Thursday, January 30, 2014

American Blanket Company Review and Giveaway

It's been extremely cold in Connecticut lately.  I know that some places are experiencing even colder temperatures than us, but it's in the single digits at night.  My husband and I have been leaving the heat on at night.  We usually turn it off when we go to bed since we're under the covers, but now it's just too cold to have it off.  A quality, durable blanket is an absolute necessity in the winter.  Go ahead and cozy up on the couch under a soft blanket while enjoying your favorite movie on a cold winter's night.  Don't forget to include extra marshmallows in your mug of hot chocolate!

American Blanket Company creates beautiful hand made blankets that are warm and luxurious out of a small shop in Massachusetts.  They offer fleece blankets, throw blankets, baby blankets, and personalized blankets. American Blanket Company prides themselves on producing the best blanket possible.  The superior quality of the blanket will last forever.  The blankets come in many colors, so whatever color you had in mind will surely be available.  A baby blanket would make an ideal baby shower or new baby gift.  Blankets make a perfect birthday and housewarming present too.  If you have a child leaving for college in the near future, why not send them off in style with a personalized blanket to remind them of home with? If you're looking to make someone smile today, a blanket will certainly do it.  Everyone loves comfort.

My husband and I frequently have movie nights on the couch enjoying the latest flick while surrounded by a bowl of popcorn.  We have a throw blanket that is old at this point and is in need of being replaced. When I was offered the chance to review a new queen sized Luster throw in the soft beige color, you can bet I jumped at the opportunity.  We both had two one way tickets to Comfortville USA! Never to return of course.

Yes, this luxurious blanket is accepting applications for snuggles and cuddles.

The blanket was shipped extraordinarily fast.  In fact, as I write this review I am snuggled up with it on the couch.  It came gorgeously wrapped and packaged.  It was almost to pretty to unwrap, but hey I was not going to let that warm coziness not envelope me due to aesthetics. 

What I first noticed was the beautiful deep, rich beige color.  It reminded me of sand on the beach. We are many months away from beach days though! The blanket was soft and just beautiful.  It was luxuriously thick and I can tell made with much skill and talent.  The luster blankets are guaranteed to not shed or pill.  You can wash them as many times as you want and they will hold their beautiful softness each and every time. 

I cuddled up on the couch to write this post and my dog Carolyn has jumped on the blanket to lay with me.  Even dogs cannot resist the inviting comfort a blanket brings.  The blanket is warm and cozy and I love how it feels.  This will definitely transform our movie nights into an oasis of comfort.

If you're looking for the ultimate in comfort for you and your family, I highly recommend the American Blanket Company.  Go ahead and let that beautiful blanket into your home.  

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anatomie Review and Giveaway

If you're a long time reader of Sammi's Blog Of Life, it should come as no surprise to you that I love fashion.  I own more clothes and shoes than I probably should, but hey I'm a lady.  Ladies tend to have a lot in their closet.  Nothing makes me happier than shopping and finding a cute new sweater or dress.  I feel that every woman should buy new clothes as much as their budget allows.  It's a great feeling to wear new clothes that you feel confident in.  Go ahead and treat yourself today.

Anatomie is a shopper's paradise.  They offer clothes that will make any woman happy.  If you're in the market for new pants, tops, jackets, or dresses you've come to the right place.  All of Anatomie's fine garments are made with an innovative system of versatile, high performance fibers that are lightweight, protective, and resistant.  Each piece is engineered for quick-drying and exceptional comfort.  There are many styles and colors suited for everyone's taste, so you're guaranteed to find something you like.  A dress or jacket from Anatomie makes a perfect birthday or holiday present.  Why not make your closet happy and fill it with items from Anatomie today?

I was generously sent a Lady Lugano black jacket.  This is a lightweight jacket that is perfect for spring.  Even though I'm dying to wear it now, it's just far too cold!

Yes, yes.  You can borrow the jacket.  Just don't spill anything on it!

I was instantly attracted to this jacket because of the collar.  The oversized collar is fun and gives the jacket an added element of personality.  Overall, the jacket fits well except the sleeves are a tad long. Once I cuff them over, it's ok, but I might have to eventually get the sleeves shortened. The length of the jacket is perfect too.  It's not too long, or too short.  I like the way it looks on and it flatters my body well. Having the zipper placed diagonally on the jacket is unique.  The zipper zips up and down with no problem, and I like the double pockets on each side of the jacket. 

