Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Put Some Good Night Books On Your Child's Bookshelf

Now that Scarlett is older and just turned 3, we're really trying to teach her about the world around her.  She knows about the sun, moon, stars, weather and so many other elements of life.  It's equally important to me that she knows about the state she lives in, as well as where her parents are from.  As she gets older, I'd love to tell her about my childhood in North Carolina, as well as her dad's in New Jersey.  Thankfully, there are plenty of children's books to help on those subjects.

Good Night Books is an adorable board book series meant for children 0-5 designed to celebrate special places that young children can relate to.  Not only is there one for each state in the United States, but others including the galaxy, the beach, animals, America, and many others.  The books are clear and easy to understand and include bright and vivid illustrations that all children will enjoy.  

A few years back we discovered the Good Night book for our state at a used book store.  I was very excited to buy it for Scarlett because it was a great way to know about where she lives.  I had no prior knowledge of the series and was pleased to know how large the line was once I did some online research.  We also have Good Night Farm which is equally as adorable.  It's one of Scarlett's favorites since she is such an animal lover.

These books make perfect gifts for young children as well as gifts for a baby shower.  Any tiny tot would be enthused to have a book from the state which they live in.  The hardcover board book is easy to hold and doesn't have too many pages where children will lose interest.

Since we're always looking to expand Scarlett's book collection, I wanted her to have Goodnight New Jersey, Goodnight North Carolina and Goodnight Country Store.  I grew up in North Carolina and my husband Jay grew up in New Jersey, so it was important to us for Scarlett to have books about where her parents are from.  In my opinion, Goodnight Country Store is a fun choice because Scarlett it combines shopping and food, which are two of Scarlett's favorite things.  It reminds me of Cracker Barrel's Country Store which Scarlett and I both enjoy. 

Since we only had 2 prior books from the series, I was looking forward to seeing Scarlett's reaction to 3 new books from the line once they arrived.

We chose to read Goodnight North Carolina first since I was intrigued at what it would say about my home state.  I lived in North Carolina for 17 years and have fond memories of growing up there.  It's very different from New England where we live now! The book focuses on The Outer Banks, Kitty Hawk where the Wright Brothers were first in flight, Roanoke Island, The North Carolina Zoological Park and much more.  

It was great to be able to show her places in North Carolina in the book that I went as a child such as The Outer Banks.  Scarlett enjoyed the pictures and asked questions along the way of things that intrigued her.  Hopefully one day she'll be able to see everything in the book in person! She's been to North Carolina a few times and it's always special for me to have her in my home state.

My husband was very enthusiastic about the Good Night New Jersey book.  Scarlett's Grandma lives in New Jersey, so we visit frequently.  The book showcases such places as The Delaware Water Gap, Asbury Park, Point Pleasant Boardwalk, and New Jersey lighthouses among others.  Jay enjoyed reading the book to her and telling her about his memories and thoughts about certain topics in the book.

Since he's from New Jersey he has much more knowledge about the state than I do.  Last summer we visited the Point Pleasant Boardwalk and rode the rides which are featured in the book.  It was fun to remind Scarlett of that visit and how she loved the experience.

Lastly, Goodnight Country Store focuses on everything that you associate a country store with from quilts and crafts to classic toys and food.  There was even one page that featured a bookshelf with some books from the Good Night series for sale! I thought that was cute.  There's always something fun and interesting to see at a Country Store.  Scarlett and I just went to the Cracker Barrel store twice last weekend when we were driving back from our road trip.  They sell very similar things as to what's in the book.  It's hard to not buy something every time you're in a country store!

Scarlett's really been enjoying the new books from the series immensely.  I hope to add to her collection soon enough.  We have our eye on Goodnight Galaxy and Goodnight Ocean!

If you're looking to add some wonderful books to your child's collection, it's time to pick out some titles from the series!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Good Night Books for providing product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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