Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Netflix #StreamTeam Alerts School's In For Summer July 2014

While school is out and many children are enjoying the summer, that doesn't mean the learning should stop. Yes, it is summer and kids should be doing fun activities, they should also be refreshed on various topics they learned during the year including math and English to start. They say that children forget two months of material over the summer if they don't frequently review it. For the perfect way to beat the heat and indulge in some screen time, introduce your kids to something new this summer via Netflix.  Learning doesn't have to be uninteresting! Whether you show them a documentary about dinosaurs or the moon, you can keep their brain active all summer long.

My parents always valued education when I was growing up-and they still do.  I was always encouraged to use educational math programs when I was in school, since math was my worst subject.  I do remember having summer homework assignments which helped me to remember what I learned throughout my time off.  

Netflix has compiled a list of brain-boosting titles for both big and small kids to boost their brain power this summer.  I always think that children do enjoy learning, you just have to find a way to make it interesting and exciting for them.

For your big kids:

1. Lewis & Clark-The Journey Out West
2. Walking with Dinosaurs
3. Secret Yellowstone
4. The Blue Planet
5. When We left Earth: The NASA Missions

For your little ones:
1. The Great Mouse Detective
2. Busytown Mysteries
3. Leapfrog: Math Adventures to The Moon
4. Turtle: The Incredible Journey
5. The Magic School Bus

As you can see, there are many titles for each age group.  I can guarantee your children will find these programs interesting and captivating.  Go ahead and create some fun summer memories alongside some learning with your children for a summer they will remember!

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