seashell candle holder is one of my favorite parts of the basket.  It's very calming to look at and I plan on lighting it on my bathroom counter while I take a bath this evening. The shells are large and full of detail.

I look forward to using the rest of the products in the very near future.  For the moment, the basket is being stored on my bathroom counter in my second bathroom and I absolutely love the way it looks.  This would be the perfect gift for practically any woman in your life, or you can even treat yourself too.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Hope's Heart Gifts for providing me with a complimentary basket in exchange for this review.  All opinions are strictly mine.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Febreze Review & Giveaway #Sponsored

This campaign was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

One thing that I love more than anything else is a clean house.  I don't love the actual act of cleaning, but the clean smell that is left behind is what I enjoy the most. It's important to keep your home looking and smelling its best.  Thanks to Febreze, you can now make your clean home dreams a reality.

Febreze is a brand of household odor eliminator.  It was first introduced in 1998 and manufactured only as an odor eliminator. The line has since branched out to include air fresheners, fabric refreshers, oil plug-in's, scented discs, odor eliminating candles, and car air fresheners. The plug in's and candles come in many fabulous scents to delight your nose.

Febreze recently set up a challenge to see who is noseblind to odors in their home.  Of course when having guests over is when I want my home to smell the best.  I was instructed to invite friends over for a movie night to test their senses.  Febreze sent a gift package of products to use for the testing to see if my company was noseblind to odors.  The first step for this challenge was to take an online survey about the odors in my house.  As my guests and also my dog Carolyn were comfortable on the couch, I made them a big bowl of buttery popcorn.  As everyone knows, no movie is complete without candy.  I also served peanut M&M's to go along with it. You can't go wrong with sweet and salty treats.  Everyone was eyeing the goodies and couldn't wait to dig in.  I instructed them to take the first survey before we watched the movie.  The lingering smell of popcorn was in the air, but after a while we no longer noticed it. If we thought about it really hard, we could still sense it.

After the movie was over, my friends took another odor survey before using the products that Febreze sent.  I sprayed the Meadows and Rain spray in the living room and kitchen.  Within seconds, the popcorn scent was completely gone, along with anything else that could be lingering.  How great is that? Instead of masking odors, Febreze completely eliminates them. You'll no longer have to worry about stinky food odors, or pet or kid odors either! I really enjoyed the smell of the Meadows and Rain spray and look forward to using it in my home on a regular basis.  I also love the plug in unit as well.  It definitely makes my living room smell wonderful.  Even my dog likes it.  I catch her sniffing the air occasionally.

Go ahead and transform your home into a Meadows and Rain paradise.  You'll love it!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Villa Cappelli Review and Giveaway

To say I love Italian food is an understatement.  It's one of my favorite cuisines and I regularly enjoy it.  You cannot properly live life until you frequently indulge in homemade pasta made with the freshest cheeses and flavorful sauces available.  Don't forget the warm, crusty Italian bread dipped in olive oil either.  I'm sure that if I ever visit Italy I will come home five pounds heavier.  Why not go and treat yourself to some baked ziti or ravioli tonight?

Villa Cappelli allows you to learn to love food again and enjoy the delicious flavors extracted from nature.  The brand produces fabulous spices, spreads, conserves, olive oils, and pasta to excite your taste buds. The best part is that all of the products contain no artificial ingredients or GMO's.  If you're an Italian food lover or a budding chef, Villa Cappelli's products belong in your kitchen.  How about spreading a thick layer of cherry conserves on your morning toast? For dinner, whip up a pot of spaghetti that's tossed with olive oil and the brand's signature seasonings.   I'm sure it will be just fabulous.  The possibilities are endless as to what delicious dishes you can prepare thanks to Villa Cappelli.  All you need to do is get the bowls and plates ready.

I was sent a wonderful assortment of products to sample from Villa Cappelli.  I received a large bottle of olive oil, bell pepper conserve, Spaghettata seasoning, a jar of Italian sun-dried tomato spread, spicy Italian sun-dried tomato spread, and red onion conserve.  
Go ahead and wipe the drool from your screen, it's perfectly okay. 