The black is a true deep, rich color which I love.  A lightweight material makes the jacket comfortable to wear, and it would look fantastic in warmer weather with skinny jeans and riding boots. I can just picture going for a walk wearing this on a warm Spring day.  It feels like warm weather is years away! It will be here before you know it though.

This jacket also comes in blue, if you're looking for other colors besides just black.  I'm excited to be able to wear it soon.  For right now, it hangs in my coat closet in anticipation.  

One lucky winner will win their choice of a black or white Mon Cheri jacket.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Reverie Review

Relaxing in bed is one of my favorite things ever.  If I'm home, you can guarantee I'm in bed with the laptop blogging or watching TV.  My dog also inherited her mom's love of the square shaped piece of heaven. It's just more comfortable in my opinion to lay in bed than it is to sit on the couch.  In college I would do my homework and papers from bed.  If my body became fused to the bed, I probably wouldn't mind.  My motto is why be uncomfortable when you don't have to be?

Reverie shares my love of all things bed.  They are the headquarters for sleep and offer products like sleep system beds, mattresses, adjustable foundations, pillows, and accessories.  If you're looking to be as relaxed as possible while in bed, Reverie is your company.  Their pillows are firm and durable, while their superior mattresses will whisk you away to Planet Sleep.  If you want to transform your chamber of slumber into a sleep oasis, a sleep system is the perfect choice.  The sleep system provides customized comfort with an adjustable foundation, so you can choose your most comfortable sleep and resting position.  It's time to introduce Reverie into your bedroom.  It'll be a decision you'll never regret.

I was sent a Reverie queen sized sweet slumber pillow.  This hypoallergenic pillow is composed of shredded natural rubber, a down alternative.

Go ahead and lay your head on me, it's ok.  You know you want to. 

This pillow is truly magical.  When I received it, I couldn't wait to rest my head on it that night and have dreams of candy dancing through my head.  What I noticed right away was how large it was.  It was much bigger than my other pillows.  My queen sized pillow case fit it well with no problems.  The concept of shredded rubber was very interesting to me.  I have never heard of that before.  The firm pillow is extremely comfortable and I really love laying on it.  I'm excited to go to bed each night because my sleep will be that much more comfortable.  I haven't had a pillow this comfortable in a while.

If you're looking to give your head a break from ordinary pillows, it's time to make the switch to Reverie's sweet slumber pillow.  Your bed will thank you.

*DISCLOSURE* I received a complimentary pillow in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jewelry Kind is a Girl's Best Friend

It would be extremely difficult for me to live life without wearing jewelry.  Everyday I leave my house wearing my ring and earrings.  Sometimes I'll wear a necklace too depending on the outfit.  Jewelry is a great medium that allows you to express yourself and let your personality shine through.  My jewelry style is large cocktail rings, chunky necklaces, and dangly earrings.  Most ladies would agree with me and say jewelry is important to them.  Why not treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry today?

Jewelry Kind offers 140,000 pieces ranging from necklaces and earrings to rings and pendants.  They have fashion jewelry along with diamond jewelry too.  There are so many pieces that I absolutely love.  Whether you're looking for a gift for yourself or for someone else, I can assure you that you'll quickly find many pieces you like.  The jewelry ranges from a conservative to modern style and offers a diverse mix for anyone's tastes.  If you're looking to fill up your jewelry box or armoire, I recommend doing so from Jewelry Kind.

Here are some bracelets and rings that I wish would magically appear on my fingers and wrist.

One thing that people struggle with is knowing exactly what ring size they are.  Check out Jewelry Kind's ring sizer to finally solve the mystery of what your ring size truly is.  This is such a helpful guide!

Make sure to like Jewelry Kind on Facebook.

*DISCLOSURE* This is a sponsored post which I am being compensated for.  All thoughts are my own.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Send Well Wishes All Year Round with Shaboo Prints

Everyone loves receiving cards no matter what the occasion. We enjoy seeing the well wishes and love people write to us.  I have cards saved from friends and family for past birthdays, and of course anniversary cards from my husband.  I think I have every Valentine's Day and anniversary card he's ever given me! It's important that your loved ones know how you feel about them.  Why not just send a card letting the person know that you're thinking of them? They will feel really special and loved.

