Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Update

I haven't updated you guys on my pregnancy in about 8 weeks now.

I'm now 18 weeks.  Tomorrow, I have another Dr's appt.  I'll have an ultrasound and a regular check up. Hopefully, they'll be able to tell me what the baby is! I'm very curious to know and I can't live in suspense much more.  Last time I went, they told me thought it was a girl, but couldn't confirm. I'd love a little girl, so it would be nice if it really was!

Me at 18 weeks pregnant.

How I physically feel:
My feet hurt frequently.  It helps when I rest them, but they still seem to hurt by the end of the day
Sleeping is difficult.  I'm used to sleeping on my back or stomach, so sleeping on my side permanently has been a transition.  Luckily, I do use a body pillow. I am tired frequently and have to rest a lot.  
No nausea at all anymore.  In the beginning, I was nauseous a lot.  I'm so happy this has passed.
I've been having more headaches lately.  I'll be bringing that up with the Dr. tomorrow.
Random aches and pains.
I have no stretchmarks on my stomach so far which I'm so thankful for! I put almond oil on my stomach nightly.
I haven't felt the baby kick yet, but I do have random flutters and movement throughout the day.  Exciting!
I have to pee all the time.  Constantly.  I get up 2-3x a night.  I need to be a spokesperson for Charmin toilet paper.
I've been regularly wearing maternity clothes for about 2 weeks or so now.  Barely any of my pants fit anymore, but some of my tops still fit. 
I try to go on a walk every day with Carolyn to stay healthy.

I haven't had any cravings at all. I can eat anything and have no food aversions.  I've eaten a lot more fruit lately. It's also been hard to drink as much water as I'm required to.
I don't eat any more than I previously have.  I don't feel any hungrier than usual at all.

We have no boy names at all picked out, but we have a few girl names picked out that we agree on.  

Weight gain:
I've only gained about 5 or 6 lbs at 18 weeks.

Looking forward to:
Finding out the gender
Picking out a name
Feeling the baby kick
Decorating the nursery
Progressing more in my pregnancy and getting closer to having the baby.  I am dreading the actual birth process.  It's scary!

We've been buying a lot of books for the baby at garage sales.  I can't wait to fill up a bookshelf with the books in the baby's room.

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