Monday, January 6, 2014

Weightloss Encouragement

Losing 100 lb of Misery through Weight Watchers

After suffering a long chronic illness over a six-year period, Amy was up over 95 pounds, overweight, and miserable. After speaking with a counselor and a friend, Amy joined Weight Watchers in 2002, and never looked back.

49 lb Down
At 239 pounds Amy was both ready and excited to lose the extra weight. She set a goal for herself to lose 70 pounds. As she worked towards her weight loss goal, Amy began learning healthy portion sizes, completely different from what she had been eating or even thought were appropriate portions. She also reintroduced herself to fruits and veggies, foods she didn’t much care for before but was learning to love. With Weight Watchers she was able to receive the support she needed through weekly meetings and build lasting friendships with others working toward their weight loss goals.

70 lb Down
By the end of March 2003 Amy had lost almost 49 pounds and her confidence and self-worth were growing. As an artist she enjoyed drawing in public places like parks more, not feeling the need to hide herself and her weight from others. Amy continued working towards a lighter figure.

As August quickly approached, just 11 months after joining Weight Watchers, Amy had reached her goal weight of 169 pounds. She had lost the 70 pounds she originally sought out to and was beyond pleased with her results. After reaching her goal she decided to continue with the Weight Watchers program and work to lose more weight. This time though there was no rush, she decided to continue to lose weight slowly. Amy figured it would be nice to lose just five pounds more. After she lost that five pounds, she decided to work to lose another five pounds.

Amy encourages others to look past the scale, focus on yourself, and make healthy choices one day at a time. “If I can do it so can you” says Amy. Learn about the Weight Watchers plan and see what others have experienced. If you want to give it a try, use the promotion codes from Take it one step at a time—slow and easy.

84.4 lb Down
Amy continued to lose weight. By Christmas she had lost a total of 84.4 pounds and by April 2004 she was down a total of 89 pounds. At this point she had created a new personal goal for herself. She was going to lose 100 pounds. A large task for any dieter.

100 lb Down
As she worked toward her newest weight loss goal Amy was realizing the importance of all the different aspects of the Weight Watchers program. She attended meetings for support, counted points, ate all her fruits and veggies, took a multi vitamin each and every day, and drank an average of 125 ounces of water per day. Each of these aspects are now a part of her every day routine, and continue to be.

By August of 2004, Amy had reached her ultimate goal! She had lost 100.8 pounds and now weighed 138.2 pounds. The two words Amy would use to describe herself would be ‘fit’ and ‘strong’, two totally different words than she would have chosen when she first began her weight loss journey.

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