Shaboo Prints is more than just a card and gift manufacturer.  It is a life philosophy and its products are designed to carry inspirational messages into day-to day life.  Shaboo offers greeting cards in various categories such as sympathy, birthday, and holiday, among others.  They pride themselves in producing cards that are designed to be sent year-round, without a true specific cause. The cards are inspirational and thinking-of-you which encourage individuals to share.  Most cards today aren't as meaningful.  They have a quick, mass produced image and text that is sometimes shallow.  Wouldn't it be nice to send a card to someone that really explains how you feel about them? Shaboo's main purpose is to improve the self-esteem of others, support individuality and strengthen the quality of friendships.

Check out some of these awesome cards.  I bet you'll instantly know who to send this birthday or congratulations card to.  The Christmas boxed set would be perfect for your holiday cards to send out this year. As you can see, these cards are very different from what you can purchase at your local drugstore or card store.

Shaboo's Tales are certainly worth viewing.  They are inspirational, short-stories that are the background for some of their greeting cards.  If you're looking for thought provoking literature, you've come to the right place.

The next time you need a greeting card for any occasion, make sure to turn to Shaboo Prints for the card that offers that extra special touch.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pyramid Pan Giveaway

If you're like me, you're always cautious of what you eat.  It's very easy to gain weight, and not always as easy to lose it.  I try to cook with as minimal fat as possible, although that isn't always realistic.  Wouldn't it be nice to have something in your kitchen that will help keep all of the flavor in your foods, but none of the grease and fat? It's time to introduce the Pyramid Pan into your kitchen and let those diet dreams become a reality.

The Pyramid Pan is the ideal silicone mat for low-fat, non-stick cooking.  The mat features tiny pyramids that your food sits on top of when cooking.  This allows the grease and fat to drip into the mat which you can easily pour away after.  Not only does it collect unhealthy liquids, it is non-stick so you don't have to worry about your food burning or sticking. The secret is that it allows air to circulate under food for even heat distribution.  No turning is required whatsoever.  If you're cooking chicken wings or French fries, they will come out perfectly crispy and tender with lots of flavor.  When not in use, simply roll the mat up and it's compact enough to fit in a kitchen drawer.  It's easy to clean and is microwave and dishwasher safe too.

Let all of your food be crispy and delicious, from here on out!

The Pyramid Pan is truly a necessary item in the kitchen, especially for those who are watching their weight. You'll be amazed at all of the fat that drips out of your food and doesn't go into your body.  Let your children enjoy chicken nuggets or popcorn shrimp, guilt free.  The Pyramid pan fits easily on a cookie sheet if you're baking cookies or biscuits, and they will come out perfectly cooked each time.  You can easily cut it down to size if you prefer to use it on a smaller tray.  

Once you use the Pyramid Pan, you'll never look back.  You'll also wonder how you cooked without it all these years.  Get ready for the ultimate experience in healthy eating.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

iCoffee Giveaway

Most people's mornings cannot begin without a cup of their favorite liquid caffeine to help them get through the day.  While some cups of coffee are better than others, wouldn't it be nice to have a cup of deliciously smooth and rich coffee each and every time? No this isn't a dream, it's reality.  It's time for you to delight your taste buds and treat yourself to only fantastic coffee from here on out. 

iCoffee by Remington is an innovative coffee maker that boasts SteamBrew technology.  This features 6 rotational water jets that evenly steam and stir your favorite coffee grounds for smooth, rich, and bitter free coffee.  A traditional coffee maker showers the coffee grounds with water from above, the iCoffee works similarly to a french press.  This coffee maker offers a fully programmable brewing time with auto start function. You can wake up to fresh coffee before you even get out of bed! Not only does it give you a hotter cup of coffee, but it allows you to watch the coffee brewing process in the unique brew view window.  If you're looking for the perfect cup of coffee, you can stop now.  The iCoffee is here to revolutionize your coffee experience and satisfy your caffeine cravings.

This sleek and modern machine will fit in with any color and decor of your kitchen.  Who wants a cup of coffee right now? 

Your friends and family will be very jealous that you have an iCoffee and they don't.  You'll surely be the talk of the town! The next time you have a dinner party, don't forget to serve your guests a delicious cup of coffee from the iCoffee maker with dessert.