Last night I was inspired to make Italian food for dinner.  I thought to myself what better way to incorporate true Italian flavors into my meal than by using my Villa Cappelli products? I racked my brain trying to figure out what the tastiest meal could be.  I finally settled on spaghetti and meatballs.  I tossed the cooked spaghetti with olive oil and the Spaghettata seasoning.  This seasoning is a lightly spiced, flavorful blend.  I knew it would add more personality to the pasta.  To give the meal more pizazz, I cut up pieces of Italian bread and spread a generous layer of the Italian sun-dried tomato spread on top.  Then, I drizzled a small amount of olive oil on top and topped with mozzarella cheese to bake in the oven.  How fabulous does that sound? As the bread cooked,  it smelled like Italy in my kitchen, or what I thought Italy might smell like.  Either way, I was ready to eat!

The meal was simply fabulous to say the least.  I had never tasted spaghetti with such flavor before.  It truly brought this long noodle to another dimension of deliciousness.  I'm usually not a fan of spicy foods, but I was able to handle the level of spice that the Spaghettata threw at me.  The olive oil had a wonderful rich flavor that left me wanting more.

Of course the true star of the show was my bread.  I took a bite and upon doing so, I was instantly fluent in Italian.  Nothing else could have beat how fantastic it was.  The sun-dried tomato spread had an intensely high profile of flavor that was out of this world.  When combining the spread with the olive oil and cheese, it was hard to just have one piece.  Okay, I had two.  I wanted three, but I had to enforce some kind of self control on myself.  That might have been the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

I was so satisfied with my meal and especially satisfied with how Villa Cappelli's products really brought an ordinary meal to another dimension.  I highly recommend using their items at your next party or get-together to create crowd pleasing meals and appetizers that everyone will love.  I'm already planning how to use them next!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Let Urbini Be Your Go-to Stroller Brand #Sponsored

*DISCLOSURE* I participated in a Blog Blast on behalf of Mom Central for Urbini. I received information from Urbini to facilitate my post as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.  

As everyone who's a regular reader of my blog knows that I'm expecting my first child in December.  My husband and I are very excited and cannot wait to meet the baby.  Babies need a lot of items and one of the main items they require is a stroller.  I'm currently on the hunt for a stroller for my child and am considering different brands and options.  It's important to do your research to make sure you buy the stroller that fits your needs and lifestyle well.

Urbini recently launched three products in the United States that are sold at Walmart stores and on  If you're searching for a travel system, why not consider Urbini's Omni 3-in-one travel system?
This stroller grows with your child as they transition from baby to toddler.  Babies from 4 to 35 lbs can comfortably rest in the infant car seat or cozy bassinet.  Toddlers can ride forward or parent-face in the stroller seat.  Parents will enjoy the versatility and dependability that this travel system will offer, not to mention that it is very light-weight and only weighs 8 lbs. I know I'd love to own a travel system that I could have for years.  This certainly will save money and time.  If you're looking for a reliable travel system as a new mom, look no further than Urbini's Omni. 

I'd like to bring two other Urbini strollers to your attention, the Hummingbird and the Touri Travel System

The Touri Travel System includes the Urbini Petal Infant Car Seat and the fully-featured light-weight Touri stroller.  This stroller features a reclining seat, removable cup-holder, tuck-away sun visor, and a compact fold. Go ahead and push baby in style!

The Hummingbird is the world's lightest full-featured stroller.  It folds instantly with one hand and weighs under 7 lbs! A child up to 50 lbs and 45 inches tall can ride in the Hummingbird.  If you're looking to get many years of use out of a stroller, this would be an ideal pick.

The best thing you can do as a new mom is to make sure you pick a stroller brand that is safe, reliable, and comfortable for you and baby when they are riding around town.

Don't forget to follow Urbini on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  

Pledge Floor Care Review

I recently moved into my first house a little over two months ago.  My lower level flooring is completely bamboo hardwood.  Not only is the wood gorgeous, but it requires a lot of upkeep to continuously have it looking shiny and new.  I clean the hardwoods weekly and also use a steam mop for sanitizing purposes but I knew I needed to use products that were meant for hardwoods specifically.  Pledge has come to my rescue and made my glistening hardwood floor dreams a reality.

