Monday, March 31, 2014

Netflix #StreamTeam Throwback Thursday + Giveaway

Everyone's familiar with Throwback Thursday on Facebook or Twitter.  You've seen the old wedding pictures or baby pictures that your friends or family members post.  Everyone always loves to go back in time and relive old memories.  It's always a given that people will make fun of the hairstyle or clothing choices people had decades ago! Wouldn't you like to go back in time with your favorite television characters too?

Netflix is taking a page from the #TBT trend with a trip down memory lane.  They are compiling a list of their favorite blasts from the past.  Can't you just imagine sitting down with your family and introducing them to your favorite old-school TV characters like Zack Morris from Saved by The Bell, or Alex Keaton from Family Tie? While I don't have a family just yet, I enjoy tuning into episodes of old shows myself.  Some shows are just not made how they used to be.  You have to take time to appreciate the oldies.

If you have older children, why not introduce them to some of the television shows you grew up with.  Delight them with a list of shows meant just for them.

1. Saved By The Bell
2. The Babysitters Club
3. Family Ties
4. Jem and the Holograms
5. The Hardy Boys; Nancy Drew Mysteries
6. Spiderman and His Amazing Friends
7. Transformers

Netflix hasn't forgotten about its younger fans! Little kids, sink your teeth into these shows!

1. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
2. The Care Bears Movie
3. The Smurfs and The Magic Flute
4. Strawberry Shortcake
5. Curious George
6. Sesame Street
7. Dumbo

It's interesting to see the list of shows meant for younger kids, because they are the shows I grew up with.  I know that when I have my first child, I'll enjoy showing them the shows I loved as a child like Care Bears and Sesame Street.

It's never too early or too late to form long-lasting memories with your children. Go ahead and gather around the television.  I can guarantee you'll receive smiles all around.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

French's Giveaway

If you're like me, you sometimes have trouble figuring out new and exciting ideas for dinner.  I have reliable go-to favorites, but sometimes you want to try out a recipe that you've never made before.  What I've come to realize is that meat is very versatile, depending on how you want to use it.  Chicken, beef, pork, or seafood can be used and prepared in so many different ways to ensure a new and tasty recipe.  Wouldn't you like to create delicious restaurant style meals at home while having dinner on the table in under thirty minutes?

French's is an American manufacturer of mustard, which they are most known for.  They also have marinades and french fried onion rings.  If you're searching for a new crowd-pleasing recipe for an upcoming dinner party you're having, French's has a whole recipe database. You'll surely be able to create a fabulous meal, thanks to French's.  One of the newest products in the French's family is Crunch Time Entrees.  Available in four different flavors; general tso's, sweet and sour, chipotle BBQ, and buffalo.  Simply coat your protein of choice in the provided coating, cook it, and prepare to delight your taste buds.

There are so many delicious ideas that run through my head when I see these Crunch Time Entrees.  How about coating some chicken breast in the sweet and sour coating and serving it with white rice and  snow peas for an Asian inspired meal? If you're craving spice, how about some buffalo flavored tilapia? Serve it with asparagus for a healthy meal that will make your stomach smile.  Whatever way you decide to use Crunch Time Entrees, you're guaranteed to create a crowd-pleasing meal that your family will love.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Black and Decker Giveaway

Have you ever stopped to think about how overrated the oven is? Of course there are many pluses of using an oven like making a large batch of something, or cooking for a many guests. You know what kitchen appliance doesn't get the love that it deserves? The toaster oven.  I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about, that rectangular box that sits on your kitchen counter ignored.  A toaster oven is perfect for quickly toasting toast, or even heating up a sandwich or garlic bread.  Why use so much electricity when you don't have to?  The next time you need to use the oven, use the toaster oven if you can.

Black and Decker is an American corporation of power tools and accessories, hardware and home improvement products, and technology based fastening systems.  I've been aware of Black and Decker products practically my whole life.  My dad used their tools when I was growing up, and he still does.  Some of the products in their line-up include drills and power tools, along with lawn and garden, and cleaning products like dust busters and steam mops. Their products are reliable, durable, and provide results that will make you happy.  If you're looking to bring a reliable brand into your home, look no further than Black and Decker.