If you have a friend or relative who is a coffee connoisseur, this is the coffee machine for them and an ideal gift.  They will be able to use the coffee grounds of their choice to start the day off fabulously, each and every day.  Go ahead and purchase a machine for yourself too.  I think there's room next to your toaster.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Luma Comfort Review and Giveaway

Have you ever stopped to think about how toxic the air you breathe in can be? On a daily basis, I know I breathe in pollution, germs in the air, dirt, dust, bacteria, and a multitude of other unwanted agents.  Although you can't always control what you breathe in, you can take action to protect your home and family from it.  Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy cleaner air?

Luma Comfort is a premiere US-based manufacturer of home appliances and comfort products.  Their product line includes evaporative coolers, misting fans, ice makers, humidifiers, and air purifiers.  Any Luma Comfort item is manufactured and designed for superior performance and unmatched reliability.  All products come with a comprehensive warranty as well.  Why not let Luna into your home and bring relaxation and peace with a humidifier or air purifier? You can thank them later.

I was fortunate enough to receive an AP170W air purifier.  This compact little beauty removes 99% of dust, dander, mold, bacteria, chemicals, and other airborne pollutants from your bedroom or office.  It features a 5-stage purification system for optimal filtration. It's never been easier to sit back and relax knowing you're breathing in clean air.
Hi, I'm small but do a big job. 

The unit is a sleek and modern white.  It's a perfect neutral color for blending in with your decor.  The air purifier is meant for small spaces up to 170 square feet, like a bedroom or living room.  I chose to put mine in my bedroom since it's where my dog Carolyn hangs out a lot, and where my husband and I watch TV and relax at night. It's extremely lightweight and you can move it from room to room if wanted.  I wasn't sure how loud it would be, but you can barely hear it! The air purifier has a whisper quiet fan, which makes it ideal for leaving on all night since it won't keep you awake.

Luma Comfort's air purifier features touchscreen controls which makes usage extremely easy.  In moments, I had the device up and running and soon my air was being cleaned and purified like never before.  Even though you can't actually see the device working, you know it is. The 5-stage purification system includes a carbon prefilter, HEPA filter, VOC filter, TiO2 filter, and UV light to help ensure optimal air quality.  The filters easily snap into the air purifier, and the SmartClean indicator lets you know when the filters need to be replaced.  You can even set the timer if you only want the purifier to run for a certain amount of time.

I've really enjoyed having this unit in my home.  It's important and beneficial to our health that my husband, dog, and I breathe in clean air on a regular basis.  An air purifier makes a perfect gift especially for that person who has it all. If you're looking to make a change in your home, I highly recommend purchasing a Luma Comfort air purifier.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Walgreens Night at The W Giveaway

Walgreens is one of those stores where I walk in needing only milk and a new face wash, and I walk out with $50 worth of items.  I love the one stop shop of having all convenience items under one roof.  Browsing the aisles and finding new cosmetic or skincare products that I didn't know about is not uncommon for me.  It's hard for me to resist not buying them either! Next time you go to Walgreens, why not treat yourself to something just for you?

Walgreens, the largest drug retailing chain in the United States, is pairing up with Neutrogena for an exciting national night out.  Stop by your local Walgreens on January 23rd from 4-9 pm to receive complimentary samples, chat with Walgreens chic beauty advisors, and take part in the buy 1 get 1 50% off all Neutrogena products (excluding sun care and trial sizes.) You'll also have a chance to win an awesome trip for two to Nashville, TN to visit some of Hayden Panettiere's favorite hot spots, and even receive a makeover from a leading makeup artist! To enter to win the trip, all you have to do is purchase any Neutrogena product that night and you'll receive a code at checkout with instructions on how to enter.  Fifty lucky winners will win a $50 Walgreens gift card.

Gather up the girlfriends and make a stop at Walgreens for a night of girl talk and beauty.  To help make your night extra special, Neutrogena is awarding five lucky winners a prize pack of Neutrogena's newest beauty products!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Frank's Red Hot Giveaway

What snacks do you think of when you picture party food? I envision pizza, chips and dip, pretzels, cheese and crackers, cookies, and of course buffalo wings! The Superbowl is approaching and you know it's not a party without those finger lickin' good buffalo wings.  If you're thinking of preparing them a different way this year, why not use Frank's Red Hot? Don't forget celery sticks and blue cheese dressing on the side!

