Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Eat Sonic's Delicious Food While Helping Out a Great Cause

There's times in life that just call for comfort food.  I have those days every so often.  I know I should have a salad, but I really want a cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake.  Everything is fine in moderation, and you should treat yourself occasionally.  It's hard to eat healthy all the time! The next time you're craving some comfort food, Sonic will be waiting for your order.

Sonic is an American drive-in fast food restaurant chain.  The fun part about the restaurant is that the employees bring your food right to your car on roller skates!  This is one of my favorite parts about visiting the establishment.  I love the nod back to the 1950's and 60's when there were many drive in fast food places.  How does delighting your taste buds with a burger piled high with toppings like chili and bacon sound? Maybe crispy chicken strips and sandwiches or a hot dog in a pretzel bun would be more up your alley.

You can't forget to order sides such as onion rings, tots, fries, or mozzarella sticks to round out your meal either.  It's imperative that you must finish off your meal with one of the 25 shakes Sonic has available. How about vanilla, chocolate covered banana, or peanut butter cookie? This certainly sounds like a meal fit for a king! If you want something sweet, but a little lighter than a milkshake, how about creamy cheesecake bites? I'm drooling just thinking about a meal at Sonic!

For the eighth year in a row, Sonic has launched its annual Limeades for Learning charitable voting campaign.  This opportunity funds $1 million dollars for classroom teaching projects across the country.  Over the course of the next four weeks, Sonic fans and guests can help decide which projects receive funding by voting for projects in their community or their favorites here.  Vote daily for your favorite teachers and Sonic will fund the projects with the most votes at the end of each week.

I always support businesses and establishments that help out the local community.  What better way to give back then by supporting a delicious eatery too? Make your stomach and heart happy at the same time!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Make National Coffee Day Extra Special This Year With Personal Creations

My husband is the big coffee drinker in our family.  During the week, he can't start the workday without a cup of liquid caffeine in his favorite flavor of hazelnut.  On the weekends, you can find him making a pot of coffee for himself.  Since he loves his cup of joe so much, you can guarantee that coffee related gifts make him very happy!

Personal Creations offer over 10,000 personalized gifts to make any recipient smile from ear to ear.  Whether you're looking for a personalized home gift, photo album, jewelry, or blanket and pillows, there's thousands of items to choose from that you'll absolutely love.

The holidays are coming up and it's not too early to get started on holiday shopping if you haven't already.  Why not display personalized Christmas stockings to hang from the mantle with care? If you have a new baby this year, a special ornament to commemorate your newest family member would look great on the Christmas tree.  It seems like someone is always moving into a new home.  If you need a housewarming present, a monogrammed cutting board would make a fantastic one.  There's gifts for every major holiday and occasion, and you'll be sure to find a unique gift that the recipient will remember for years to come.  I always say personalized gifts are extra special! 

In honor of National Coffee Day on September 29th, it's essential to find a new favorite mug to enjoy your coffee in.  Whether you want a special saying on the mug, or a picture of your children, the sky's the limit with your creativity! A personalized mug from Personal Creations holds more than just coffee, it holds memories and smiles.  Don't forget a delicious biscotti or cookie to accompany your cup of joe! 

Over the years, I've made memorable customized mugs for my husband.  He has one that has pictures of us from our wedding, another one featuring Lynnie and Scarlett, and most recently I made one with pictures of him and Scarlett for Father's Day.  It's safe to say he loves each mug equally and frequently uses them.  Since National Coffee Day is a special event, I thought it would be fitting to have a new mug to celebrate the occasion with!

I knew Jay would absolutely love the My Favorite People Mug customized to his family of course. With every cup of coffee, he'll think about the people he cares for most.  The microwave-safe mug holds 11 ounces of liquid and can be personalized with up to 4 names of 11 characters each.  Once you're done enjoying your favorite coffee blend, the cup will wash perfectly in the dishwasher.

What I liked most about this mug was how unique it was, it's truly unlike anything I've ever seen before.  I had Lynnie and Scarlett's names personalized so Jay can always think of his children whenever he drinks coffee.  He absolutely loved the mug and thought it was very special and different! I know it'll look great on his desk at work too.  The colors are bright and bold and the names are easy to read.  This will truly be one mug he'll love and use for years to come.