Pledge is most recognizable to individuals as a polish for wood furniture.  I grew up on Pledge and depend on it now as an adult to keep my furniture looking beautiful and dust-free.  Just thinking about that familiar lemon scent makes me smile.  Pledge has expanded their product line and now wants to make your hardwoods smell delicious too.  The four products that are must-have's for gorgeous floors are Pledge's Wood Trigger, Wood Squirt & Mop, Concentrated Cleaner, and Finish.  If you're looking to have your floors look the same way they did when you first moved in, Pledge is up for the job.  Go ahead and give them a try today.

I was sent a bundle of Pledge products to test out on my hardwood floors.  Combine a dog constantly running around, foot traffic in the rain, snow, and dirt, and you have yourself a lot of build-up.  What better way to bring your floors back to life than with Pledge products?

Shiny floors are just a squirt away.

I first tried out the Squirt & Mop product.  The instructions told me that it was meant for removing dirt and grime that has built up over time.  Its advanced formula works to maintain your floor's natural finish, with no dull residue.  It reveals wood's natural beauty and leaves a fresh citrus floor behind.  The hardwood floor gods were definitely listening to my cleaning prayers when they created this product! All you do is squirt a small amount directly onto the floor and clean with a mop in an "S" pattern.  Be careful though, this product is not meant for use on unfinished, waxed, oiled, or worn wood floors.  As soon as I started cleaning, I instantly noticed results.  The dullness was gone and life  and vitality were brought back into my floors.  My floors truly never looked better and I was so impressed.  In just a few moments, my whole lower level was cleaned and the floors honestly looked like they came out of a magazine.  No product I had previously used had worked this well!

I will certainly be using this product on a regular basis.  The clean and shiny floors make my heart sing with joy.  Not only is this product meant for hardwoods, but you can also clean and condition other wood surfaces like wood paneling, cabinetry, and woodwork.  Go ahead and get your clean on!
Shiny wood dreams are made from this bottle.

The Wood Trigger product is perfect for spot cleaning.  Let's say you spill something on your hardwoods, or your pet accidentally goes to the bathroom on the floor.  Instead of getting out a mop and cleaning your whole floor, it's much easier to just correct the targeted issue.  Just spray the affected area and wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge and you'll be good to go.  It rained the other day and my dog came in with muddy paws.  I was not pleased since I had just cleaned all the hardwoods the previous day.  I immediately cleaned the problem area of my floors and they matched up perfectly with the rest of the flooring.  I couldn't have been more pleased especially since I didn't have to get out my mop again! This product would be wonderful to have on hand especially when kids are eating or playing and leaving fingerprints or sticky messes around.

Unscrew the cap for clean dreams.

Pledge's Wood Concentrated Cleaner allows you to clean wood floors and leave them looking perfect.  The product contains almond oil to moisturize wood and restore its natural beauty.  I have not used this product because I feel like the Squirt & Mop product is very similar.  The difference between the Squirt & Mop and the Concentrated Cleaner is that instead of directly squirting it onto your floors, you add 1/4 cup of the cleaner to 1 gallon of warm water.  The end result is the same and your floors still look beautiful and polished, you're just cleaning them a different way.

Insert shiny floors here.

Finally, Pledge's Wood Finish is the perfect product for maintaining that beautiful shine in-between cleanings.  Not everyone wants to clean everyday, but they do want that just-cleaned hardwood floor look.  This product helps to shine, protect, and restore your floors.  First-time users should thoroughly clean their floors with a solution of 1 cup ammonia and 1/4 cup Pledge Concentrated Cleaner.  Then rinse your floors immediately with clean water.  Please keep your pets and children away while you perform this task.  If this is not your first time cleaning with these products, thoroughly clean the floor with Squirt & Mop, let dry, and then spread Wood Finish evenly with a cloth or other applicator.  The product normally dries within 20-30 minutes.  

My husband actually used the Wood Finish product last night.  He sent me a picture of the floors when he was done and they look fabulous.  He was extremely satisfied with the product and enjoyed using it and he's not big on cleaning chores.  There's just something about knowing your floors are protected and conditioned properly that makes your heart happy.  I feel like Danny Tanner in Full House when I think about it.  Remember how he always loved to clean?

