Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dyson Review #DysonatBestBuy

Let's face it.  I'm not a big fan of cleaning.  I like the end result, but I don't enjoy the actual act of it.  There is only one cleaning chore I like and that's vacuuming.  I enjoy vacuuming my area rugs and hearing the dirt get sucked up, it's such a satisfying noise.  It's essential that you have a quality made vacuum that gets the job done well and lasts for years to come.  Have you considered a Dyson?

Dyson's vacuums will make all of your vacuuming dreams come true.  They are beautifully made and constructed to last.  This is not just any ordinary vacuum, oh no.  It doesn't ever lose suction and comes with many attachment tools to get your hardwood floors and carpets immaculately clean in no time.  The product line includes upright, cordless, canisters and handheld vacuums, along with hand dryers, heaters, and fans too. You'll be amazed at what's sucked into the vacuum, especially when you thought your floors were clean.  The product line comes in a range of different colors, depending on your preferences.  If you're in the market for a new vacuum I would certainly look into getting a Dyson.   Need a birthday present for a friend or family member? Get them a Dyson and they will love you forever.

I was very generously sent a Dyson DC-65 Animal vacuum for review.  It was extremely exciting to be able to review this gift from the heavens.  Granted I don't have kids, a husband and a dog can make for messy floors.  I'm always vacuuming my rugs and couches from pet hair too.  I knew my dog's shedding hairs would be no match for the Dyson's power.

Look at me.  I'm so beautiful.  An added bonus is that I clean your floors and carpets better than any other vacuum can.  How about a cleaning date? See you at 7 pm on Monday.  

I used the vacuum for the first time the other day.  As soon as I took it out of the box, it was love at first sight.  The sleek purple and grey combination is attractive.  The unique design of the vacuum is what Dyson is known for.  The ball attachment lets you swivel under furniture to get into hard to reach areas with ease.  

The new DC-65 Animal has been updated to provide the consumer with the most user-friendly and powerful vacuum as possible.  The brush bar power has been increased by 25% for superior carpet cleaning, while the new configuration of bristles dig deeper into carpets to remove more dirt.  The remodeled airflows help to remove dirt, dust, and allergens from the home.  Don't think Dyson has removed some of the favorite features of the vacuum that consumers have grown to love.  The same ones remain including self adjusting baseplate, long-reach telescopic wand, 2x suction of any other vacuum, closer edge pick-up, built to last 10 years, and the hygenic bin emptying.  Unlike other vacuums, you'll never have to deal with emptying and replacing bags.  Just empty the Dyson's bin into the trash and you're ready to clean again.

I have two area rugs in my house that attract the most dirt, dust, and pet hair.  The Dyson was very easy to power on and it was ready to go in no time.  The vacuum graciously ran across my rugs picking up dirt as it went.  I enjoyed seeing everything in the clear bin that was vacuumed up.  I was very impressed as my other vacuum did not work as well.  Before I vacuumed my other area rug, I vacuumed my hardwoods and made sure to dedicate time to the baseboards as that's where dirt and hair pile up most.  I also used the attachment tools to get into hard to reach nooks and cranny areas too.

Time to say goodbye to dirt and dust on your baseboards.  Give all the credit to Dyson. 

When it came time to empty the bin I was blown away by everything that had accumulated in there.  I had thought my floors and carpets were clean when I used my other vacuum, but it was time for me to rethink that decision.  I was very happy knowing that my house was free from dirt, dust, and allergens. The Dyson is made incredibly well and is pretty lightweight.  It's a tough vacuum that's made to kick dirt and dust to the curb.  You can even bring it up the stairs with you to vacuum each individual step when you want to deep clean your home.

This vacuum fits well inside my coat closet.  It's compact, but large enough to get the job done.  I will be using it every couple of days to ensure my floors are clean.  I highly recommend you introduce your floors to the Dyson, it will be a match made in heaven.  

*DISCLOSURE*  I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  All thoughts are my own.  

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