Why not make National Coffee Day one to remember this year with a mug for that special person in your life?

Monday, September 26, 2016

21 Months of Parenting

It seems like just yesterday tiny baby Scarlett came home from the hospital.  When I stop to think about it, it boggles my mind how almost two years have gone by in the blink of an eye.  The days and months of round the clock feedings gave way and eventually allowed us to have a full night's sleep at 6 months old.

The first year of Scarlett's life was definitely an adjustment and was met with its challenges. We went from bottles and burp cloths to sippy cups and solid foods.  Each stage was exciting and definitely something to celebrate and remember.  I documented each month in extreme detail in her baby book and took a slew of pictures.

As time went on, Scarlett met all of her milestones and did everything all of the textbooks said she would do.  I'm very lucky to be a stay-at-home-mom because I get to witness and experience everything first hand.  It would be nice if time would slow down slightly because everything is happening so fast.  When I look at pictures of Scarlett from even 6 months ago or a year ago, it's hard for me to remember her that small.  

Fast forward to present day and Scarlett is a wild and active child.  There's a slim chance you can get her to sit still to take a picture of her.  She's no longer the tiny girl laying on a blanket on the floor playing with a toy.  That child is now a sweet and silly toddler who can easily have a meltdown or tantrum with no notice.  She wants what she wants when she wants it! I'm trying to raise her as best as I can and teach her everything she needs to know. I call her my little helper as she loves to watch help me vacuum or wash dishes.  My days at home with her can be long and challenging, but nobody said parenting is easy! 

Of course I have my moments where I question decisions I make as a parent, but doesn't everyone? Those moments fade when I see her cleaning up her toys without being asked or giving Lynnie a toy.   This makes me smile and allows me to know I'm doing something right.

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and everything lies on your shoulders to make your child the best they can be.  I'm very proud of the first 21 months and can only see bright things for the future.  

Friday, September 23, 2016

Delight The Whole Family with Beauty and The Beast's 25th Anniversary Edition

There's nothing I love more than sharing my favorite childhood toys and movies with my daughter.  Since Scarlett is a little bit older now, she has more of an interest in being shown those things.  She plays with the same doctor kit I had a child (thank you Ebay!) and loves being able to watch some of her mom's old childhood favorite movies too.  It's very special and exciting to pass on a love for something to another generation.

It's hard to believe, but Beauty and The Beast is now 25 years old! A special 25th anniversary edition is being released on BluRay+DVD and Digital HD.  I'm also showing my age here since the film is only a few years younger than me! The beloved animated classic has truly stood the test of time and now a whole new generation of viewers are invited to be their guest and fall in love with this enchanting tale.  Viewers and children will love the captivating characters and unforgettable award-winning music score and original song, "Be Our Guest." 

The film captures the magical journey of Belle, an independent and intelligent, modern-day heroine who's taken prisoner by a hideous beast in his castle.  Despite her situation, Belle befriends the castle's enchanted staff-a teapot, a candelabra, and a mantel clocks-and ultimately learns to see beneath Beast's exterior to discover the heart and soul of a prince.  There are plenty of bonus surprises that any fan of the film will surely enjoy.  

Beauty and The Beast was one of my absolute favorite movies as a child.  I remember having a themed party for my 3rd birthday with a Beauty and The Beast cake! I think we might have had matching cups, plates and napkins, but I'd have to confirm that with my family.  For a long time I recall having a playset from the movie featuring Chip the teacup and the clock too.  I also had a huge cardboard cutout from the movie that stood against one of the walls in my room.  I guess it was safe to say that I was a big fan!

I'm really looking forward to sharing the experience of watching one of my childhood favorites with my daughter.  I hope that she'll enjoy the film and have it be one that she wants to watch all the time.  It's been so many years since I've seen it, that I don't really remember it as well anymore.  The opportunity to see it again will be an interesting one! Of course we'll have some snacks to go alongside the film too.  Scarlett will request tomatoes and raisins, her favorites!