Frank's Red Hot is a hot cayenne pepper sauce that has been used in many recipes for dinners, dips, and even drinks for years.  The most popular way to use is it for wings.  The Frank's Red Hot variety also comes in sweet chili sauce, sweet heat bbq, hot buffalo, and Xtra hot among others.  Did you know that the wing turns 50 years old this year? With more than 1.25 billion wings served and consumed during Super Bowl weekend, you'll be sure to find a big platter of wings at any game day celebration.  Many things have changed over the past 50 years, but there's one thing that's stayed the same; the secret to authentic buffalo wing flavor can only be achieved with Frank's Red Hot.  The distinctive blend of flavor and heat distinguishes Frank's sauce from other "wannabe" sauces. 

If you're going to a game day party and aren't sure what to bring, how about Frank's Red Hot buffalo chicken dip? It's like buffalo wings in a bowl, but without the mess.  It's ideal for transporting too.  Serve it alongside chips and the party guests will be licking the bowl clean!

To help you celebrate the game in style, Frank's Red Hot would like to award one lucky winner a prize pack containing a Frank's Red Hot back-pack, drink coozie, keychain, blinking hot lips, magnet, and coupon!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Wave Stone Bake Pizza Oven Review

Pizza is certainly one of my favorite foods, and I could eat it many times a week if given the opportunity.  The wonderful thing about pizza is how versatile it is.  You can take a standard pizza dough recipe and create many different flavors and tastes.  How about bacon and sausage, or just margherita? Maybe you'd prefer pepperoni and onion? Next time you have friends or family over, why not have a pizza party and make your own crowd-pleasing pizzas to delight their taste buds with?

The New Wave Stone Bake Pizza Oven will open up a whole new world to pizza and foodie lovers. This small appliance allows you to cook up to a 12" frozen pizza in 5 minutes or a fresh pizza in approximately 10 minutes.  The pizza oven features broil and bake cooking options for customized cooking.  I know you might be thinking "why can't I just cook the frozen pizza in my oven like I'm used to?" Well, you can, but cooking a frozen pizza on a pizza stone completely transforms the taste of it.  The crust comes out perfectly crispy each and every time.  The stone cooks in a way that your oven can't.

It's time to stop wasting money on pizza deliveries when you can now make your own homemade pizza that's absolutely delicious. A recipe book is included that gives you ideas on other things you can use the oven for like garlic bread. This is a perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves to cook.

Pizza, you have a date with my mouth in 5 minutes.  It's time to get ready.

I was fortunate enough to receive my own New Wave Stone Bake Pizza Oven to review, and I was beyond excited to try it.  My husband and I love pizza nights, and this will certainly revolutionize our pizza enjoyment. I got to thinking, what kind of pizza should I make first? Thoughts of marinara and cheese danced through my head.  I've recently been on a bacon and sausage kick, so I knew I had to satisfy my cravings and go with that choice. The oven is very compact and fits on your counter top without taking up too much room. It's a very sleek looking appliance and is certainly worthy of being left out at all times.  You never know when the urge to make pizza will strike.

Before you use the oven, you have to let it run for 10 minutes to preseason and clean the stone.  I don't eat frozen pizzas, so I used the dough recipe that came with it.  It was very simple and easy to follow and in no time I had a 12" pizza dough on my counter top ready to be transformed into something outstanding.  I spread a generous amount of marinara sauce on it, and added some chopped up bacon and perfectly cooked sausage to it.

Next, I sprinkled a couple of handfuls of mozzarella cheese on top.  This pizza was ready to cook! I have to say that it cooked extremely fast.  In just a matter of moments, it was finished and I was amazed.  It came out looking so beautiful it almost brought a tear to my eye. Make sure you use an oven mitt when removing the pizza, because the outside of the oven gets extremely hot.  The crust was wonderfully thin and crispy, and the cheese was bubbling to perfection.

I did take a picture of it, but for some reason I can't find it on my camera. It was so beyond delicious.  This was actually my first time making my own pizza and I was very impressed with myself.  The bacon was perfectly cooked and crispy and complimented the sausage well.  The cheese was melty and the marinara sauce had a ton of flavor, my taste buds were doing cartwheels out of sheer happiness.  My husband absolutely loved it and asked me when could I make another pizza soon?

The pizza stone is not removable to clean, but is easy to wipe down to clean for your next use. I'm not sure I can resist the temptation of not making another pizza soon. I can try, but it won't be easy!

