Monday, July 15, 2019

Zuru Offers Hot Toys That Girls and Boys Will Love @ZuruToys

Scarlett is old enough to realize that she wants certain toys she sees when we're at the store or on TV.  For the longest time she never really asked me for anything when we go shopping, but now she really makes it known what she likes and doesn't like!  She always has anything unicorn themed on her wishlist as well as slime products and surprise eggs.

Zuru offers a variety of toys for children depending on their interests and age.  Boys will love Bunch O Balloons and Smashers and girls will go crazy for Sparkle Girlz and Pets Alive among many others.  If you're looking to cool off from the hot summer sun, Bunch O Balloons offer refreshing water balloons ideal for the park, backyard, or even pool! There's surely a toy that anyone would love.  Keep the brand in mind for birthday presents for a lucky child both present and future.

Recently, Scarlett saw a YouTube commercial for Rainbocorn's Sequin Heart Surprise and said she really wanted it.  She's been mentioning it a lot and hasn't forgotten about it.  I always keep a mental list of what she is interested in and sometimes like to surprise her here or there with a new toy.  What is it about those giant eggs filled with surprises inside that appeal to the younger crowd? Kids go absolutely nuts for them! These cute Rainbocorns hatch from a surprise mystery egg.  

Featuring reversible sequin hearts, they are sure to be your little one's cuddle buddy.  The 12 hearts reveal surprises and the brightly colored Rainbocorns have fluffy unicorn manes that are fun to brush and groom.  The collection includes a cute bunnycorn, kittycorn, puppycorn, and hamstercorn.  Rainbocorns come with a tiny baby boo-boo corn that's absolutely squishable.  They make for a cute and fun toy for your kiddos that allow them to look after them as their very own pet.  

Just the other day we were in Target and I pointed out Pets Alive Boppi The Booty Shakin' Llama and Scarlett thought it was hilarious.  She said look at him dancing! Boppi has three songs and three different dances for endless dancing fun for the entire family.  I'm sure any child would find Boppi so funny.

It's been very hot here in New England lately.  Scarlett loves to be outside but obviously we have to take breaks since it's not safe to be outside for extended periods of time in the hot sun.  When we're indoors I try to limit the screen time or TV time since she loves that, so I'm always looking for new toys and games to keep her entertained and occupied.

Much to her surprise, a package containing Boppi, 2 Rainbocorn eggs and a Dino Smashers Egg showed up at the door and Scarlett was thrilled! She screamed out "wow!" and couldn't open the huge eggs fast enough.  The two Rainbocorns she received had a large furry rainbow friend inside which she immediately gave big hugs to. Inside each of the eggs were also surprises such as stickers, small figures, unicorn poop, a bracelet, and a sequin clip containing a picture of a rainbow and a pizza.  You would have thought Scarlett won the lottery based upon her level of excitement to everything.  Part of the appeal of the toy is as much opening the giant egg as it is exploring what's inside! Your child can use the eggs to store other toys in it if they choose.

Zuru's Dino Smashers Egg was a huge hit as well.  Once that was cracked upon, there was dinosaur dirt, various slime, small eggs to crack open with figures inside, ice age putty, fossils to find in a rock, bones, and more.  Scarlett loves dinosaurs and this egg was right up her alley especially with everything it had to offer.  The slime concerned me a little bit because it's so messy.  

We've had issues in the past with slime getting stuck to things, so make sure you supervise your child playing with it or else you'll have a heart attack! With 25 surprises inside your tiny tot will be over the moon! With each orange egg that she cracked open a new dinosaur figure emerged and the smile on her face grew bigger and bigger.  As a parent, there's nothing more that you want to see than your child happy.  Of course I loved it! You can store everything inside the egg for dino playtime whenever.

Lastly, Boppi the Booty Shakin' Llama is always up for some dancing and booty shakin' fun! Scarlett said she was crazy and then tried to imitate her dance moves.  Boppi spins around to the music while shaking her booty and body while giving any child plenty of laughs.  The songs are very quick, so it would have been nice if the music was a little longer before each song and dance ends.  Boppi has a fun personality that matches her colorful look.  This toy would certainly make any young child happy.

It's been nice for Scarlett to have some new toys to add to her toy box for some indoor fun away from the heat.  If you're looking for some summer fun for your children or even to put away for the holiday season, Zuru is ready to put a smile on your child's face.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Zuru for providing product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.

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