I am very impressed with Pledge's Floor Care line and would highly recommend it to virtually everyone who has wood flooring in their home.  If you want to take your floors from meh to marvelous, Pledge is ready to take you on the cleaning ride of your dreams.

*DISCLOSURE* I received complimentary product in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Zcan Giveaway

If you're like me, you sometimes have trouble keeping track of important items.  You say you'll put that receipt in a special place, but when you go to look for it it's gone.  How about when you need to keep track of printed text from newspapers and magazines? If this sounds like you, why make life any harder than it has to be? It would certainly be nice if we could keep everything important to us in one place.  Luckily, Zcan shares that philosophy.

Zcan is a handy and user-friendly scanner mouse supporting 199 OCR languages.  Simply press the scan button on the top of the mouse to begin scanning.  You can scan text, tables, pictures, etc and paste the material instantly into Word/Excel/Powerpoint and they are editable right away.  How about sharing your children's drawings with Grandma or Grandpa? Zcan allows you to share these scanned items through Facebook, Twitter, or email instantly! The mouse come in three different colors including blue, orange, or green depending on your color preference.  Zcan installs on your desktop very quickly and allows you to start scanning in about 5 minutes with the included scan pad.  You can also edit pictures with the available software tools. 

Now is the perfect time as any to become organized.  Scan in your tax documents, sales reports, recipes, or even receipts and save them in labeled folders.  Now you'll never have to worry about looking for that missing item again.  You'll feel good about yourself knowing your life is together and more organized.  If you're learning another language, the mouse even allows you to translate a paragraph of foreign language in Google Translate to decipher. 

This mouse would be the perfect gift for a business owner or executive.  Let them file away everything important at a click of a button! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Carnival Freedom Review

If you are looking for a summer getaway trip, why not consider a cruise vacation? What could be better than being on a floating hotel that has endless food, entertainment, activities, and pools among many other highlights? Kick back and relax as you soak up the sun on your way to gorgeous tropical islands.  What are you waiting for? Great fun for families, friends, and couples awaits you.  Book those cruise tickets today!

Carnival Cruise Lines offers deals and packages to the most popular vacation destinations possible.  How does a cruise to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Alaska, or Mexico sound? Carnival sails from many convenient locations including New York, California, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, among others.  Each Carnival ship sails to different areas depending on which vessel you choose. There are 23 different ships to choose from including the Carnival Freedom, Ecstasy, Elation, Dream, Fantasy, Conquest, and many more. Each ship differs from the other in ways, but whichever one you select offers pools, a spa, casino, on-board entertainment, restaurants, nightly shows, and many activities.  There is always fun to be had and much food to be enjoyed!

Are you ready for fun in the sun?

Just this morning I returned from an 8 day cruise to the Caribbean with my husband and parents.  I sailed on the Carnival Freedom and it was my second time traveling on a Carnival ship.  This ship was built in 2007 and was the last ship to be built on the Conquest-class platform. From the minute you step on board after check-in, you're greeted by a sea of excitement and people.  Everyone is attempting to see all that the ship offers at once.  Our first stop was the Lido Deck for some lunch.  There was so many different options of food, you didn't know where to turn to first.  Whether you are craving a hot dog or a grilled sandwich from the deli, comfort food, Italian food, or even hamburgers and fries, the Carnival Freedom has you covered.  Of course there is also a Mongolian wok station, pizza station, and dessert station! Don't forget the unlimited chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones from the ice cream machines around the Lido Deck too.

You are able to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the Lido Deck if you choose, or in the main dining rooms.  The food is completely different on the Lido Deck than it is in the dining rooms and it changes daily.  We ate dinner every night in the main dining room.  I found the food extremely delicious and looked forward to meal times each day.  The service from the waitstaff was impeccable.  Each night your waiter remembered your name, even if he only served you once.  You were greeted with a smile and a friendly hello.  My family requested the same waiter on many occasions since we liked his service so much.  He even brought my mom a Greek salad without her even requesting it nightly as an appetizer, since she mentioned she enjoyed it the first time she had it.  Now talk about outstanding customer service!

Baked eggplant.  Just an example of what you can have aboard. 

Is it legal to marry baked goods? I think so.

