Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sjal Skincare Review

Like many ladies do, I own a lot of cosmetic and skin care products.  My beauty routine is complex and one that I routinely partake in every morning and night.  It's important to take care of your skin well as you only have one face. Why not keep it looking its best as long as possible? I frequently like to try new products and find new favorites that provide me with the results I'm looking for.

Sjal Skincare is a Swedish luxury lifestyle skincare line that merges a holistic approach with scientific advances, thus creating simple and effective products that are truly universal.  The line connects ancient eastern medicines with the latest in western biotechnology, infused with bio-osmotic energy through precious minerals and gemstones.  Their products range from deep pore cleansers and toners to crèmes and perfecting masks. The products provide visible results which will make you a loyal fan instantly.  If you're looking for the perfect birthday present for a friend or family member, why not gift them a Sjal gift set?  Their skin will thank you.

I was generously sent a Kashmir Saphir gift set.  The set features a concentrated face oil, perfecting mask, and intense hydration crème.  Everything comes neatly organized in a white zippered pouch which can easily be reused as a makeup bag.

My skin can't wait to meet you, Sjal.

First off, I really liked how small the products were.  Not to say I don't love full-sized products, but it's nice when the item is small and can easily fit in a cabinet or medicine cabinet.

I used the concentrated face oil initially before trying anything else.  This is a "liquid silk" treatment blend of rare essential oils and an ant-aging bioactive complex designed to visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  As an added bonus, it increases skin elasticity while plumping and revitalizing skin.  I've been using this oil for many weeks now.  I have some crow's feet and lines under my eyes.  I apply a few drops of oil in the morning and at night. The oil is easy to apply and I don't have any pain or discomfort from it.  It has a clean, pleasant scent.  The results are noticeable and I really do believe my lines have diminished! It would be nice if they went away completely, too. Here's to hoping, though.

The perfecting mask is a favorite of mine and I tend to use it twice a week or so before bed.  It's a restorative, firming and pore-minimizing mask which is right up my alley.  The treatment protects, softens, and evens skin tone while increasing oxygen uptake.  As soon as I put this mask on, I feel like I'm doing something excellent for my skin.  You leave it on for 15 minutes or so, and then rinse thoroughly with water.  My skin instantly looks absolutely radiant and revived. I notice a brightness and glow.  One of the best things about this mask is that it firms and softens skin all in one.  If you're looking for a quick skin boost, I highly recommend this mask.

If your skin is looking dry, why not give it the moisture that it craves? I suffer from dry skin.  It's pesky and annoying, and it's something I've always had.  I'm constantly searching for a product that will leave that dryness at bay.  When I stumbled upon the intense hydration crème, I hoped it would be a lifesaver, or skinsaver if you will.  This is deep hydration crème that aids in repair of dry, damaged, dehydrated or mature skin.  This multi-tasking formula contains complexes to reduce hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, and broken capillaries while targeting wrinkles, tone, and elasticity. 

This was certainly what my skin needed.  I apply this twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed.  I target my cheeks and forehead.  These areas are the driest.  When I apply the crème at night, I massage it in well so it has time to work its magic overnight.  In the morning my skin looks healthier and less dry and damaged.  I use it in the morning as a moisturizer so it keeps my face hydrated all day.  I do notice the results and my face feels healthier and revived.

Overall, I'm very impressed with these products and have been including them in my beauty regimen.  I recommend them especially if you're in the market for a quality skincare brand.

*DISCLOSURE* I received complimentary items in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.

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