Style and personality is essential in the kitchen.  Whether you have stainless steel appliances, a funky colored backsplash, or even a beautiful tile floor, it's important to make sure your kitchen represents you.

Ooh, look at me! What do you like best, my beautiful stainless steel body or my large interior cooking surface?

This gorgeous and sleek toaster oven would be the perfect appliance to fill the space on your counter.  You'll enjoy the new even-toast technology, which provides up to 30% more even toasting.  Go ahead and enjoy a delicious and perfectly melty grilled cheese, or even some buttered toast.  It's up to you to make your stomach happy.  Feel free to satisfy it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Boska Review

While I love chocolate and dessert, I can't deny my love for fruit.  Apples, strawberries, bananas and kiwis are some of my most favorite fruits.  The great thing about this sweet, yet healthy treat is that it can be prepared in so many ways.  What instantly comes to mind are fruit cookies, pies, and cakes.  You can't forget dipped fruit either.  Whether you enjoy it on its own or in a pastry, just make sure the fruit is fresh and juicy.

Boska offers consumers sustainable, beautifully designed cheese tools at very reasonable prices. The strength of Boska lies in innovation and product development.  The true focus of Boska is to create products and tools that revolve around an environment that allows people to enjoy cheese in their own special way.  If you're a cheese lover, listen up! How does a cheese board, curler, slicer, or fondue set sound? If you think I'm done, I'm definitely not.  You can't forget about cheese graters, knives, or gift sets either.  If you're having a party soon, inviting Boska into your home would be a marvelous idea.  How about serving cheese and crackers or fruit and cheese on a cheese board? Let your guests curl or slice cheese from the provided brick of cheese. Boska products make an excellent gift, especially for a housewarming party   Let's face it, who doesn't love cheese?

I was sent a grey Tapas Fondue Set for review.  Going out to a fondue restaurant is extremely pricey.  Why not stay in the comfort of your own home and enjoy dipped fruit, cheeses, or meats that are just as delicious as the restaurant? 

Don't blame me if you can't stop dipping bread into the cheesy goodness that I hold.  It's not my fault at all.  

Even though this is a cheese fondue, there's no reason why you can't also use it for chocolate! The light grey ceramic fondue pot came with two fondue forks and a tea light for melting your food of choice.  My husband and I wanted to have something delicious after dinner and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try out the fondue set.  The light grey color is attractive and the fondue pot itself is constructed well.

I poured chocolate chips into the pot and lit the candle underneath.  While the chocolate was melting, I set out a plate of bananas and apple slices, which in my opinion are the best fruit for dipping.  If you're in a hurry and are serving guests, the fondue pot is microwavable for quicker melting.  Soon after, the chocolate was glossy, perfectly melty, and ready for dipping! The fondue forks held the pieces of fruit securely while the apples and bananas took a nice swim in the chocolate pool.  The perfectly fresh fruit combined with the warm melted chocolate was heavenly.  This was an excellent after dinner treat and my stomach smiled with approval.

The great thing about this fondue set is that it's dishwasher safe.  So after you're done enjoying it, just pop the fondue pot and forks into the dishwasher so they will be ready for use another time.  I'm very excited to now own a fondue set so my husband or friends and I can have fondue anytime we wish.  Who knows, maybe next time we'll melt different kinds of cheeses and have it with french bread.  The possibilities are endless!

*DISCLOSURE* I received a complimentary sample in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

Glade Review and Giveaway

Home is the one place where you can rest, relax, and truly be yourself.  If you're like me, when you have others over you want your house to be as inviting as possible.  Candles, incense and wax melts make your home smell warm and welcoming.  As they say, scent is the most powerful form of memory and everyone would like to have their home associated with fabulous smells.  Why not introduce Glade into your home today for long lasting freshness?

Glade offers scented candles, oils, and gels to bring true-to-life fragrances wherever you call home.  Some of the products include oil warmers, room sprays, candles, and more.  There are a variety of scents for each product like clean linen, florals, fruits, spices, outdoors, tropical and more. The scent of Glade will bring your room to life and keep you smiling in delight. Any Glade product makes an excellent gift.  I'm most familiar with Glade's candles and Sense and Spray, which I currently have in my living room.  A new scent is always being introduced to keep their customers happy, which I can't complain about!