If you're looking for a new small kitchen appliance that will add an extra kick of deliciousness to your family's pizza nights, I highly recommend the New Wave Stone Bake Pizza Oven.  Your countertop will love you forever.

*DISCLOSURE* I received a complimentary pizza oven in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Looking for the perfect gift?

Do you constantly struggle to know what to buy friends or family for their birthdays? It is difficult when someone isn't easy to buy for, or doesn't give you many hints of what gift they would like.  Instead of that requisite bottle of wine or flower delivery, why not send them something they will truly love this year? Giftly does all of the hard work for you.

Giftly is an alternative gift card website chock full of many options to choose from.  All you do is choose the amount you want to spend, then you select what kind of Giftly you'd like.  How about a mani-pedi at any nail salon, coffee at any coffee shop, dinner at any restaurant, movies at any theatre, or even champagne at any restaurant? Of course that's just the beginning of all of the Giftly options! As you can see, there's a nice selection for you to consider.  After you decide, you then can send the Giftly via email, text, print-out, or a high quality greeting card in the mail.  If you choose to send it via email, you can choose the color theme of the Giftly as well as write a personalized note.

Once the recipient receives the Giftly, they can then enter in the code from their Giftly to redeem it.  They can receive the funds to their debit card, credit card, or PayPal account.  I think this is more convenient than a physical gift card, because you're less likely to lose the money once it's on your account.  You can forget about a giftcard, lose it, or even let it accidentally expire.

If Mom's birthday is coming up, why not treat her to a Giftly to her favorite French restaurant?  Maybe your sister would love a movies Giftly to see the new flick that she's been dying to see.  However way you look at it, Giftly will make any recipient happy.

*DISCLOSURE* This is a sponsored post on behalf of Giftly.  All thoughts are my own.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sjal Skincare Review

Like many ladies do, I own a lot of cosmetic and skin care products.  My beauty routine is complex and one that I routinely partake in every morning and night.  It's important to take care of your skin well as you only have one face. Why not keep it looking its best as long as possible? I frequently like to try new products and find new favorites that provide me with the results I'm looking for.

Sjal Skincare is a Swedish luxury lifestyle skincare line that merges a holistic approach with scientific advances, thus creating simple and effective products that are truly universal.  The line connects ancient eastern medicines with the latest in western biotechnology, infused with bio-osmotic energy through precious minerals and gemstones.  Their products range from deep pore cleansers and toners to crèmes and perfecting masks. The products provide visible results which will make you a loyal fan instantly.  If you're looking for the perfect birthday present for a friend or family member, why not gift them a Sjal gift set?  Their skin will thank you.

I was generously sent a Kashmir Saphir gift set.  The set features a concentrated face oil, perfecting mask, and intense hydration crème.  Everything comes neatly organized in a white zippered pouch which can easily be reused as a makeup bag.

My skin can't wait to meet you, Sjal.

First off, I really liked how small the products were.  Not to say I don't love full-sized products, but it's nice when the item is small and can easily fit in a cabinet or medicine cabinet.

I used the concentrated face oil initially before trying anything else.  This is a "liquid silk" treatment blend of rare essential oils and an ant-aging bioactive complex designed to visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  As an added bonus, it increases skin elasticity while plumping and revitalizing skin.  I've been using this oil for many weeks now.  I have some crow's feet and lines under my eyes.  I apply a few drops of oil in the morning and at night. The oil is easy to apply and I don't have any pain or discomfort from it.  It has a clean, pleasant scent.  The results are noticeable and I really do believe my lines have diminished! It would be nice if they went away completely, too. Here's to hoping, though.

The perfecting mask is a favorite of mine and I tend to use it twice a week or so before bed.  It's a restorative, firming and pore-minimizing mask which is right up my alley.  The treatment protects, softens, and evens skin tone while increasing oxygen uptake.  As soon as I put this mask on, I feel like I'm doing something excellent for my skin.  You leave it on for 15 minutes or so, and then rinse thoroughly with water.  My skin instantly looks absolutely radiant and revived. I notice a brightness and glow.  One of the best things about this mask is that it firms and softens skin all in one.  If you're looking for a quick skin boost, I highly recommend this mask.

