Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pledge Floor Care Review

I recently moved into my first house a little over two months ago.  My lower level flooring is completely bamboo hardwood.  Not only is the wood gorgeous, but it requires a lot of upkeep to continuously have it looking shiny and new.  I clean the hardwoods weekly and also use a steam mop for sanitizing purposes but I knew I needed to use products that were meant for hardwoods specifically.  Pledge has come to my rescue and made my glistening hardwood floor dreams a reality.

Pledge is most recognizable to individuals as a polish for wood furniture.  I grew up on Pledge and depend on it now as an adult to keep my furniture looking beautiful and dust-free.  Just thinking about that familiar lemon scent makes me smile.  Pledge has expanded their product line and now wants to make your hardwoods smell delicious too.  The four products that are must-have's for gorgeous floors are Pledge's Wood Trigger, Wood Squirt & Mop, Concentrated Cleaner, and Finish.  If you're looking to have your floors look the same way they did when you first moved in, Pledge is up for the job.  Go ahead and give them a try today.

I was sent a bundle of Pledge products to test out on my hardwood floors.  Combine a dog constantly running around, foot traffic in the rain, snow, and dirt, and you have yourself a lot of build-up.  What better way to bring your floors back to life than with Pledge products?

Shiny floors are just a squirt away.

I first tried out the Squirt & Mop product.  The instructions told me that it was meant for removing dirt and grime that has built up over time.  Its advanced formula works to maintain your floor's natural finish, with no dull residue.  It reveals wood's natural beauty and leaves a fresh citrus floor behind.  The hardwood floor gods were definitely listening to my cleaning prayers when they created this product! All you do is squirt a small amount directly onto the floor and clean with a mop in an "S" pattern.  Be careful though, this product is not meant for use on unfinished, waxed, oiled, or worn wood floors.  As soon as I started cleaning, I instantly noticed results.  The dullness was gone and life  and vitality were brought back into my floors.  My floors truly never looked better and I was so impressed.  In just a few moments, my whole lower level was cleaned and the floors honestly looked like they came out of a magazine.  No product I had previously used had worked this well!

I will certainly be using this product on a regular basis.  The clean and shiny floors make my heart sing with joy.  Not only is this product meant for hardwoods, but you can also clean and condition other wood surfaces like wood paneling, cabinetry, and woodwork.  Go ahead and get your clean on!
Shiny wood dreams are made from this bottle.

The Wood Trigger product is perfect for spot cleaning.  Let's say you spill something on your hardwoods, or your pet accidentally goes to the bathroom on the floor.  Instead of getting out a mop and cleaning your whole floor, it's much easier to just correct the targeted issue.  Just spray the affected area and wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge and you'll be good to go.  It rained the other day and my dog came in with muddy paws.  I was not pleased since I had just cleaned all the hardwoods the previous day.  I immediately cleaned the problem area of my floors and they matched up perfectly with the rest of the flooring.  I couldn't have been more pleased especially since I didn't have to get out my mop again! This product would be wonderful to have on hand especially when kids are eating or playing and leaving fingerprints or sticky messes around.

Unscrew the cap for clean dreams.

Pledge's Wood Concentrated Cleaner allows you to clean wood floors and leave them looking perfect.  The product contains almond oil to moisturize wood and restore its natural beauty.  I have not used this product because I feel like the Squirt & Mop product is very similar.  The difference between the Squirt & Mop and the Concentrated Cleaner is that instead of directly squirting it onto your floors, you add 1/4 cup of the cleaner to 1 gallon of warm water.  The end result is the same and your floors still look beautiful and polished, you're just cleaning them a different way.

Insert shiny floors here.

Finally, Pledge's Wood Finish is the perfect product for maintaining that beautiful shine in-between cleanings.  Not everyone wants to clean everyday, but they do want that just-cleaned hardwood floor look.  This product helps to shine, protect, and restore your floors.  First-time users should thoroughly clean their floors with a solution of 1 cup ammonia and 1/4 cup Pledge Concentrated Cleaner.  Then rinse your floors immediately with clean water.  Please keep your pets and children away while you perform this task.  If this is not your first time cleaning with these products, thoroughly clean the floor with Squirt & Mop, let dry, and then spread Wood Finish evenly with a cloth or other applicator.  The product normally dries within 20-30 minutes.  

My husband actually used the Wood Finish product last night.  He sent me a picture of the floors when he was done and they look fabulous.  He was extremely satisfied with the product and enjoyed using it and he's not big on cleaning chores.  There's just something about knowing your floors are protected and conditioned properly that makes your heart happy.  I feel like Danny Tanner in Full House when I think about it.  Remember how he always loved to clean?

I am very impressed with Pledge's Floor Care line and would highly recommend it to virtually everyone who has wood flooring in their home.  If you want to take your floors from meh to marvelous, Pledge is ready to take you on the cleaning ride of your dreams.

*DISCLOSURE* I received complimentary product in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own. 


  1. For years I have used Pledge to polish my dressers and tables with great results. I use Murphy's on my hardwood floors but now I am eager to try Pledge - I have had such luck with their products. Great review.

  2. Sounds great! Thanks for recommending! I'll definitely try them!