My husband and I spend most of our time in our living room, when we're home.  When we entertain, our guests and friends hang out in there too.  It's just a warm and welcoming spot. Since we're in there so often, it's essential that it always smells good to draw people in.  Did you know that a recent survey found that more than four out of five people say they understand the positive value that scent can bring to their lives?

I was sent three fabulous room sprays to keep my living room happy.  My senses were delighted to be introduced to Sheer White Cotton, Playful Paradise, and Dazzling Blooms. Each spray can was large and holds enough sprays to keep your nose happy for months to come.  I enjoyed the colorful design and coordinating picture for each scent on the bottle.  

Hello, heaven in a can!

The Playful Paradise is my absolute favorite.  Make a splash with this fun, beach fragrance that combines scents of mixed fruits like melon and peaches is the best decision you could possibly make.  The spray comes out light and airy and blankets your room in a scent of heavenly magic.  As soon as I sprayed it, summer came to mind.  I was laying on a beach sipping a fruity drink while enjoying the sun.  The scent is subtle but still very noticeable.  The combination of fruit and floral is excellent and my nose couldn't have been happier.  

Dazzling Blooms allows you to brighten the room with a burst of ripe fruit and floral scents. This scent reminded me of freshly baked pies cooling on a windowsill.  As soon as I sprayed it into the air, flowers and fruit danced around in my head.  My living room was enveloped in the heavenly scent of spring.  What I like most about the scent is that it's long lasting and you still smell it for some time.

With Sheer White Cotton, you can freshen the air with the scent of fresh sheets blowing in the breeze, including hints of honeydew, pear, and jasmine.  This scent reminded me of laundry. When I sprayed it into the air, I was instantly transformed into a backyard with the sun shining down on me and clothes drying on a line in the breeze.  If you're looking for a clean scent that reminds you of freshly washed clothes, Sheer White Cotton is the scent for you. The hints of fruit and jasmine add a hint of personality and depth that are certainly welcomed.

I've really been enjoying the room sprays so far.  Whenever I spray them, my dog Carolyn sniffs the air.  I'm glad that both people and canines alike enjoy Glade.  If you're looking for a scent to jazz up your living space, look no further than these scents.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Looking for fabulous cupcake recipes?

If you're looking for fabulous cupcake recipes, please check out these recipes.  They are mouth-wateringly delicious!
Thursday, March 20, 2014

More new posts up on Sunday

I'm traveling out of state and won't have computer access until I get home.  Look for more posts then! :)
Monday, March 17, 2014

Naturalizer Review

If you ask any woman what her vice is, you might get many different answers.  Some love jewelry, purses, clothes, chocolate, or even candles.  My vice is shoes.  I can't get enough of them.  I own more pairs than I should, but that doesn't stop me from buying.  Whether the shoe is a wedge, flat, pump, or boot, I love them all equally.  Nothing comes between me and my loves of shoes.  I believe everyone should treat themselves to a new pair of shoes from time to time.

Naturalizer offers a variety of shoes for women that are built for comfort and style.  The shoes are on-trend appeal mixed with all day comfort.  Whether you need a pair of shoes for work or play, Naturalizer has you covered.  With their many styles and colors, you're sure to find a pair to make your feet smile.  I've owned many pairs of Naturalizer shoes over the years and their comfort and appeal is bar none.  Why not treat your closet to a new family member today?

I was fortunate enough to receive a gorgeous pair of Naturalizer Bromstad Neila sandals. Spring will be here soon and my piggies are ready to get some well-needed air.  I figured I'd be nice and treat them to a cute new pair of sandals.
I'm pretty and floral, what more could you want? Oh, do you like my large flower detail too?

The shoes are very cute.  I don't think I've previously owned anything like them.  It's not warm enough to wear them just yet, but soon enough it will be.  They fit will and are comfortable on, I have no problem closing or opening the ankle straps either.  The bottom has a pretty multi-colored flower pattern, allowing the solid white upper to compliment it well.  I love the big white flower on the toe area too, so cute!