If your skin is looking dry, why not give it the moisture that it craves? I suffer from dry skin.  It's pesky and annoying, and it's something I've always had.  I'm constantly searching for a product that will leave that dryness at bay.  When I stumbled upon the intense hydration crème, I hoped it would be a lifesaver, or skinsaver if you will.  This is deep hydration crème that aids in repair of dry, damaged, dehydrated or mature skin.  This multi-tasking formula contains complexes to reduce hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, and broken capillaries while targeting wrinkles, tone, and elasticity. 

This was certainly what my skin needed.  I apply this twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed.  I target my cheeks and forehead.  These areas are the driest.  When I apply the crème at night, I massage it in well so it has time to work its magic overnight.  In the morning my skin looks healthier and less dry and damaged.  I use it in the morning as a moisturizer so it keeps my face hydrated all day.  I do notice the results and my face feels healthier and revived.

Overall, I'm very impressed with these products and have been including them in my beauty regimen.  I recommend them especially if you're in the market for a quality skincare brand.

*DISCLOSURE* I received complimentary items in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Feel Better this Flu Season with Netflix #StreamTeam #NetflixKids

It's here.  You know what I'm talking about.  Sickness.  That dreaded time of year where everyone seems to have some form of flu or cold.  It's definitely not a pleasant few months for parents and kids alike.  It's essential that we kick flu season to the curb this year and feel better quickly!

Netflix knows that besides chicken noodle soup, laughter is the best medicine for a sick day.  When the kiddies are home from school, they will enjoy nothing more than laying in bed watching their favorite Netflix shows or movies.  Netflix has compiled a list of hilarious titles that will turn sniffles into giggles.  They've also showcased a few episodes featuring under-the-weather characters, which shows your little ones they're not the only ones who catch the occasional cold or have to visit the doctor.  

Movies that will help you feel better in no time:

1. Daddy Day Care
2. Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves
3. Hoodwinked Too!
4. Escape From Planet Earth
5. The Croods (Coming to Netflix 1/29!)
6. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
7. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3

Put on any of these shows on and show those germs who's boss:

1. Magic School Bus: Inside Ralphie
2. Sesame Street: The Ten Commandments of Health
3. The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: The Checkup
4. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Daniel Visits The Doctor
5. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Daniel Gets a Shot 

Give your child a warm mug of chamomile tea, some cough drops, and full access to the TV remote.  They will certainly feel better in no time. Not to mention they will love having some one on one tube time. 

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Weightloss Encouragement

Losing 100 lb of Misery through Weight Watchers

After suffering a long chronic illness over a six-year period, Amy was up over 95 pounds, overweight, and miserable. After speaking with a counselor and a friend, Amy joined Weight Watchers in 2002, and never looked back.

49 lb Down
At 239 pounds Amy was both ready and excited to lose the extra weight. She set a goal for herself to lose 70 pounds. As she worked towards her weight loss goal, Amy began learning healthy portion sizes, completely different from what she had been eating or even thought were appropriate portions. She also reintroduced herself to fruits and veggies, foods she didn’t much care for before but was learning to love. With Weight Watchers she was able to receive the support she needed through weekly meetings and build lasting friendships with others working toward their weight loss goals.

70 lb Down
By the end of March 2003 Amy had lost almost 49 pounds and her confidence and self-worth were growing. As an artist she enjoyed drawing in public places like parks more, not feeling the need to hide herself and her weight from others. Amy continued working towards a lighter figure.

As August quickly approached, just 11 months after joining Weight Watchers, Amy had reached her goal weight of 169 pounds. She had lost the 70 pounds she originally sought out to and was beyond pleased with her results. After reaching her goal she decided to continue with the Weight Watchers program and work to lose more weight. This time though there was no rush, she decided to continue to lose weight slowly. Amy figured it would be nice to lose just five pounds more. After she lost that five pounds, she decided to work to lose another five pounds.

Amy encourages others to look past the scale, focus on yourself, and make healthy choices one day at a time. “If I can do it so can you” says Amy. Learn about the Weight Watchers plan and see what others have experienced. If you want to give it a try, use the promotion codes from Take it one step at a time—slow and easy.

84.4 lb Down
Amy continued to lose weight. By Christmas she had lost a total of 84.4 pounds and by April 2004 she was down a total of 89 pounds. At this point she had created a new personal goal for herself. She was going to lose 100 pounds. A large task for any dieter.

