Sunday, January 17, 2021

Make Your Floors Look Amazing with Toppin's Cordless Vacuum

As a mom of 2 kids and a dog, my floors need to be vacuumed everyday if not more.  Scarlett complains about how loud the vacuum is and says I vacuum too much.  Dust and debris gathers so easily and I hate seeing it on the floor.  What can I say? Clean floors make me happy.

Toppin focuses on creating premium products in home comfort that can help their customers to live cleaner and healthier lives.  By using powerful and innovative technologies, they strive towards the goal to keep their customers living in a comfortable environment in an easier way.  The brand offers air purifiers for small and large rooms, humidifiers, automatic soap dispensers, and a cordless vacuum.  As you can see, Toppin really focuses on a clean and healthy lifestyle. 

The air purifiers would be perfect in any room of your home to ensure the air is clean and safe.  Any bathroom would be thrilled to have the automatic soap dispenser to avoid germs and contamination.  Keep Toppin in mind for any of your clean living needs from here on out.

I definitely believe in freshly vacuumed and washed floors whenever possible.  My parents also enjoy the same thing, so I knew they'd be delighted when Toppin's cordless vacuum showed up at their door. 

One thing that instantly drew me to this vacuum is that it's cordless.  In the past the cords on my vacuums always get tangled and become a complicated mess.  I've spent a lot of time untangling them in frustration.  Let's not mention that I've accidentally vacuumed over the cord which did not lead to anything good.  The fact that this vacuum is cordless and you'll never have to worry about being too far away from the outlet is wonderful.   The runtime between each four hour charge needed is 35 minutes.  In my opinion, 35 minutes is more than enough time to vacuum whatever areas of your house you need.  Once you're close to recharging time, the battery level indicator is convenient for telling you when it's time to recharge.  

There are so many things to love about this vacuum including the tangle-free brush roll that resists and reduces hair wrap and attachment while vacuuming.  This is fantastic for someone who has a dog that sheds a lot! The LED headlights can clean up the dirt behind a bed or any other dark place like a closet.  

If you're looking for a vacuum with a strong suction, this one is it! Dirt, debris, and pet hair is tackled instantly with the 12kPa strong suction that delivers a perfect floor-cleaning performance to meet all of your flooring demands.  This vacuum is not just for hardwoods, but ideal for wood, tile, and low rug.  You'll love being able to easily convert it from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum with versatile attachments, allowing you to reach corners, stairs, and crevices.  

The best part about the vacuum is how light-weight and space saving it is.  At just 3.08 lbs, it's ideal for storing in a basement, garage, or closet.  It can also be placed on the wall with a wall-mount and charge at the same time, saving you more storage space and time! 

My parents opened the vacuum and set it up as soon as it arrived.  My dad vacuums several times a day due to pet hair.  He of course had to test it out right away with this sleek and beautiful vacuum.  I was told that it was beyond simple to put together and took no less than one minute to assemble.  The vacuum is not overly loud and has amazing suction.  It can effortlessly go from hardwoods to low-pile carpet with ease.  If you have a tile floor, it works wonderfully on that too.  My dad said it was easy to hold the trigger to use and it was not uncomfortable to push.  The vacuum easily switches to a handheld to banish dirt away from baseboards, stairs, and other crevices.   Of course the best part is there's no cord and the freedom to vacuum anywhere in your home you want. 

Once you've done all the vacuuming you need to do the canister is easy to empty into the trash.  The vacuum's suction was fantastically powerful and the amount of dust, dirt and debris picked up was impressive.

Both of my parents are very pleased with how well the vacuum performs.  They are going to wall-mount it in the garage to save space in their home.  

If you're in the market for a compact vacuum that is well designed, Toppin's cordless vacuum may be the one for you.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Toppin for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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