Tuesday, February 2, 2021

5 Ways To Get the Whole Family Involved in the Moving Process

I’ve seen a lot of you on Instagram moving to new homes lately, so I figured that I would try to be timely and create an article that would help you out, if you are in the same boat as some of my friends. So, this one is for everyone that is moving in the near future - with kids!

Life doesn’t stop just because you’re moving. You still need to show up at your job, the dog still needs to get walked, and the kids still need your care and attention. And while you can’t do much about incorporating your job or your pets into the move, your kids can certainly get involved. Giving your kids some of their own moving responsibilities - provided they’re within their skill set - keeps them busy and entertained, and many kids love to help out with “adult” tasks around the house. So don’t just turn on the TV and distract your little ones. Instead, give them something to do. Here are a few ways to get the whole family involved in the moving process:

Still need to choose the home?

The first stage of moving is finding another place to live, obviously. Let your kids provide some input on where you go next by taking them along when you’re looking at houses or apartments or letting them browse listings with you. You’ll learn some important insight from them about what they consider to be the perfect home, and you’ll get an extra set of eyes for evaluating what you find. It’s one of the best ways kids can help move, and helps put a positive spin on the upcoming transition. When you finally do move into your new home, your kids will feel that much better about it knowing they had a say in where you chose (even if that say was more figurative than literal).

Toss out the junk

The cardinal rule of moving: always bring less. Moving is one of the best opportunities we have for throwing out junk and only holding on to the things that really matter to us or serve a necessary function. If you are a parent, I know that you have an overflowing room full of toys that you can probably scale down. Involving your kids in this organizational stage isn’t just a great way to take some tasks off your plate; it’s also a fantastic opportunity for teaching your kids about the importance of giving back. Explain that a lot of kids aren’t as fortunate and don’t have as many toys and books. Then, give them a box and tell them to fill it with things they no longer play with or use so another child can have them. You can go together to drop them off at a donation site. Just be sure to sift through the items they choose so you don’t accidentally end up donating your driver’s license or spare set of car keys. When it comes to baby items, you can do it yourself because the baby obviously cannot take on a task like this.

Explore your new city while the movers work hard

Welcome home! If you are moving to a new city, or even a new part of town, take it for a spin and let the kids (and yourself!) have some fun. Grab coffee or a fresh juice, head to a local playground, and have a fun picnic. While you are having fun, movers, like Fresh Start - The Moving Crew, can help you out because they offer a packing and moving service in Worcester and the greater New England area. They say, “Pride is taken on every job with every mover, as there is a mutual understanding that great work produces a greater reward.” They will give you a free over-the-phone moving quote and the quote will fit your budget, to the best of their ability. Following that, one of their experienced staff members will meet you for a completely free-of-charge onsite appointment to ensure that all details of your move are accounted for and that they are giving you the fairest price possible. They say, “our staff is friendly and completely dedicated to getting this on-site estimate done properly, because this vital step will minimize any headaches. We have the tools and vehicles for any job, and come prepared for any situation. As your local movers in MA, we’re dedicated to delivering the best moving experience possible. The highest achievement for Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is to know that every customer is 100% satisfied with the services provided.” When you get done exploring your new area, Fresh Start will have your new home set up for you!

Let your kids choose their own room

I remember the best part of moving when I was younger was the ability to choose my own room in the new house. Get your kids involved by choosing their room and where to put their furniture. They will have so much fun doing so! 

Get them involved in the unpacking process

Once you've moved into your new place, get your kids involved in the unpacking process. Put them in charge of unpacking things in their own room, such as the books on their bookshelf or the clothes in their dresser. Keep in mind that you can always rearrange, and it’s an easy fix if they put something in a not-quite-ideal spot. Throughout the rest of the house you can have them help bring items to the rooms where they need to go, telling them to just leave things on the counter or floor so you can put them away later.

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