Friday, January 26, 2018

How Does Riding Gear Protect You in Case of A Crash?

You know that riding a bike is dangerous, but it doesn’t really hit you until the first sign of trouble. The first time you take a spill, or a car nearly smashes you into a wall, you realize how important it is to have the right motorcycle protective gear. Just wearing any old equipment isn’t enough; riders need top-of-the-line protection that’s in good condition. 

Starting at the Top

The helmet is the most important part of your safety arsenal. Accidents often end with your head protection taking most of the impact, which is preventing that force from going directly into your head. Helmets are built similarly to a modern car bumper. It consists of a tough outer shell with energy-absorbing inner layers. Helmets should meet DOT standards at the very least, with ECE- and Snell-approved helmets preferred by some. Fit is important, motorcycle helmets for women and men should be snug, but not tight.

Armoring Your Body

The jackets and pants you wear while riding are all that’s between your skin and blood-thirsty asphalt. Your choice is between ultra-durable fabrics and armor or the same stuff they use to make cotton balls. According to the abrasion-measuring Taber test, ballistic nylon and leather are four and 10 times tougher than denim respectively. Recreation riders can wear dedicated biker gear while commuters can easily have normal clothes under an all weather motorcycle jacket and overpants. Armor can consist of rigid plastic or reactive viscoelastic that’s pliable at rest but stiffens at impact.

Protecting Your Legs

The frequency of lower leg and foot injuries speaks to the lack of protective boots among many riders. Even a minor foot injury can leave you hobbling around for weeks. Boots should include features such as tough materials, armor, steel-plating, and internal ankle protection to maximize your chances of avoiding injury.

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