If you have small children in your house, why not show them a classic film that they'll love for years to come?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Keep Hydrated On The Go With Contigo

I care a lot about what goes into my daughter's body.  Scarlett drinks organic milk, eats food with no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and consumes minimal sweets.  Every meal has a fruit or vegetable with it.  We opt for water over fruit juice at meal time, which is a smart choice in my opinion.  When we're out, I keep a sippy cup of water with us at all times for Scarlett.  Water is one of the best things you can give your body.

Contigo makes water bottles, travel mugs, pitchers, shaker bottles and kids water bottles that are engineered for the flow of modern life.  Contigo's products are stylish, yet resilient; sleek yet strong.  Parents everywhere will enjoy the autoseal technology which allow your child to drink water without spilling it.  The kid's water bottles offer cute patterns and designs that they will absolutely love. 

If you're a lover of icy cold beverages, you'll be excited to know your favorite drink can stay cold for hours thanks to the Thermalock vacuum insulation.  Whether you're looking to start drinking more water to get healthier, or want to bring your favorite bottle to the gym, there's a Contigo water bottle for everyone's needs.  

I'm always on the lookout for adorable water bottles for Scarlett.  We have a large supply of sippy cups in our house because Scarlett drinks so much water, but who can resist tiny water bottles with the cutest patterns? I've been admiring the Contigo water bottles that students in Scarlett's class at preschool have.  I knew she'd probably enjoying having one too.

Scarlett absolutely loves the patterns of the sapphire and cherry blossom water bottles.  I also like the fact that they are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and leak and spill proof! Some water bottles are hard to clean, but Contigo offers an easy to clean lid which completely opens for an extra squeaky clean.  There's no separate parts to take apart or lose.  The protective spout cover keeps out unwanted dirt and germs.

My favorite thing about the water bottles is that they don't have everyday patterns and colors that any child's bottle could have.  I like Scarlett to have uncommon items and Contigo's water bottles definitely fit that bill.  Who can resist the beautiful flowered pattern that the cherry blossom bottle features? The product is well made and built to last.  It washes well in the dishwasher too and the bright colors do not fade. 

Scarlett is a bit young to use the water bottle herself without help.  You have to push the button down hard to be able to drink from it, and she needs me to assist with that.  She does love the bright colors and points to them on the bottle.  I know when she is able to use the product without help, she'll be very proud of herself!

If you're looking for a new water bottle that will instantly become your favorite, Contigo is the way to go. 
Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Scarlett 21 Month Update

I haven't updated you guys on Scarlett since she was 18 months old.  She turns 2 in less than 3 months, so I wanted to do another post about her before her birthday.

Scarlett's main love in life right now is Elmo.  No less than 45,021 Elmo's sleep with her in her crib at nap time and at night.  We have Elmo DVD's, clothing, toys, books, toothpaste, an Elmo mortgage, and an Elmo car payment.  Ok, those last two may be an exaggeration but you get the hint! She absolutely loves anything Elmo and gets very excited about it. We're going to Sesame Street Live on Sunday and I know she'll be thrilled!

We're still dealing with Scarlett's lack of speech.  I had a speech therapist come by last week for an evaluation.  To make a long story short, they told me I do way too much for her and she has no reason to talk because all of her needs her met.  For example, if she points to her water cup I'll just hand it to her.  Instead, they want me to say "Oh, you want your water cup?", or "what do you need?" and have her ultimately work at expressing what she wants. 

I need to try harder to do this but as a parent it's just easier to sometimes give your child what they want because you're used to doing that.  For right now, we're holding off on speech therapy until she's 2 and utilizing the tips they gave us.  If there's no improvement whatsoever by her birthday, then we'll start the service.  Three months is a long time for progression in a toddler's life and I hope she'll start talking on her own.

Scarlett's been in school for two weeks now.  She really loves it and has been doing great there.  I picked her up on Monday and she was hugging one of the teachers! I'm glad she's comfortable and happy there.  I'm hoping preschool will help her to further develop socially and flourish.  School pictures are being taken October 7th.  I need to pick out a cute outfit for her!

Food is still a big love in Scarlett's life.  She loves to eat everything from cheese and crackers to chicken, pasta, fruit, and turkey burgers.  There's not much she won't eat, and I'm still so lucky to have an easy eater.  Veggies are one of Scarlett's absolute favorites and I constantly have tomatoes and peas and carrots in my fridge! I could give her a bowl of pasta with peas, and she'll pick out the peas before eating the pasta.  Most toddlers do not love veggies as much as Scarlett does!