I can imagine wearing these with capri's, a denim skirt, or even a dress.  Since they are busy, you'll want to make sure you pair them with a solid colored shirt.  You have to capitalize on the star of the show of course, which are the shoes.  For now, they it in their box in my closet awaiting a fun day out!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Naturalizer for the complimentary shoes in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gourmesso Giveaway

If you ask some individuals they might say that coffee is as important to them as food and water. That liquid gold running through their bloodstream is what they need to get through the morning.  With so many flavors and roast types, there is surely a favorite for everyone. Whether you like it hot or iced, make sure you always have your cup of joe just how you like it.

Gourmesso is the premium online retailer of coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines.  The foundation of Gourmesso's success is the unique combinations of high quality coffee made of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans from around the world, offered at a price unmatched by any other companies on the market.  Not to mention that it is 30% cheaper than the original Nespresso capsules. Gourmesso offers 15 different blends, including 9 espresso blends, 2 lungos, and 4 flavored blends and decaf.  Every year, new blends will be offered to keep your taste buds happy.  Gourmesso coffee capsules would make a perfect present for any coffee lover.  

Why pay more for coffee than you have to? Put that savings to good use, like treating yourself to a new top or pair of shoes that you've been wanting.  Go ahead and sip a delicious mug of coffee knowing that excellent taste doesn't have to be expensive.

Stay Heart Healthy with Campbell's

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I will definitely be going outside more.  It will be such a welcome change to go outside with a lighter jacket and not freeze as soon as you step foot outside.  Enjoyable temperatures makes it much easier to be active.  Campbell's wants to know what you do to stay active?

In the spring and summer time, I like to go on long walks with my dog and husband.  We all benefit from the fresh air and of course Carolyn loves to go on walks.  Exercise is a key component of being heart healthy, but you also have to make sure that your diet is nutritious as well.  Warm weather makes me crave fruit, smoothies, and of course cold dishes.  I love a good Chinese chicken salad as well as pasta salad.  Everything is fine in moderation they say.

If you're looking for some delicious and heart healthy recipes, I'd love to recommend my favorite five to you.  

As you can see, being heart healthy doesn't mean that there's lack of flavor in the food or taste.  Treat your body right this spring with delicious food and great outdoor activity!

Don't forget to check Campbell's for money saving coupons

*DISCLOSURE* This post is sponsored by Campbell's Soup Company.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cold-EEZE Giveaway

Spring is just around the corner.  While everyone enjoys the sun and warmth spring brings, and also the chance to be outside, spring allergies are a serious issue for some.  Trees blooming and pollen becoming airborne is a recipe for disaster.   If you feel like you can never go outside without feeling terrible, don't worry there is a solution.  Leave those cold-like symptoms at the door because Cold-EESE is coming to the rescue.

Cold-EEZE cold remedy products are clinically proven to reduce the common cold by nearly half and are formulated with zinc gluconate.  Thanks to Cold-EEZE, you will feel wonderful and allergy-free all  through the spring season.  There's been two new additions to the product line-up, which consist of Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Lozenges and Plus Natural Immune Support Quickmelts.  Keep these products in your medicine cabinet for quick access when you need them most.

I'm here to save the day and give those pesky springtime allergies the boot!

For the best results, take Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Lozenges at the very first classic signs of a cold-the tickle in the back of your throat, the sniffling and runny nose. They taste great and are extremely effective.  The sooner you take it, the better you'll feel. Cold-Eeze Quickmelts dissolve quickly in the mouth without water, releasing zinc ions. 

Both products are perfect for throwing into a child's backpack, or carry-on for quick access if you're traveling.  Don't forget to also keep some in your purse or glove compartment in your car.  Let Cold-EEZE make you feel better when you feel you're at your worst.  

    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    GlaMER Lips Etsy Shop Giveaway

    Now that winter is on its way out, it's time to dive head first into spring! We all know that spring brings warmer temperatures and fun clothing styles and trends.  A very important part of spring is awakening that winter skin.  It's essential to exfoliate and ensure that you scrub away that dry, dull skin.  While every part of your body is susceptible to the cold air, make sure you don't forget your lips.  Chapped, dry lips are painful and can easily be avoided.  Go ahead and put your best lips forward.

