Thursday, January 4, 2018

Keep Little One's Hands Warm With Mittyz

If you picture cold weather what's the first thing you think of? Many will think of soups, stews, or even roaring fires and hot chocolate.  Of course snow goes hand in hand with all of those things.  Adults and children alike enjoy snow activities including snow tubing, skiing, and even making a snowman.  When you're out in the frigid temps, it's dire to make sure your hands are protected from the chilly air.

Mittyz by Veyo Kids are a new type of baby and toddler glove designed specifically to end the "thumb wars" and make outdoor playtime easy.  The unique design makes them easy to slip on and fit perfectly around bulky coats.  They stay on better and keep little fingers warmer, which means outdoor playtime lasts longer.  You'll find that the gloves come in a variety of styles including tiger paws, skull and crossbones, penguins, dragons, and butterflies.  There's a perfect pair of Mittyz for every boy and girl in sizes that range from 6 months all the way up to 6 years. 

Parents everywhere will enjoy that Mittyz are 100% waterproof and fleece lined for warmth. The elastic gauntlet cinch strap seals out snow and ice making outdoor play enjoyable and easier. Toss in the washing machine to have the gloves be washed and ready for more future outdoor play.

Scarlett absolutely loves to play in the snow whenever the white stuff falls from the sky. Since we live in New England, we get a lot of snow during the winter.  She doesn't love to be bundled up but knows it's necessary to play outside.  One thing that I've always had trouble with is her gloves though.

Children's mittens and gloves always seem to be thin and not very warm.  It's always a struggle to get little one's hands in them, especially with thumbs for mittens.  We've had waterproof gloves in the past that were made with a thicker material but were challenging to put on.  In the end, Scarlett's gloves always seem to come off and then her hands get wet and cold.  She gets upset and it's not enjoyable for either of us! I worry about her getting sick with her hands not covered.  

We received the Mittyz in the mail yesterday and today we have snow.  What perfect timing, don't you think? The gloves very easy to put on securely and in no time Scarlett was bundled up and ready to play outside. I loved how the Mittyz went all the way up Scarlett's arm over her puffy jacket.  Thanks to this, you're able to prevent snow and ice from getting inside the sleeve of the jacket and making your child cold.

Scarlett had a lot of fun playing outside and when I asked her if her hands were cold she said no.  We were able to stay outside for about half an hour before she wanted to come in.  With prior snowfalls, she didn't want to stay outside as long because she would complain about her gloves falling off and her hands being cold. The gloves did not come off at all and tightly stayed on the whole time outdoors.  I was very impressed with that and knew that these gloves would be a lifesaver this winter!

Mittyz will always be reliably in our coat closet for future play all winter long.  I know I'll be ordering the next size up for her when the time comes! I highly recommend Mittyz to parents everywhere who live in cold states.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Mittyz for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post. All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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