Scarlett used to sleep from 7:30 pm-7 AM, but lately she's sleeping till almost 8 am.  She must be growing and really need the sleep.  I checked on her at 7:45 this morning and she was still sleeping.  I'm happy that she isn't an early riser because I can't function before 7 am! 

I've enrolled Scarlett in gymnastics.  Her first class was last week, but she missed it because we were away.  She'll go to tomorrow's class and I can't wait! I'll be sure to update everyone on it and take a lot of pictures.  

We're working on having Scarlett identify the names of objects.  We have a cute set of fake food and I'll line up a couple pieces of fake veggies and ask her to show me where the carrot or tomato is.  She's gotten a lot better with being able to point to the correct answer.  Even though she cannot speak, she is very nonverbal.  

The pacifier is something that I'm still struggling with.  Her attachment to it is not lessening as time goes on, but staying consistently the same.  I'm hoping that the love affair ends soon because she's getting too old for it.  Scarlett will hand it to me throughout the day if I ask her to, or she'll sometimes give it to me on her own.  I can't seem to get rid of it, and I'm not sure if she's 100% ready, but hopefully she will be soon enough.  She uses it to sleep at night, but I like to limit the usage during the day.

Potty training has been on my agenda since 18 months old.  I bought a Fisher Price potty to put in her bathroom.  Scarlett does like it and wants to sit on it, but doesn't get the true connection of what it's for.  I bought her a themed book and have read it to her to have her try to get the association of the book and the potty, but we're not there yet.  I know she's still young, but I'd love to have her be out of diapers in the next coming months.  I'll try harder to work on getting her to understand what the potty is for.  In the meantime, it's a positive thing that she's seen it for awhile in her bathroom and has accepted it!

I'll update you all again in 3 months, when she's 24 months! 
Monday, September 19, 2016

Luvs is Offering Moms Everywhere a Treat this Halloween #ShareTheLuv #ad

Halloween is around the corner and will be here before we know it.  Scarlett's first Halloween was last year and it was certainly one I'll never forget! When you have children, you get to relive your childhood all over again which is always fun.  Don't forget to document every milestone!

We dressed Scarlett up as a unicorn complete with matching purple booties, wings, and a unicorn horn hat! Since she was only 10 months old, she wasn't walking and had to be pushed in the stroller to trick or treat.  Of course as a mom experiencing something for the first time, I took no less than 7,131 pictures.  Scarlett got lots of compliments on not only how cute she was, but her costume too.  I had my eye on her candy loot which was growing inside her personalized pumpkin basket.  With each house we went to, more chocolates were inside that basket calling my name!

Halloween this year will be so different and I'm so excited for it.  This year she'll be 22 months and dressing up as a giraffe! We'll be able to walk with her to trick or treat and it will be great!  I'm sure she'll love seeing all of the kids in their costumes and getting candy too.  Scarlett's only had candy once in her life, but I think since it's a special occasion I'll let her have a few bites.  Do you think she'll share her candy with me? 

I hope Scarlett will help me bake Halloween cookies and decorate the house too.  That's one tradition that I'd like to do with her every year.  Who doesn't like putting light-up pumpkins on their fireplace?

In honor of Halloween, Luvs is getting into the treating spirit by offering mom's everywhere a money saving coupon! Look in your Sunday newspaper on September 25th and October 9th for a coupon to save $2 off any diaper pack.  If the diapers are on sale in your store, you'll be able to save an additional $2 with this coupon! Who doesn't love a money saving coupon?

*DISCLOSURE* This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Spruce Up Your Kitchen with Art and Cook Products

I'm one of those individuals who really enjoy cooking.  I find joy in whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies or a pan of rosemary roasted potatoes.  Several nights a week I prepare homemade meals for my family and I find happiness in making delicious foods.  I'd say that my meals are created with love and sometimes too many calories! In my opinion, fantastic meals start with quality kitchenware. When's the last time you've updated your kitchen accessories and tools?

