Friday, September 2, 2016

Make Dinner Healthy and Delicious with Birds Eye Vegetables

I'm extremely fortunate that Scarlett is a such a good eater.  It's a relief to be able to serve her whatever I make and know that she'll eat it.  Vegetables are one of her favorite foods and she can eat her weight in peas and carrots! As a mom, that makes me so proud. For the parents who do struggle with getting their child to eat healthy or even anything at all, don't worry it will pass.

Birds Eye harvests and flash-freezes vegetables at their peak freshness to offer you the best quality vegetables possible.  The brand offers a range of veggies to delight anyone's belly from simple sliced carrots and broccoli to steamfresh mixed medleys, as well as easily prepared vegetables in a fabulous tasty sauce.  Put your culinary skills to the test and prepare a fabulous entree or side dish.  Don't forget to give Birds Eye all the credit!

In my house, we eat a lot of vegetables on a regular basis.  Whether I incorporate them into salads or casseroles or just as a side to a chicken dish, they're always on the menu.  I've been buying Birds Eye veggies for years and they've always been in a hit in my family.  Since Scarlett is a huge lover of vegetables, it makes it easier for us to remember to eat them since we're always buying them for her.  Although not all families eat vegetables as much as they should.  Did you know that only 28% of dinners include a vegetable? 

Birds Eye wants to help encourage little ones to eat their veggies by introducing a line of Steamfresh vegetables with Disney character shaped pasta.  This year, the brand has expanded the line to convince the older kids-and even the grown-ups to eat better too! The yummy new lineup includes a Yoda shaped pasta and broccoli in white cheese sauce, R2D2 shaped pasta and green beans in marinara sauce, Spiderman shaped pasta and broccoli in yellow cheese sauce, and Avengers shaped whole grain pasta and peas in a butter sauce.

Children around the world will be delighted to see their favorite movie characters in front of them for dinner time.  Hopefully it will encourage them to want to eat the veggies too. Having just one veggie with every meal is extremely important and Birds Eye would love to help families reach that goal.  

Since back-to-school season is here, families are in the midst of getting used to the new routine and schedule.  Between after-school activities and back-to-school night, parents may not have as much time as they want to prepare a delicious and healthy dinner.  You can serve your family something both tasty and nutritious, thanks to Birds Eye!

Scarlett tried the Avengers pasta for lunch and as as you can see, it was a big hit! How can you resist those adorable Avengers shaped whole grain pasta in a butter sauce? I know that would be right up my alley too.  The pasta is perfectly cooked and in a flavorful sauce. Scarlett happens to absolutely love peas, so this was a great lunch choice for her.

I like knowing that she's eating something tasty like pasta, but it also includes a vegetable. Whole grains are important for a healthy diet too.  Try to incorporate a veggie into everything you make for yourself and your family, no matter what it is.  You can even put spinach in eggs or atop chicken! The vegetable possibilities are endless.

If you stock your freezer with Birds Eye vegetables, you'll always have healthy eating at your fingertips.

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  1. This looks like a great idea for a side dish, or lunch. We always have Birds Eye veggies in the freezer.