As you walk around the many levels of the ship you'll find tons of things to do.  You can try your hand at the slots or tables in the casino, work-out in the gym, have a drink in one of the many pubs or bars, play some games in the arcade, or even watch a show in the lounge.  I enjoyed the main lobby where there was always live music.  The shops offered jewelry, souvenirs, t-shirts, and much more.  There was even a candy store to indulge that sweet tooth of yours.  You can't forget the many pools that are available too.  Sit back and enjoy a frozen drink and soak up the sun.  What I liked most was that there was a section for all individuals, as well as an adults only side if you wanted some peace and quiet away from families.  Camp Ocean is available for children.  This day care service allows you to drop your children off to have fun during the day while you enjoy some free-time.  The caretakers will watch your children, and they even change diapers if needed.  If you're having a late night out, they will take your children to your state room and tuck them into bed for you.  I think that's a wonderful service.

The ship was smooth except for some rough patches provided by rocky waters.  Since I'm now 21 weeks pregnant, I wasn't sure how I would feel during the trip.  I held up pretty well and wasn't too sick.  It's really interesting to look out the window and see nothing but blue ocean surrounding you! Cruise nights brought you comedy shows, karaoke, and sing-alongs at the piano bar.  I also very much enjoyed the towel animals that were left on my bed each night.

Look at me.  I'm cute and I come with chocolates.

We had four stops on our trip; Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Curacao, and Aruba.  I had never been to any of those islands before and was looking forward to a new experience and memories.

Turks and Caicos brought salt mines and beautiful beaches.  I had my camera ready at all times! We took a tour around the island and learned much about the culture.

Next, we visited the Dominican Republic.  This beautiful island offered a wealth of history and gorgeous scenery. We really enjoyed our time there.

When we visited Curacao, I was not prepared for how gorgeous it was.  The crystal blue waters of the beach were just stunning!

Our final port stop was Aruba.  This was a lazy beach day for us and we enjoyed every minute of it! Who wouldn't love relaxing on a lounge chair in the sun all day? 

My family had a wonderful time aboard the Carnival Freedom and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a future cruise vacation.  You will absolutely love it! It's hard to transition back to the real world after an eight day trip.  This leaves me no choice but to book a future Carnival vacation so I have something to look forward to!

*DISCLOSURE* I received discounts and complimentary items in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.  

Back from vacation

Hi all! I just got back this morning from my cruise.  I'm getting all my emails answered and will have a post up for you tonight and the next following days! :) Stay tuned!
Saturday, July 12, 2014


Hello! :) 

I'm going on vacation starting tomorrow and will be back on the 21st.  I will have internet access during my trip but I don't think any reviews/giveaways will be going up during that time.

Look for awesome content when I get back!
Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Clearly Filtered Giveaway

Water is one of the best things you can give your body.  Now that it's summer and extremely hot out, staying hydrated should be one of your main priorities when outside.  There's nothing like a cold, refreshing glass of filtered water.  Since I'm pregnant, I'm required to drink a lot of water a day.  I've noticed my skin looks better and I have more energy, which is a wonderful plus.  If you don't currently drink a lot of water, it's important that you start. Your body will thank you.

Clearly Filtered offers the latest water filters on the market.  They allow you to have the cleanest and safest waters while eliminating chlorine fluoride and heavy metals.  The product line-up includes many water bottles and pitchers to choose from, depending on what your needs are.  A wonderful feature of Clearly Filtered's products is that it eliminates up to 99.99% of chlorine reduction in water while other products simply reduce it.  If you choose Clearly Filtered, you know you will be drinking the cleanest water possible.  If you're a big outdoorsy person, purchasing a water bottle that holds 21, 27, or 28 gallons would be a great idea. Go ahead and give Clearly Filtered a try today!

One product in particular that everyone should have in their fridge is the Pure Filtered Water Pitcher.  Can't you just imagine cool, crisp, and clean water at your fingertips? Now that's a reality every day.

All you have to decide is which glass to use.

