Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Scarlett's Obsession with Elmo

For as long as I can remember, Scarlett's had a big basket of stuffed animals in her room. Most of them were gifted to her at my baby shower, or when she was born.  It's a traditional cast of characters including bears, dogs, and the like.  She never really had a big interest in them and didn't care to play with them too much.

The basket contained a small stuffed Elmo that I always thought was cute.  He was soft and very cuddly.  Right around 18 or 19 months, the love affair with the furry monster began. Scarlett noticed the Elmo one day and it was honestly love at first sight.  Her love for Elmo was calm at first but then progressed into an obsession fairly quickly.  When she wakes up in the morning, she starts talking to Elmo as soon as she's up.  You can hear her babbling to him! It's very cute.  

When you walk into her room in the morning, she is holding up a various Elmo for you to see.  If you don't acknowledge Elmo she will get annoyed and shove him in your face! I usually say "good morning Elmo! How did you sleep?" We have 5 or 6 Elmo's that stay in her crib and make her extremely happy.  They are all different and some speak or dance.  
Facetiming with Elmo! 

She carries around a different Elmo through the house all day.  She chooses which one she'll spend the day with since she has so many to pick from.  Elmo eats breakfast next to Scarlett in her high chair, and sometimes I even let him have some of her toast.  She loves when I pretend to make Elmo eat.

Besides stuffed Elmo's, we have Elmo slippers, books, DVD's toys,, and of course Elmo clothing and bedding.  She gets very excited to see Elmo on Sesame Street and will wildly point and dance when he's on TV while screaming Elmo.  

You can frequently see her cuddling and kissing her stuffed Elmo's.  If you go to a toy store, don't even let her see an Elmo toy or book because she'll want it instantly.  We've had many meltdowns in Walmart or Target because of this! Scarlett can see an Elmo item from a mile away.  What can I say? She only has eyes for Elmo.

Scarlett had a Sesame Street themed 2nd birthday this past December and absolutely loved it.  Her love affair with the furry monster has gone on for about a year now and there's no stopping it! We'll be going back to Sesame Place this summer and I'm sure she'll be beyond excited.

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