Saturday, July 21, 2018

Making Decisions That Affect a Child's Future

From the time a child is born, you're faced with making important decisions for the future.  You have to choose whether to bottle or breast feed, and what solid foods to start with to have your little one have a healthy start in life.  There's so many choices to make from an early age of a child's life and you always hope you make the right one!

I had to recently make an important decision regarding Scarlett's schooling that will surely affect her schooling career.  The director of her preschool recommended that Scarlett repeat the 3's program and not move onto the 4's.  She didn't feel that she was quite ready, given the fact that she has a late birthday and was a late talker.  Scarlett could probably benefit from repeating the year to gain the confidence that she needs.  

I know she's not ready to go to the 4's because the 4's teacher is preparing them for kindergarten.  The curriculum is on a more challenging and strict level, and it would be too much for her.  Since Scarlett won't be going to kindergarten until September 2020, it wouldn't make sense for her to go.  

Of course I have some doubts about her repeating the year, like any parent would.  Even though the lesson plans change slightly, it's going to be similar to what Scarlett has already learned.  I hope she will not be bored and still be challenged and learn.  Scarlett will have the same teacher that she had so she will have no issues adjusting to a new one.  What will be different is the children in her class.  She's been with the same children for two years, so I hope she will like the kids and make friends easily.

The benefits of her repeating the year and starting kindergarten later is that she will be one of the oldest children, since she has a December birthday.  She'll hopefully gain the self confidence that she needs and be the best student possible.

Here's to wishing her a great 2018-2019 school year!

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