Friday, January 24, 2014

Send Well Wishes All Year Round with Shaboo Prints

Everyone loves receiving cards no matter what the occasion. We enjoy seeing the well wishes and love people write to us.  I have cards saved from friends and family for past birthdays, and of course anniversary cards from my husband.  I think I have every Valentine's Day and anniversary card he's ever given me! It's important that your loved ones know how you feel about them.  Why not just send a card letting the person know that you're thinking of them? They will feel really special and loved.

Shaboo Prints is more than just a card and gift manufacturer.  It is a life philosophy and its products are designed to carry inspirational messages into day-to day life.  Shaboo offers greeting cards in various categories such as sympathy, birthday, and holiday, among others.  They pride themselves in producing cards that are designed to be sent year-round, without a true specific cause. The cards are inspirational and thinking-of-you which encourage individuals to share.  Most cards today aren't as meaningful.  They have a quick, mass produced image and text that is sometimes shallow.  Wouldn't it be nice to send a card to someone that really explains how you feel about them? Shaboo's main purpose is to improve the self-esteem of others, support individuality and strengthen the quality of friendships.

Check out some of these awesome cards.  I bet you'll instantly know who to send this birthday or congratulations card to.  The Christmas boxed set would be perfect for your holiday cards to send out this year. As you can see, these cards are very different from what you can purchase at your local drugstore or card store.

Shaboo's Tales are certainly worth viewing.  They are inspirational, short-stories that are the background for some of their greeting cards.  If you're looking for thought provoking literature, you've come to the right place.

The next time you need a greeting card for any occasion, make sure to turn to Shaboo Prints for the card that offers that extra special touch.

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