    GlaMer Lips is an Etsy shop ran by owner Mer.  She's been exposed to beauty all of her life and has always been enamored with the transition of ordinary into extraordinary.  Mer recently worked her way up to achieve her childhood dream of developing her own line of organic lip products.  She currently has two products, a natural lip balm and an organic lip scrub.  The inspiration for these products came from using the best ingredients in her favorite products and adding some natural flavors.  This resulted in the conception of products that lips everywhere were rejoicing about.  

    One product in particular that is fabulous for keeping lips hydrated and kissably soft is Mer's organic lip scrub.  It eliminates dry, flaky skin and comes in a variety of natural flavors.  The ingredients help heal and soothe.  Go ahead, you know you want to scrub those harsh winter winds off your lips.  

    With just one use, it'll be a lifelong romance. 

    The easy-to-use spatula scoop makes application enjoyable and mess-free.  With flavors like brown sugar and honey, cinnamon, lemon and bubblegum it will delight your taste buds too.  Leave those dry lips at the door and be confident each and every day thanks to Mer.

    Searching for the Perfect Easter Treat?

    Looking for the perfect, adorable Easter treat?  Stop Hunting!  In the April issue of Woman’s Day,on newsstands March 11, you can find the cutest lemon flavored critter cakes to make for family and friends this holiday.  Each cake costs only 13 cents to make and can be decorated in many fun, creative ways.  If you are looking for an alternative to traditional egg decorating this season, decorate these yummy egg-shaped cakes and bring a smile to your community today.

    Lemon Cakes
    Makes 40 – Cost Per Cake 13¢
    §  1 ½ cups all-purpose Flour
    §  1 tsp kosher salt
    §  ½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature
    §  ¾ cup granulated sugar
    §  2 tsp lemon zest
    §  2 large eggs, at room temperature
    §  2 Tbsp whole milk
    §  2 Tbsp lemon juice
    §  2 16-cavity silicone oval pans
    §  Poured Fondant
    §  Royal Frosting
    1.      Heat oven to 350° F.  Lightly coat two silicone oval pans with cooking spray.  In a bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder and salt
    2.      Using an electric mixer beat the butter, sugar and lemon zest in a bowl until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.  Beat in the eggs, one at a time.  Reduce the mixer speed to low and alternately add the flour mixture, milk and lemon juice, mixing just until incorporated. 
    3.      Divide the batter among the prepared pans (1 Tbsp per hole).  Place on baking sheets and bake, rotating the positions of the sheets halfway through, until a wooden pick inserted in the center comes out clean, 15 to 17 minutes.  Transfer to a wire rack, rounded side up.  Rinse pans and repeat with the remaining batter.
    4.      Meanwhile, prepare the Poured Fondant.  Keep the pan over very low heat (remove from any heat if the frosting becomes too runny).  Hold one cake on a fork and spoon frosting over the top, being careful to coat all the sides.  Tap off any excess fondant, and then transfer to a wire rack.  Repeat with the remaining cakes and fondant.  Once dry, decorate with Royal Frosting.  To garnish these critters, decorate with sprinkles, crystal sugars, edible glitter, and use your frosting to make your critters come to life!
    Poured fondant
    §  1 lb confectioners’ sugar
    §  ¼ cup light corn syrup
    §  3 tbsp water
    In a small, deep, heavy-bottomed saucepan on low heat, combine sugar, corn syrup and water. Stir until melted and warm but not hot to touch, 3 to 4 minutes.
    Royal Frosting
    §  3 large egg whites
    §  1 tsp pure vanilla extract
    §  1 tsp cream of tartar
    §  1 lb confectioners’ sugar
    §  Gel food colors
    1.      Using an electric mixer, beat the egg white, vanilla and cream of tartar on medium-high speed until foamy, about 1 minute.
    2.      Turn off the mixer and add the confectioners’ sugar.  Beat on low until incorporated.  Increase the speed to high and beat until medium-stiff glossy peaks form, 5 to 6 minutes.  Separate into bowls, tint to desired colors, then place in pastry bags fitted with fine round tips and decorate as desired. 
    Thursday, March 6, 2014

    Netflix Science Fair Greats #NetflixKids

    I always enjoyed science class when I was in school.  Learning about matter and the solar system was very interesting.  Of course what kid doesn't like science experiments either? I remember the science fairs in elementary school always featured lots of erupting volcanos. The great thing about technology these days is that science is now at your fingertips.