Art and Cook first started as a cookbook in 2004 that won many design awards and recognition.  By 2006, the brand launched a line of kitchen tools using new technologies and innovative shapes to inspire healthier and more productive ways of cooking. With more than 1,000 kitchen tools currently on the market, everyone incorporates labor-saving features with a beautiful design. 

Some of Art and Cook's products include cookware and bakeware, trivets, measuring spoons and cups, herb misters, storage and organization and so much more.  If you need to furnish your child's dorm kitchen for back-to-school, or know someone who recently moved into a new house, anything from Art and Cook makes the perfect gift.  The brand is also helpful for sprucing up your own kitchen's products as well. 

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and preparing meals to make stomachs smile, your kitchen tools probably can be replaced from time to time.  Items get worn and used and can start to look old over time.  Wouldn't it be nice to replace certain items and update them with new and modern day versions? I have a wonderful gadget bundle that would make kitchens everywhere smile.

The Large Soak and Strain Bowl is a unique product that has an innovative hopper-strainer which drains off the dirty water from your fruit or veggies without letting anything fall out.  The large bowl can accommodate anything you need strained and cleaned.  When you're done, put it in the dishwasher to get clean for next time. 

Since Fall is right around the corner, you know what that means! It's time to make plenty of hearty soups and stews.  Fresh herbs are important in not only soups and stews, but sauces as well.  They make everything taste wonderful.  If you're planning on using herbs in your cooking now or in the future, you'll need something to keep them strong and protected.  The fresh herb keeper prolongs the life of your herbs by two weeks or more.  Making pasta for dinner soon? Why not make your own sauce with plenty of fresh basil? The family will love it. 

I try to incorporate a lot of veggies and salads in the meals I make.  You'll always find me chopping up a carrot or slicing cucumbers on the mandoline.  I just love beautiful presentation and the 13-piece super slicer lets every side dish be one that you won't soon forget.  The unit offers different slicing and grating options for whatever your culinary heart desires.  What's the best part, you ask? How about the fact that everything gets grated, chopped, or sliced right into the bowl it's connected to.  You can't ask for anything more convenient than that.  This will surely be a unit you'll use a lot.

If you're looking to cook more or expand your culinary horizons, this gadget bundle will surely be a greater starter kit in your kitchen.  All you have to think of is what to cook next! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Shopping Tips For Parents: How To Save Money On Just About Anything

Do you find that you’re constantly shopping for something? If you have children, you quickly learn that they need a lot of stuff. You’ll have probably made several shopping trips before they even arrive in the world. As they grow, nothing changes. If you’re a parent looking for simple ways to save time and money, look no further. Here are some tips and tricks to take all the stress out of shopping for your kids.

Saving money on grocery shopping
If you have a family, grocery shopping probably takes up a lot of your disposable income. Kids eat a lot, and you may feel like you’re constantly restocking those cupboards. It’s essential to provide children with nutritious meals, but there are ways of saving money on your shopping. One way is to shop online. When you go to the store, do you get distracted and end up buying a load of things that aren’t on your list? Do you lose track of how much you’re spending and get a nasty shock when you get to the counter? Do the kids often throw things into the trolley without you even realizing? Shopping online can provide a solution to all these issues. All you need to do is make a list of what you need for the week and log on to your favorite store’s website. Add the items to your basket and then pay. Choose a delivery time that suits, and your bags will appear at your door at the allocated time. When you have a virtual trolley in front of you, you can see exactly what’s in it, and how much you’ve spent. You can also enjoy shopping in peace without dealing with queues or trying to carry bags and kids at the same time.

Collecting coupons and vouchers is another great way of saving money on your food shopping. Make sure you enroll in your store’s loyalty scheme and try to avoid buying too much food. If you regularly throw things away, cut back. When you’re cooking, make large batches of meals like cottage pie or chili. You can freeze extra portions for another day.

Saving on clothes, toys and baby supplies
If you’re a parent, you may be familiar with endless piles of dirty laundry. Kids go through a lot of clothes, and it can be expensive to refresh and update their wardrobes all the time. There are some great bargain stores around, but you can also save by making use of promo codes. If you sign up to voucher websites, you can access flash sales and get offers like Kohls discount codes. Often, you can save around 20-30 percent on the RRP if you shop at the right time.

