Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Get Back-to-School Ready With Justice!

Scarlett will be entering her final year of preschool in September.  She started school at 21 months old and time has just flown by.  I can't believe this will be her last year at her school and kindergarten is on the horizon.  I don't want to think about it! I'm a firm believer that you have to start each school year off in style with some new clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Justice would surely agree with that.

Justice is your one-stop-shop for clothing and accessories for tween girls to look and feel their best.  Your daughter will love Justice's trendy styles to start the new school year off with.  Choose from sequin tops paired with studded jeans and fabulous boots or sneakers as well as specific themes like unicorns, animals, and other fun options.  Pajamas and swimwear are also available.  Your daughter will surely find a style that will suit her needs. You can't forget exciting accessories like glittery jewelry, backpacks/lunchboxes, room decor and more to delight your girl with.  Keep the store in mind for gift card gifts as well as shopping sprees for lucky girls everywhere! 

I've been aware of Justice for a while since I've bought clothes for my niece's birthday there a few times. The store is adorable although Scarlett is still too young to fit into the clothes.  We've been inside several times and she loves the accessories and gravitates towards the jewelry and squishies.  It won't be too much longer until she can start wearing the clothes.

I've had my eye on the fabulous initial backpacks and lunchboxes for some time now.  Who can resist the fun patterns like glitter, polka-dots, or even cheetah print complete with large first letter initial? The sets are too cute, and I know Scarlett would love to take a new set to start the new school year with.  I let her look at the options on the website and she immediately was interested in the Ombre Initial Shaky Backpack and Lunchbox set.  What 4.5 year old doesn't love sequins and the color pink? It's definitely a great combination! It's also fun to see what your child chooses and I'm sure she felt special being able to select what she wanted. 

The classic backpack is perfect for every occasion including travel.  Your child will love the ombre hues with shimmering sequins, a shaky panel on the front pocket, and a dazzling initial accent.  With comfy adjustable straps and two zippered compartments with two side pockets, it'll surely be a backpack your daughter will be excited to take to school.  You can't forget the matching lunchbox which features an insulated inside with a interior mesh zip pocket.  Make sure you pack a yummy lunch each day! I also bought a matching water bottle to store in the side compartment of the backpack.  I wanted her to have the complete Ombre Initial package deal! 

Now that Scarlett is in the 4's program, she'll be taking her lunch to school three times a week.  The 4's class is the only class that includes lunch, the 2's and 3's class does not and you have to pay each time you stay to eat at school.  We usually let Scarlett stay for lunch once a week because it was a cost, but each time we let her she was so thrilled.  She loves to eat with her classmates and spend an additional hour at school.

Since this year's class includes lunch, I'm looking to upgrade her lunchbox to something more fun and stylish.  There's nothing wrong with her current lunchbox, although it's always nice to have a lunchbox makeover!

Once the backpack and lunchbox set arrived, I knew it was the perfect choice for her.  The gorgeous light pink sequins paired with the shaky star glitter is a perfect combination.  I loved the large and in charge "S" that was featured right in the center too.  This set is surely not lacking in personality!
The backpack is very spacious inside and is ideal for holding whatever Scarlett needs for pre-school.

Obviously she's not going to be transporting books and notebooks around just yet, but it holds her change of clothes and lunchbox with ease.  In the colder months of the year, I'll surely put her gloves, hat, and scarf inside as well. Store a water bottle in the side pocket and you're good to go.  I love that Scarlett will have the matching ombre water bottle to really complete the ombre trifecta.

Scarlett has no problems wearing the backpack and says it's comfortable on.  It's not too small for her, but definitely a drop big which is good because she'll grow into it. It's made well and built to last.  She may even take it to Kindergarten next year too.

If you have a child in true actual school, the backpack would hold their books, notebooks, pencil case, folders, and anything else they would need for school perfectly.  The outside pocket can be used for a wallet or even a cell phone if they're old enough.

I usually use either a kid's Bentgo box or a thermos in her lunchbox depending on what I'm giving her that day.  A lunchbox is usually a standard size, although the interior of can be smaller or larger than others.  The ombre lunchbox holds both her Bentgo box with an ice pack underneath or the thermos with no problems.  When I put the thermos in the lunchbox there is room for a few other things.  If I have chili or soup in her thermos, I may put a small container of crackers in with a fruit pouch and something else for example.  I have no issues with the zipper opening or closing once the lunchbox is full.

The interior pocket of the lunchbox can hold anything else you'd like to send for your child like a spoon, fork, napkin, yogurt tube, etc.  You can also include some extra money if they'd like to buy something special at lunchtime too.

Scarlett and I both truly love the lunchbox and backpack set and I can't wait for her to use it this school year.  Her first day of school is September 3rd which is really just around the corner.  I know she'll get a lot of use and enjoyment out of it.

If you're looking to give your child's backpack and lunchbox set an upgrade, it's time to head to Justice to pick out a set that will make them smile.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Justice for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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