    Netflix is celebrating science fair greats this month.  Tell me if this sounds familiar to you. Your child comes home with a science fair packet, and is very interested to enter the fair.  The only problem is that they (and possibly you!) have no idea what to create or construct.  Before you sit there and wrack your brain for ideas or even turn to Google, why not confide in Netflix? You're probably wondering how Netflix will help you think of an idea, but trust me it will. 

    A list of science TV shows and movies is the perfect way to jumpstart your child's brain and propel them to Planet Science.  For little scientists, Netflix recommends the following TV shows:

    1. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
    2. Peep and The Big Wide World
    3. Magic School Bus: All Dried Up
    4. Animal Mechanicals
    5. Wild Kratts

    For big kids, the following list is just for you:

    1. How Stuff Works
    2. How Do They Do It?
    3. Is it Possible?
    4. Build it Bigger
    5. How the Universe Works
    6. Extreme Engineering
    7. Mythbusters

    As you can see, this diverse list will surely come up with an award winning science project in no time.  Who knows, you might even learn something too while having fun!

    *DISCLOSURE* I am being compensated as a member of Netflix's Stream Team.  All thoughts are my own.
    Tuesday, March 4, 2014

    Joe V Leather Etsy Shop Giveaway

    Leather is one of my favorite materials.  It is quality made and lasts for years to come, not to mention it is beautiful.  I own leather purses and jackets, and of course leather boots.  Most people think of leather for clothes or accessories, but I bet you don't consider them for your electronics do you? It's time to upgrade that boring old iPad or iPod case and trade it in for a brand new leather one that will make your friends and family jealous.

    Joe V Leather's Etsy shop handcrafts a wide range of leather products in their workshop in Los Angeles, California.  They use only raw veg-tan leather for their collection.  The beauty of their products come from their dying techniques which they hand-rub to age the leather with dye.  The product line-up includes leather wallets, bracelets, covers, iPad and iPhone cases, checkbook covers, flasks, and so much more.  A fun thing about Joe V Leather's is that they are open to custom requests if you want something that you don't see in their Etsy shop.  They make perfect gifts too.  Go ahead and order flasks for your groomsmen gifts, or give dad a leather checkbook cover for his birthday.  Don't forget to treat yourself to a new iPad cover for the iPad you just bought either.  It's essential! 

    Here are some examples of what Joe V's sells:

    iPad case

    Stainless-steel flask. 

    As you can see, these products are very unique.  They aren't just run-of-the-mill cases and holders that you can buy anywhere.  If you're the kind of person who enjoys one-of-a-kind items, these are certainly for you.  Go ahead and let some leather into your heart today!

    Sunday, March 2, 2014

    Dyson Review #DysonatBestBuy

    Let's face it.  I'm not a big fan of cleaning.  I like the end result, but I don't enjoy the actual act of it.  There is only one cleaning chore I like and that's vacuuming.  I enjoy vacuuming my area rugs and hearing the dirt get sucked up, it's such a satisfying noise.  It's essential that you have a quality made vacuum that gets the job done well and lasts for years to come.  Have you considered a Dyson?

    Dyson's vacuums will make all of your vacuuming dreams come true.  They are beautifully made and constructed to last.  This is not just any ordinary vacuum, oh no.  It doesn't ever lose suction and comes with many attachment tools to get your hardwood floors and carpets immaculately clean in no time.  The product line includes upright, cordless, canisters and handheld vacuums, along with hand dryers, heaters, and fans too. You'll be amazed at what's sucked into the vacuum, especially when you thought your floors were clean.  The product line comes in a range of different colors, depending on your preferences.  If you're in the market for a new vacuum I would certainly look into getting a Dyson.   Need a birthday present for a friend or family member? Get them a Dyson and they will love you forever.

