Monday, July 16, 2018

Keep Your Air Clean With Clear Air Club's Subscription Service

As a stay-at-home-mom, I find myself cleaning my house on a regular basis.  With a small child and a dog, my floors and carpets always need to be vacuumed and washed.  I also try to keep everything dust free too, which isn't always an easy task.  With as much as I do for my home, one thing that I can't physically clean is the air.  It's important that your home's air always be safe, clear, and clean with unwanted articles filtered out.

Clear Air Club is an air filter subscription box company, created to help people remember to to change their furnace and air conditioning filters on time.  The process is simple.  You select the numbers of HVAC units you have, and the filter quality you prefer along with the filter size.  Then, you choose the filter delivery schedule based upon what works for you.  The time frame is a delivery every 1, 2, or 3 months.  You and your family will be able to have clean and clear air all the time!

There are different quality air filters to fit everyone's needs.  

Merv 8 is ideal for low traffic, low allergen homes.  It provides adequate filtration at a budget-friendly price point.  

Merv 11- is ideal for medium to high traffic homes.  You'll notice the superior filtration to greatly reduce allergens in the air caused by pets and dust.  This choice is ideal for mild allergy sufferers.  

Merv 13- is Clear Air Club's most advanced filter.  It's perfect for homes with a lot of foot traffic, more than one pet, and people who suffer from bad allergies.  It would also be good choice for homes with smokers as well as pets. 

Merv (or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) is the standard by which air filters are rated, the higher the Merv reading the finer the filtration. All of the home air filters provided by Clear Air Club for their customers are of the highest quality. 

Realistically, you're supposed to change your air filter every 30-90 days, but most people don't do that.  I know my husband forgets and so do I.  We're constantly busy and on-the-go with work, a child, and everything else we have going on day-to-day.  It is important to be better at remembering to change the air filter, and that's why having a scheduled delivery of an air filter is a perfect solution!

It's very important to change your air filter regularly to protect indoor air quality, prevent equipment breakdown, and save on energy costs.  The convenience of having your air filter show up is more cheaper and more convenient than going to Home Depot or Lowe's.

When you join the Clear Air Club and have a scheduled delivery arrive at your door, you know it's time to change the old filter to a new one.  No more hoping you remember to do so, or writing yourself a note that you'll forget.  Let Clear Air Club do the remembering for you.

It's very simple to change your delivery schedule or cancel your plan.  There are no contracts, so if you move or go out of town you can easily cancel or reschedule to fit your needs.  A subscription makes the perfect (and very useful!) housewarming present for a new home owner.

It's time to enjoy your free time and your family more without worrying if you changed that pesky air filter.  Sit back and relax while you allow Clear Air Club to make sure your air is top notch quality.

*DISCLOSURE* This is a sponsored post on behalf of Clear Air Club.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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