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s also worth keeping your eyes peeled for discounts for toy stores. If you get money off every gift, this will amount to a huge saving. It’s also a good idea to compare prices from different retailers online.

Shopping for babies can be expensive. Look out for baby events at department stores, and stock up when products are on offer. Bulk buying items like nappies and wipes can save you a lot of money.

We all need to shop, but you don’t need to break the budget every time you go to the store. Use these tips and tricks to save money on food, toys, and clothes. With the holidays on the horizon, a few extra dollars will come in handy.
Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Make Your Next Party Unique With OneMoreSunshine

If you're like me, you like to entertain.  There's nothing I enjoy more than serving delicious food and drinks to my guests.  Although I don't have parties as much as I used to because of having a 21 month old! The best thing is having a party where everyone has a fantastic time and talks about your event long after it's over! 

OneMoreSunshine is an Etsy shop that specializes in unique birthday and baby shower party favors.  How would you like the opportunity to have a photo of your choice on a clothespin magnet that doubles as a treat bag clip and magnet favor? If you're having a first birthday party for your son or daughter in the near future, you can have a photo of the birthday child along with a written message.  How cute is that? If you're doing a themed party like Frozen or Sesame Street, you can have Elmo or Elsa underneath your child's picture.  The design possibilities are endless and it'll be a favor that nobody has seen before.  Personalized items are always a hit no matter what for work parties, baptisms, weddings and so much more!

As you can see, the shop makes a wide range of designs.  You can also suggest your own design to be made as well.  The favors are made with love and care and the photo is high quality.  You'll receive 10 with each order which will ensure a success for your party!

These adorable favors will surely be a conversation starter for anyone at your party.  They'll want to know where you got them, I can guarantee it! 

Keep OneMoreSunshine in mind for any of your next party or social gatherings.  

Monday, September 12, 2016

Fall is On The Way!

Summer 2016 has been a season of many firsts for not only Scarlett, but me as well.  We took her to her first splash pad, she rode her first ride at a theme park, and also went to Sesame Place for the first time among many other things.  The summer was fun and full of memories and family time.  As sad as I am to have the season come to a close, I'm looking forward to Fall.

Fall means soups and stews, boots and scarves, and of course Halloween and pumpkin everything.  Since Scarlett is old enough this year, she'll really enjoy going to the pumpkin patch and picking out a pumpkin.  I can't wait to dress her up as a giraffe for Halloween and take her trick-or-treating.  Last year she wasn't walking and had to be pushed around in her stroller.  This year will be so different! I might even share her candy with her too. ;) Hopefully she'll help me decorate for Halloween in about a month. There will be so many memories made and pictures taken! 

Scarlett's Fall wardrobe is so cute and I can't wait for her to wear it.  Cooler weather is surely on the horizon since our mornings have been slightly chillier.  

What are some of your favorite things about Fall? 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Scarlett's Going to Preschool!

We've had a really fun summer and have done so much, but now it's time to go to school!

Some might think Scarlett is too young to go to school, but I feel like it's a positive thing to socialize a child and have them learn in a classroom setting from an early age.  The wonderful thing about Scarlett's school is that she also went to camp there all summer.  She's familiar with the establishment and likes her teachers.  I'm very lucky and fortunate that the drop-off process was a breeze and she didn't cry at all, especially since she was never away from me before!

Her first day is Monday.  I'm looking forward to having the experience of school to help her to further thrive and develop as a toddler.  Maybe it will even help her speech too? For now, we're only sending her one day a week because she's so young.  Next year, we'll be sending her two days a week since she'll officially be two.  She's in a two's class right now as she turns two at the end of the year.  

Scarlett's teacher is very creative and engaging and sent weekly activities and guidelines for what the children did at camp each week via email.  I'm interested to see what her first week brings! I can't wait for her to bring home cute pictures and artwork that she made.  

It would also be nice to meet other mom's and have Scarlett make new friends too.  Her elephant backpack is ready to go to school!

Here's to hoping she has a great first day on Monday! 
Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kick Sticky Messes to the Curb with Goo Gone #ad #GooGone

Living with a toddler ensures that some area of my house or my child is sticky at any given time.  Whether your child wants to smear jelly all over their face or hands, or they want to make a beautiful masterpiece with syrup on their high chair tray, you can guarantee that things in my casa need cleaning from time to time!