A great feature of this pitcher is the color.  Since it's white, it's very easy to see how much water is left and when you need to refill it.  The filters last for up to 200 gallons which is approx. 300 fill ups.  You should replace the filter every 6 months or when the water flow becomes restricted.  As with all of their products, the pitcher is made from 100% BPA free, non-leaching Tritan plastic.  If you're worried about chemicals or unnatural materials, here's one less thing you'll have to worry about.  Pour yourself a big glass of water and enjoy the day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Netflix #StreamTeam Alerts School's In For Summer July 2014

While school is out and many children are enjoying the summer, that doesn't mean the learning should stop. Yes, it is summer and kids should be doing fun activities, they should also be refreshed on various topics they learned during the year including math and English to start. They say that children forget two months of material over the summer if they don't frequently review it. For the perfect way to beat the heat and indulge in some screen time, introduce your kids to something new this summer via Netflix.  Learning doesn't have to be uninteresting! Whether you show them a documentary about dinosaurs or the moon, you can keep their brain active all summer long.

My parents always valued education when I was growing up-and they still do.  I was always encouraged to use educational math programs when I was in school, since math was my worst subject.  I do remember having summer homework assignments which helped me to remember what I learned throughout my time off.  

Netflix has compiled a list of brain-boosting titles for both big and small kids to boost their brain power this summer.  I always think that children do enjoy learning, you just have to find a way to make it interesting and exciting for them.

For your big kids:

1. Lewis & Clark-The Journey Out West
2. Walking with Dinosaurs
3. Secret Yellowstone
4. The Blue Planet
5. When We left Earth: The NASA Missions

For your little ones:
1. The Great Mouse Detective
2. Busytown Mysteries
3. Leapfrog: Math Adventures to The Moon
4. Turtle: The Incredible Journey
5. The Magic School Bus

As you can see, there are many titles for each age group.  I can guarantee your children will find these programs interesting and captivating.  Go ahead and create some fun summer memories alongside some learning with your children for a summer they will remember!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Jack & Lily Giveaway

Lately I've been on a baby clothing and shoes kick.  The adorable little clothes are hard to resist and I want to buy everything I see! Since babies grow so quickly, make sure you take that into account and don't buy too much of one size since they will outgrow it fast.  The size of baby shoes are so tiny, it feels like you're dressing up a doll.  Whatever shoes you choose to put your child in, just make sure they are comfortable and fit properly.
Jack & Lily is committed to the development of high quality baby, infant, and toddler footwear.  The shoes are lovingly designed with a baby's sense of touch in mind.  Whether you're looking for boots, sneakers, or rubbed soled shoes, Jack & Lily has you covered with a variety of styles for boys and girls. Whether you'd like a solid color, glitter, flowers, animals, or even a rocketship, all of it's available!  The shoes are ridiculously cute and there are so many pairs that I want.  If you choose to buy shoes for a baby aged up to 6 months, they are constructed to provide extra flexibility for baby's developing feet. The shoes are truly made well and the brand surely has baby's best interest in mind. If you're looking for a baby shower gift, shoes from Jack and Lily would make a fabulous gift.

I've honestly never seen cuter children's shoes in my life. Here are some of my current favorites for both boy or girl. Of course this is just the start of the shoes I like!

Aren't they so sweet? This is also a good representation of the variety of styles offered too.  Go ahead and surf on over to Jack & Lily today.  Your baby's feet are waiting for an adorable pair of shoes!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Decleor Giveaway

Many women spend weeks during spring getting ready for the summer swimsuit season.  Looking their best in a swimsuit is a top priority for most women.  Now that summer is upon us, who doesn't want their body to look better? With endless beach trips, pool parties, and BBQ's, many of us still feel unconfident about wearing a two-piece.  No matter how hard you exercise, some people don't get the results they want. Decleor is here to save the day and make you feel great and confident when your swim suit cover up comes off.

Decleor offers a Slim Effect Contouring Gel-Cream that contains an exclusive lipo-cellular complex and essential oils, which combine to act as a powerful localized treatment for cellulite.  With its fresh and non-sticky texture, this gel-cream is rapidly absorbed and acts to help promote the reduction of existing fat cells, prevent formation of new fat cells, and restore skin's elasticity and firmness.   When you use this product, skin appears more hydrated, smoother, and firmer.  Not everyone is built like a supermodel and cannot look like one no matter how hard they exercise, and Decleor certainly understands that.

A miracle product in a tube.

