Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Stay-At-Home-Mom's Idea of a Day Off

I've now been a stay at home mom for over three years.  In those three years, my world went from diaper changes, crying, and constant bottles to solid foods, walking, and talking.  In between, I was my child's advocate and first teacher in life.  Now at 3 years old, Scarlett is her own person and has many opinions on the A-Z's of daily life.

Scarlett goes to school three days a week for three hours per day. It's nice to have the 9 hours a week to myself to relax and do what I want for the 180 minutes each day.  I'll either prep dinner, do some light cleaning or just sit back on the couch and enjoy doing nothing.  My days do heavily revolve around taking care of my tiny tot so whenever I can get a spare moment for myself, I like to take advantage.

Earlier tonight I was thinking about what I would do if I had the entire day to myself.   I've never had that much time away from Scarlett and I would surely miss her a lot!  Let's say for example my husband took her to my mother in law's house for the day.  It would be strange to not have her around, but I think I would take full advantage since it would be a rare treat.  

This is an idea of how I'd want my day to go:

In the morning I would wake up at whatever time I felt like it.  I'd make myself some eggs and toast for breakfast while browsing Facebook uninterrupted.  After that, I'd probably do some cleaning and vacuuming to keep my home in order.  If a load of laundry needed to be thrown in, I'd probably do that too.

Next, I'd take a shower and get ready for the day.  I would go to the nail salon and get a manicure and pedicure and then get some lunch after.  I would call in to check on Scarlett and my husband Jay to see what they're up to.  After that, I'd probably head to Target or Walmart and do some shopping and of course pick up a toy or a snack Scarlett likes because I'd be missing her.  

Once I was done with Target or Walmart, I'd drive home while thinking about how I miss my husband and daughter and how it's weird to have so much time to myself.  Even though I enjoy the freedom, I still miss them a lot! 

I'd get home and take a care-free nap and wake up well rested.  Once my snooze fest was over, I'd watch some TV while waiting for Jay and Scarlett to get home.  I would feel refreshed and ready to take on being a parent again since I had such a nice amount of time to myself.  I'd give them both a big hug and thank them for the time alone.  

What would you like to do if you had the chance to not be a parent for a day? 

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