I first started using Goo Gone years ago from a recommendation from my mom.  This handy cleaner comes in a liquid or a spray gel.  She told me that the product is fabulous for getting off price tags from products or just cleaning up sticky messes in general.  I always keep a bottle of it underneath my kitchen sink for those times that call for it.

Since I've had Scarlett, it seems like I'm using Goo Gone more than ever.  If you have children, I highly recommend it.  This handy cleaning product removes stickers/labels and adhesive residue from glassware, dishes, and other hard surfaces.  You can also remove crayon/markers/glue from painted walls and wood tables.  Don't use Goo Gone on silk, leather, suede, rubber, stainless steel, drywall, unfinished wood surface, and unsealed stone. 

Scarlett was so proud of her red scribble on my hallway wall the other day.  She was standing in front of it smiling like she won the Nobel Peace Prize.  I was horrified and was extremely proud when a bottle of Goo Gone spray gel left that scribble only a memory.

Recently, I noticed that a bottle of syrup had spilled inside my cabinet.  I was disgusted at the hardened sticky mess that was left behind. Obviously you can't clean a sticky mess with an everyday cleaner, you need something that will tackle sticky and gooey like no other.

With just a couple scrubs, half of the sticky mess was gone.  I'm always amazed at how well Goo Gone works each and every time.  It's truly like magic in a bottle.  My cabinet was left clean and mess-free, just how I like it.

I suggest always keeping a bottle of Goo Gone in your home, you'll never know where you'll need to use it next! 

Scarlett's Obsession with Elmo

For as long as I can remember, Scarlett's had a big basket of stuffed animals in her room. Most of them were gifted to her at my baby shower, or when she was born.  It's a traditional cast of characters including bears, dogs, and the like.  She never really had a big interest in them and didn't care to play with them too much.

The basket contained a small stuffed Elmo that I always thought was cute.  He was soft and very cuddly.  Right around 18 or 19 months, the love affair with the furry monster began. Scarlett noticed the Elmo one day and it was honestly love at first sight.  Her love for Elmo was calm at first but then progressed into an obsession fairly quickly.  When she wakes up in the morning, she starts talking to Elmo as soon as she's up.  You can hear her babbling to him! It's very cute.  

When you walk into her room in the morning, she is holding up a various Elmo for you to see.  If you don't acknowledge Elmo she will get annoyed and shove him in your face! I usually say "good morning Elmo! How did you sleep?" We have 5 or 6 Elmo's that stay in her crib and make her extremely happy.  They are all different and some speak or dance.  
Facetiming with Elmo! 

She carries around a different Elmo through the house all day.  She chooses which one she'll spend the day with since she has so many to pick from.  Elmo eats breakfast next to Scarlett in her high chair, and sometimes I even let him have some of her toast.  She loves when I pretend to make Elmo eat.

Besides stuffed Elmo's, we have Elmo slippers, books, DVD's toys,, and of course Elmo clothing and bedding.  She gets very excited to see Elmo on Sesame Street and will wildly point and dance when he's on TV while screaming Elmo.  

You can frequently see her cuddling and kissing her stuffed Elmo's.  If you go to a toy store, don't even let her see an Elmo toy or book because she'll want it instantly.  We've had many meltdowns in Walmart or Target because of this! Scarlett can see an Elmo item from a mile away.  What can I say? She only has eyes for Elmo.

Scarlett had a Sesame Street themed 2nd birthday this past December and absolutely loved it.  Her love affair with the furry monster has gone on for about a year now and there's no stopping it! We'll be going back to Sesame Place this summer and I'm sure she'll be beyond excited.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Make Dinner Healthy and Delicious with Birds Eye Vegetables

I'm extremely fortunate that Scarlett is a such a good eater.  It's a relief to be able to serve her whatever I make and know that she'll eat it.  Vegetables are one of her favorite foods and she can eat her weight in peas and carrots! As a mom, that makes me so proud. For the parents who do struggle with getting their child to eat healthy or even anything at all, don't worry it will pass.