I know that I could certainly use Decleor's help in firming and toning certain areas of my body! It would be a great feeling to feel confident in how I look, especially in a swimsuit.  I don't think I've ever really felt that. Plenty of women around the US avoid pools and beaches just because they are embarrassed of their bodies. It's time to embrace yourself and be the beautiful, confident individual that you are.

For a limited time, Decleor is offering a free Aroma Cleanse Exfoliating Cream with the purchase of the Slim Effect Contouring Gel-Cream.  What a fabulous offer! Please check it out here.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Update

I haven't updated you guys on my pregnancy in about 8 weeks now.

I'm now 18 weeks.  Tomorrow, I have another Dr's appt.  I'll have an ultrasound and a regular check up. Hopefully, they'll be able to tell me what the baby is! I'm very curious to know and I can't live in suspense much more.  Last time I went, they told me thought it was a girl, but couldn't confirm. I'd love a little girl, so it would be nice if it really was!

Me at 18 weeks pregnant.

How I physically feel:
My feet hurt frequently.  It helps when I rest them, but they still seem to hurt by the end of the day
Sleeping is difficult.  I'm used to sleeping on my back or stomach, so sleeping on my side permanently has been a transition.  Luckily, I do use a body pillow. I am tired frequently and have to rest a lot.  
No nausea at all anymore.  In the beginning, I was nauseous a lot.  I'm so happy this has passed.
I've been having more headaches lately.  I'll be bringing that up with the Dr. tomorrow.
Random aches and pains.
I have no stretchmarks on my stomach so far which I'm so thankful for! I put almond oil on my stomach nightly.
I haven't felt the baby kick yet, but I do have random flutters and movement throughout the day.  Exciting!
I have to pee all the time.  Constantly.  I get up 2-3x a night.  I need to be a spokesperson for Charmin toilet paper.
I've been regularly wearing maternity clothes for about 2 weeks or so now.  Barely any of my pants fit anymore, but some of my tops still fit. 
I try to go on a walk every day with Carolyn to stay healthy.

I haven't had any cravings at all. I can eat anything and have no food aversions.  I've eaten a lot more fruit lately. It's also been hard to drink as much water as I'm required to.
I don't eat any more than I previously have.  I don't feel any hungrier than usual at all.

We have no boy names at all picked out, but we have a few girl names picked out that we agree on.  

Weight gain:
I've only gained about 5 or 6 lbs at 18 weeks.

Looking forward to:
Finding out the gender
Picking out a name
Feeling the baby kick
Decorating the nursery
Progressing more in my pregnancy and getting closer to having the baby.  I am dreading the actual birth process.  It's scary!

We've been buying a lot of books for the baby at garage sales.  I can't wait to fill up a bookshelf with the books in the baby's room.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby's First Book Blocks Giveaway

It's never too early to teach baby.  Children's brains are like sponges and will soak up anything taught to them, and they usually enjoy learning especially if you make it fun.  I've already bought a lot of books geared towards babies, and will read to my child constantly once they're born.  I want to make sure they gain and develop all of the needed and necessary skills for their age at an early start. Have you read to your child today?

Baby's First Book Blocks is a series of mini board books from Powerhouse Books designed to entice infants to focus and develop their visual acuity.  Featuring high-contrast colors, eye-catching shapes, and colorful patterns, these chunky little books also incorporate the latest scientific research about vision development.  All of the above help to make the perfect introductory book for babies.

Look at all of the beautiful colors and patterns, they will mesmerize baby.

Studies show that during the first year of life, babies visual skills develop dramatically.  A month-old infant will prefer sharply defined, black-and-white edges and patterns.  By four months of age, most babies can distinguish even subtle shades and respond to repeating patterns.  Just a few minutes a day of looking at and exploring the shapes and colors will help babies to develop visual skills.  The books also provide a great opportunity for parents to interact with baby.

While it's important for baby to play with age-appropriate toys, it's equally as important for them to learn. Learning truly is everything.  Spend five or ten minutes a day everyday having them focus on the book blocks.  I can guarantee that the colors and patterns will draw them right in and keep their attention.  They won't even realize that the books are beneficial to their development, which is the best part! Each page has a different image on it to delight them.

Do the best thing you can do for your child and teach them as early as you can.  They will appreciate it in the long-run.