    I was very generously sent a Dyson DC-65 Animal vacuum for review.  It was extremely exciting to be able to review this gift from the heavens.  Granted I don't have kids, a husband and a dog can make for messy floors.  I'm always vacuuming my rugs and couches from pet hair too.  I knew my dog's shedding hairs would be no match for the Dyson's power.

    Look at me.  I'm so beautiful.  An added bonus is that I clean your floors and carpets better than any other vacuum can.  How about a cleaning date? See you at 7 pm on Monday.  

    I used the vacuum for the first time the other day.  As soon as I took it out of the box, it was love at first sight.  The sleek purple and grey combination is attractive.  The unique design of the vacuum is what Dyson is known for.  The ball attachment lets you swivel under furniture to get into hard to reach areas with ease.  

    The new DC-65 Animal has been updated to provide the consumer with the most user-friendly and powerful vacuum as possible.  The brush bar power has been increased by 25% for superior carpet cleaning, while the new configuration of bristles dig deeper into carpets to remove more dirt.  The remodeled airflows help to remove dirt, dust, and allergens from the home.  Don't think Dyson has removed some of the favorite features of the vacuum that consumers have grown to love.  The same ones remain including self adjusting baseplate, long-reach telescopic wand, 2x suction of any other vacuum, closer edge pick-up, built to last 10 years, and the hygenic bin emptying.  Unlike other vacuums, you'll never have to deal with emptying and replacing bags.  Just empty the Dyson's bin into the trash and you're ready to clean again.

    I have two area rugs in my house that attract the most dirt, dust, and pet hair.  The Dyson was very easy to power on and it was ready to go in no time.  The vacuum graciously ran across my rugs picking up dirt as it went.  I enjoyed seeing everything in the clear bin that was vacuumed up.  I was very impressed as my other vacuum did not work as well.  Before I vacuumed my other area rug, I vacuumed my hardwoods and made sure to dedicate time to the baseboards as that's where dirt and hair pile up most.  I also used the attachment tools to get into hard to reach nooks and cranny areas too.

    Time to say goodbye to dirt and dust on your baseboards.  Give all the credit to Dyson. 

    When it came time to empty the bin I was blown away by everything that had accumulated in there.  I had thought my floors and carpets were clean when I used my other vacuum, but it was time for me to rethink that decision.  I was very happy knowing that my house was free from dirt, dust, and allergens. The Dyson is made incredibly well and is pretty lightweight.  It's a tough vacuum that's made to kick dirt and dust to the curb.  You can even bring it up the stairs with you to vacuum each individual step when you want to deep clean your home.

    This vacuum fits well inside my coat closet.  It's compact, but large enough to get the job done.  I will be using it every couple of days to ensure my floors are clean.  I highly recommend you introduce your floors to the Dyson, it will be a match made in heaven.  

    *DISCLOSURE*  I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  All thoughts are my own.  

    Saturday, March 1, 2014

    Sample Saturday with SheFinds and Tarte!

    Calling all makeup lovers! I have an exciting opportunity for you today.  How would you like the chance to win some free makeup from Tarte? Everyone loves free, right? Well, listen up!

    Tarte & Shefinds is giving away 100 makeup prize packs featuring a cheek stain in the color of your choice, along with 1 lights, camera, lashes, 4 in one mascara.  You'll be runway ready in no time thanks to Tarte!
    A 4-in-1 Mascara: A lenghtening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning mascara infused with olive esters to condition, treat, and protect lashes. 

    Tarte's award-winning and best-selling cheek
    stain gives you a gorgeous, natural flush in a gel or cream consistency. Rounded top cheek stains are gel based stains,while flat top cheek stains are the cream based version.

    These products would be great additions to your makeup case.  What are you waiting for? Go ahead and enter here.

    Don't forget to follow SheFinds on Facebook &, and Tarte on Facebook and Twitter too!

    *DISCLOSURE* I received monetary compensation in exchange for this post.  All thoughts are my own.