Birds Eye harvests and flash-freezes vegetables at their peak freshness to offer you the best quality vegetables possible.  The brand offers a range of veggies to delight anyone's belly from simple sliced carrots and broccoli to steamfresh mixed medleys, as well as easily prepared vegetables in a fabulous tasty sauce.  Put your culinary skills to the test and prepare a fabulous entree or side dish.  Don't forget to give Birds Eye all the credit!

In my house, we eat a lot of vegetables on a regular basis.  Whether I incorporate them into salads or casseroles or just as a side to a chicken dish, they're always on the menu.  I've been buying Birds Eye veggies for years and they've always been in a hit in my family.  Since Scarlett is a huge lover of vegetables, it makes it easier for us to remember to eat them since we're always buying them for her.  Although not all families eat vegetables as much as they should.  Did you know that only 28% of dinners include a vegetable? 

Birds Eye wants to help encourage little ones to eat their veggies by introducing a line of Steamfresh vegetables with Disney character shaped pasta.  This year, the brand has expanded the line to convince the older kids-and even the grown-ups to eat better too! The yummy new lineup includes a Yoda shaped pasta and broccoli in white cheese sauce, R2D2 shaped pasta and green beans in marinara sauce, Spiderman shaped pasta and broccoli in yellow cheese sauce, and Avengers shaped whole grain pasta and peas in a butter sauce.

Children around the world will be delighted to see their favorite movie characters in front of them for dinner time.  Hopefully it will encourage them to want to eat the veggies too. Having just one veggie with every meal is extremely important and Birds Eye would love to help families reach that goal.  

Since back-to-school season is here, families are in the midst of getting used to the new routine and schedule.  Between after-school activities and back-to-school night, parents may not have as much time as they want to prepare a delicious and healthy dinner.  You can serve your family something both tasty and nutritious, thanks to Birds Eye!

Scarlett tried the Avengers pasta for lunch and as as you can see, it was a big hit! How can you resist those adorable Avengers shaped whole grain pasta in a butter sauce? I know that would be right up my alley too.  The pasta is perfectly cooked and in a flavorful sauce. Scarlett happens to absolutely love peas, so this was a great lunch choice for her.

I like knowing that she's eating something tasty like pasta, but it also includes a vegetable. Whole grains are important for a healthy diet too.  Try to incorporate a veggie into everything you make for yourself and your family, no matter what it is.  You can even put spinach in eggs or atop chicken! The vegetable possibilities are endless.

If you stock your freezer with Birds Eye vegetables, you'll always have healthy eating at your fingertips.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Make Mornings Easy with Malt-O-Meal® #RealValueRealDelicious #ad

With children going back-to-school around the country, mornings are guaranteed to be hectic.  It's especially hard to figure out a rhythm and routine for that first week back. Parents are rushing around ensuring backpacks and lunches are ready while making sure kids get out the door on time.  For stressful mornings like those, it's important that children eat a delicious breakfast that is both healthy and quick.

Malt-O-Meal® will make everyone's belly happy with over 31 different flavors for every taste bud? With flavors like Berry Colossal Crunch, Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys and Apple Zings how could you go wrong? The cereal offers 12 essential vitamins and minerals with no high fructose corn syrup.  Since there's so many flavors, your child won't be complaining that they are bored of what they're eating.  They can have a different cereal choice everyday for a month if they wanted!

Even though Scarlett is too young to attend public school right now, I still want a quick and easy breakfast for her in the mornings.  We're always rushing off to various activities in the morning and I'm always looking at my watch.  On the weekends, breakfast can be at a more leisurely pace.  I purchased the Berry Colossal Crunch at Target where they have plenty of flavors to choose from. It is also available at ShopRite as well as many other retailers.  Scarlett's been enjoying the dry cereal for breakfast and likes the bright vivid colors that it features.  I pair the cereal with a side of apple slices or banana.  As a mom, I love that she's enjoying something nutritious too! 

A wonderful thing about Malt-O-Meal® is that it's not only great tasting, but budget-friendly too.  You'll be able to buy a few bags and not go over your allotted grocery budget. What could be better than that? 

If you're going to the grocery store soon, why not download a coupon to figure out which Malt-O-Meal® cereal you like best?