Saturday, July 27, 2019

Wicked Uncle Offers Fantastic Toys and Items For Kids of All Ages

Now that Scarlett is 4.5, her fun personality really shines through.  She enjoys so many things from singing and dancing to drawing, painting, and playing with kinetic sand. Everyday is always an adventure with her! It's exciting to see how she grows and changes all the time and develops new interests.  Long gone are the days of baby toys and rattles, we've moved onto dollhouses, board games, and of course tons of crafts.  Toys and games are a big deal in our house and Scarlett seems to always want to add new ones to her toybox!

Wicked Uncle offers wonderful toys for boys and girls of all ages.  Whether your 3 year old daughter wants magnetic wooden dress up princesses, or your 9 year old son wants a solar robot kit, they have it all! From preschool toys all the way up to complex building kits, you'll be able to browse a multitude of options.  The categories are based on a child's preferences like snuggly, outdoorsy, adventurous, and more.

The toys are unique and not what you'd find in a typical store like Barbies or Lego's.  Parents also will enjoy that some of the items are not only fun but educational too.  I'm sure you'd be able to instantly find a few things to give a lucky boy or girl for Christmas or their birthday.  Keep the company in mind for all of your future gift-giving needs for children.  Wicked Uncle offers a multitude of beautiful gift-wrapping options to delight the recipient of any age.  A cute thank you card is enclosed so you can mail it back to the gift giver to thank them and let them know you're enjoying their gift.

It's been very hot here lately in New England.  Since Scarlett is on summer break from preschool, we spend a lot of time outdoors since she prefers to be outside burning off energy.  Sunscreen and hydration are key elements when spending time in the sun.  Since we don't have a town pool, I like to take her to local splash pads in order to cool off from the blazing sun from time to time.  It would be even more convenient if we had some water based fun in our backyard, I know that would make my tiny tot happy.

When I came across the Rainbow Sprinkler,  I knew it would be the perfect addition to our backyard.  Just inflate the rainbow, attach it to a standard garden hose and turn on the water to get the fun started.  This massive constant sprinkler measures 93 inches long and a full 65 inches high.  This is certainly not something small on the grass to walk past, but a large and in charge fantastic item! You'll notice the base contains water compartments for added stability, and the sprinkler is easy to inflate and deflate.  There will surely be refreshing water fun for years to come. Invite your child's friends over for some ice cream and water fun and it'll be a fantastic day for everyone.

When the sprinkler arrived, Scarlett couldn't wait to get it inflated to begin using it.  My husband Jay easily inflated it with a pump and it was ready to go quickly.  The bright colors are eye-catching and draw you in.  Once you attach the sprinkler to a water hook-up, the water comes out of the entire top of the rainbow making a fun entrance for your child to run through.  Scarlett spent a lot of time running through the sprinkler which kept her cool on a very hot day.  I loved seeing the joy on her face! The water flow and pressure is consistent and does not diminish over time.

The sprinkler is durable and well made in my opinion.  I know Scarlett will enjoy having her friends come over for years to come to play outside in this adorable sprinkler.  What child doesn't love running through a sprinkler? It's the best!

If you're looking to take a break from the heat, Wicked Uncle offers just as many indoor entertainment options as well as outdoors.

Since Scarlett is huge on board games right now, I knew she'd absolutely love the Yeti in my Spaghetti Game.  I had this gift wrapped for her to make this delivery extra special.  She loved the dog wrapping paper I chose and was thrilled to open the board game.

This fun multi-player game challenges you to remove noodles from the bowl without letting the Yeti fall in.  Proceed with caution though, if the Yeti falls all the way into the bowl during your turn, you lose and the game is over.  Nobody wants a Yeti in their spaghetti!

Not only is this game entertaining for children, but it's a good way to improve hand-eye coordination as well as challenging them to think.  Little ones know if they remove the wrong noodle, that's the end of the game.  I've seen Yeti in my Spaghetti in stores, but Scarlett has not previously played the game anywhere.  She enjoys playing her board games with me, so I was looking forward to the opportunity to spend time with her playing the game.

The game is really cute and easy for any small child to follow and understand.  Each round lasts a few minutes until the Yeti eventually falls into the bowl from a wrong noodle pick.  It was interesting to see Scarlett's thought process and how her mind works on each of her turns.  She was very enthusiastic about the game each time we played and I can see her asking me to play it continuously, or getting it out to play with friends when she has playdates.

While it's nice to have new toys, education is always on my radar for Scarlett.  One thing that I wanted to get for her now that she's getting older is the My Wooden Magnetic Daily Calendar.  Since it comes on a hanging string, it can easily be hung up in the kitchen or even your child's room.

This calendar is the perfect way to educate children about what day and month it is, as well as the season, and temperature outside.  Certain holiday and event magnets (like birthday party or Halloween) are even covered to put on the calendar too! Your child can place their daily mood on the calendar which is helpful.  Simply take one of the 82 pre-printed detailed magnetic pieces from the lower magnetic board then place it on the calendar to fill in the correct daily information.

Scarlett still gets confused about which day is what as well as the months of the year.  Her preschool teaches this but she gets stuck sometimes and says the wrong answer when asked.  I'm hoping this calendar helps her to reinforce these subjects at home along with weather and everything else it teaches.

I put the hanging calendar in the kitchen so she can reference it every morning.  The colorful pieces are easy to maneuver and put wherever you'd like.  I help her to select the day, month, and temperature outside to put on.  Scarlett enjoys finding the picture for her mood too whether it's happy, tired, or sad. It's always a smart idea for children to identify their emotions.

She is enthusiastic about doing the calendar with me and I like that it's not only fun for her, but a teaching tool as well. I'll surely be using this with my son when he's old enough too.  It's sturdy and built well.  All of the pieces conveniently store on the calendar itself which is ideal because you don't have to worry about losing them.  The calendar date goes up to 2023 so you'll be able to use it for years to come!

If you're looking for unique and exciting options to make a child happy, Wicked Uncle would be the perfect one-stop-shop.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Wicked Uncle for providing product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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