100 lb Down
As she worked toward her newest weight loss goal Amy was realizing the importance of all the different aspects of the Weight Watchers program. She attended meetings for support, counted points, ate all her fruits and veggies, took a multi vitamin each and every day, and drank an average of 125 ounces of water per day. Each of these aspects are now a part of her every day routine, and continue to be.

By August of 2004, Amy had reached her ultimate goal! She had lost 100.8 pounds and now weighed 138.2 pounds. The two words Amy would use to describe herself would be ‘fit’ and ‘strong’, two totally different words than she would have chosen when she first began her weight loss journey.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Get Fit with Nutrisystem!

Shari, Jen and Susie Offer Insight about Nutrisystem

Everyone needs a little bit of encouragement now and then, and who better to encourage you than the people that understand your pain. Blogging is the 21st century, public version of journaling. It’s a bit like making conversation, but with a much wider audience.
Sharing your struggles and hearing other people’s feedback can really help you get through your diet.

It helps when you realize that you are not alone in your struggle and that there are others out there that understand what you are going through. Nutrisystem has a very strong globalized support group system in the form of an online community. In addition, hundreds of independent bloggers share their tips, experiences, and ideas about this diet plan. Among them, Shari, Jen, and Susie stand out.

Shari Auldridge
Shari created her little blog with the goal to encourage Nutrisystem users. It’s her personal journey from 156 lb to 135 lb in 11 months. From Day 1 when the first Nutrisystem food package arrived she documents her weight loss journey in the form of a diary. She reviews the meals she eats, how filling the food is, how it tastes, what she eats for snack, how she likes the desserts, what salads she made, and much more. Plenty of photos describe vividly her Nutrisystem progress.

Maybe if you just relax
Meet Jen. She has been through most of our worst fears. She met the love of her life and got married, only to find out that between the two of them, making a baby was going to be impossible. After many treatments, she had her first child.
Reading about her life and how she handled the trials she went through will have you laughing and crying at the same time. You cannot help but laugh at her wit and writing style, but you cannot hold back the tears because it takes a very strong woman to go through what she did and retain your sanity. If anyone can cheer you up on a lousy day, it’s Jen.

She was on Nutrisystem for 14 weeks and lost 18 lb. By reading her articles you will certainly get insight about Nutrisystem and if it could work for you too. It took Jen some time to adjust her lifestyle around this meal delivery diet.  She has now totally mastered Nutrisystem. “Thinking about snack options while shopping just comes natural”, she writes. She has cleared her kitchen’s shelves and everything has a spot. She knows what foods she likes because she has tried all of them!

Nutrisystem has given Jen a kick-start to weight loss and a healthier life, which is why she recommends it to everyone. Of course, Jen works out intensely for 30 minutes at least 3 days a week and this has accelerated her weight loss. Olivia, her 4 year old daughter, often jumps in and does the moves with her mother. If you are wondering why her blog is all about Nutrisystem, all the time, she explains: “…aside from my kids, this weight loss and exercise program is my life.”

Weight Loss Triumph
This is a great blog for people that are on the cusp of deciding what diet plan they want to follow. It has a lot of interesting information on various programs, with scathingly honest analysis of where they fail and where they triumph. It also has feature writers that flood the site with interesting information on health and nutrition.

Aileen Myer’s blog posts are specifically interesting because she runs a boot camp as a full time job, so she has many great insights on exercise routines. In addition to this, has discount codes for Nutrisystem.

Stomach Rumblings
Susie’s blog is the ideal place for newbies to go for comfort. She specifically focuses on issues that new dieters face and tries to guide them. Susie has lost 90lbs and has spent a long and hard year doing it. Reading her blog is both inspiring and daunting, because she is brutally honest about the tribulations that one faces when trying to go through with such a massive lifestyle change.
Susie has posted many delicious recipes.  Do you love lasagna? Need a Chinese food fix? Crave a crunchy, gooey dessert? You will find the information to make  it here.

One thing that you will find very useful in Susie’s blog is a list of over 100 Nutrisystem meals reviewed personally by her. “How the food tastes” is one of the most important things people want to know before they join a meal delivery diet. Susie does a great job reviewing each meal in detail with photos.  From the Apple Granola Bar, that tasted dry and crumbly, to the Sloppy Joe Mix with pasta, that was like “OMG, this is diet food?” being so rich, cheesy, and delicious, you will get a good idea about Nutrisystem food.