Saturday, January 4, 2014

Get Fit with Nutrisystem!

Shari, Jen and Susie Offer Insight about Nutrisystem

Everyone needs a little bit of encouragement now and then, and who better to encourage you than the people that understand your pain. Blogging is the 21st century, public version of journaling. It’s a bit like making conversation, but with a much wider audience.
Sharing your struggles and hearing other people’s feedback can really help you get through your diet.

It helps when you realize that you are not alone in your struggle and that there are others out there that understand what you are going through. Nutrisystem has a very strong globalized support group system in the form of an online community. In addition, hundreds of independent bloggers share their tips, experiences, and ideas about this diet plan. Among them, Shari, Jen, and Susie stand out.

Shari Auldridge
Shari created her little blog with the goal to encourage Nutrisystem users. It’s her personal journey from 156 lb to 135 lb in 11 months. From Day 1 when the first Nutrisystem food package arrived she documents her weight loss journey in the form of a diary. She reviews the meals she eats, how filling the food is, how it tastes, what she eats for snack, how she likes the desserts, what salads she made, and much more. Plenty of photos describe vividly her Nutrisystem progress.

Maybe if you just relax
Meet Jen. She has been through most of our worst fears. She met the love of her life and got married, only to find out that between the two of them, making a baby was going to be impossible. After many treatments, she had her first child.
Reading about her life and how she handled the trials she went through will have you laughing and crying at the same time. You cannot help but laugh at her wit and writing style, but you cannot hold back the tears because it takes a very strong woman to go through what she did and retain your sanity. If anyone can cheer you up on a lousy day, it’s Jen.

She was on Nutrisystem for 14 weeks and lost 18 lb. By reading her articles you will certainly get insight about Nutrisystem and if it could work for you too. It took Jen some time to adjust her lifestyle around this meal delivery diet.  She has now totally mastered Nutrisystem. “Thinking about snack options while shopping just comes natural”, she writes. She has cleared her kitchen’s shelves and everything has a spot. She knows what foods she likes because she has tried all of them!

Nutrisystem has given Jen a kick-start to weight loss and a healthier life, which is why she recommends it to everyone. Of course, Jen works out intensely for 30 minutes at least 3 days a week and this has accelerated her weight loss. Olivia, her 4 year old daughter, often jumps in and does the moves with her mother. If you are wondering why her blog is all about Nutrisystem, all the time, she explains: “…aside from my kids, this weight loss and exercise program is my life.”

Weight Loss Triumph
This is a great blog for people that are on the cusp of deciding what diet plan they want to follow. It has a lot of interesting information on various programs, with scathingly honest analysis of where they fail and where they triumph. It also has feature writers that flood the site with interesting information on health and nutrition.

Aileen Myer’s blog posts are specifically interesting because she runs a boot camp as a full time job, so she has many great insights on exercise routines. In addition to this, has discount codes for Nutrisystem.

Stomach Rumblings
Susie’s blog is the ideal place for newbies to go for comfort. She specifically focuses on issues that new dieters face and tries to guide them. Susie has lost 90lbs and has spent a long and hard year doing it. Reading her blog is both inspiring and daunting, because she is brutally honest about the tribulations that one faces when trying to go through with such a massive lifestyle change.
Susie has posted many delicious recipes.  Do you love lasagna? Need a Chinese food fix? Crave a crunchy, gooey dessert? You will find the information to make  it here.

One thing that you will find very useful in Susie’s blog is a list of over 100 Nutrisystem meals reviewed personally by her. “How the food tastes” is one of the most important things people want to know before they join a meal delivery diet. Susie does a great job reviewing each meal in detail with photos.  From the Apple Granola Bar, that tasted dry and crumbly, to the Sloppy Joe Mix with pasta, that was like “OMG, this is diet food?” being so rich, cheesy, and delicious, you will get a good idea about Nutrisystem food.


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