Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Scarlett's 3 Year Old Update

It's been a while since I've done an update on Scarlett.  Now that she's been 3 for a few weeks, I felt now is a perfect time to fill you in on what Scarlett has been up to.

Scarlett was in speech therapy for close to a year in a program that was meant for kids from birth to age 3. Since she turned 3, she's aged out of the program.  We had our last session at the beginning of December.  Scarlett did well with services and really blossomed throughout the year! At the beginning of 2017 she wasn't talking much, now she's picking up new words constantly.  It's really incredible to see her progress and she is getting better all the time.  She's able to speak in sentences now and I'm sure her speech will continue to improve as she grows. 

We had a pizza themed birthday party for her 3rd birthday as well as took her to Disney.  She had a wonderful time at both and I have beautiful pictures to treasure, so it's a win-win for both of us.

Scarlett is usually an easy-going child, but has her moments as of late.  She is really testing boundaries lately and pushing limits and some days are really challenging.  I am doing the best I can but sometimes she doesn't listen to anyone.  This is not an easy age! She also is going through a phase where she thinks everything is hers no matter what.  Hopefully that will pass soon!

Food continues to be a love affair for my tiny tot.  Scarlett loves fruit and veggies as much as I love chocolate.  Of course she loves her fair share of junk food too, but she really is the healthiest eater I know.  She eats tomatoes and peppers and fruit all day long. I asked her if she wanted a piece of cake the other day and she said no, I want a red pepper! I hope she continues to love fruits and veggies for years to come.  

Scarlett's big into Disney movies right now and loves The Secret Life of Pets, Trolls, and Moana.  She also loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as Doc McStuffins.  Play-Doh and arts and crafts are what she enjoys most.  You'll always find her making something with Play-Doh or drawing in a coloring book with her crayons. 

We're more than half-way potty trained.  Scarlett is out of diapers and has been in pull-ups solidly for about a month and a half.  She will tell me when she has to go and has had great progress but is still having accidents.  I'm not going to push her at all to disrupt how far she's come.  I know she'll get there on her own!

It's fun to see how Scarlett has changed and grown over the year.  She has two friends that she loves and talks about all the time.  One friend she met at school and Scarlett was so excited that she was able to come to her birthday party.  Her other friend is her best friend and she sees her on a regular basis.  I'm also good friends with the girl's mom.  It's fun to see how she interacts with her friends and I'm already mentally planning sleepovers in my head for them.  I can't wait for that! I know we're a ways away from that happening though.

Scarlett continues to impress me with how much she knows.  She listens and remembers everything and you really have to watch what you say around her.  It's safe to say she's my little parrot! She knows more and more on a daily basis and sometimes I'm shocked with how much she has picked up. Her personality is fun and silly but mixed with a caring side.  She feels bad if someone gets hurt and is crying.  

Scarlett continues to love school and her teachers.  She goes 3 days a week now and is aways upset when I have to pick her up.  I think she'd love to stay there full-time if given the opportunity! She never wants to go home.  I'm happy she loves school so much.

I can't wait to see where 2018 takes us!

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