Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Keep Warm With Therapedic International's Silky Plush Warming Blankets

Here in New England, we've had record low temperatures lately.  When it's 2 or 3 degrees outside you don't want to do anything but stay inside and keep warm.  The heat has been raised to a higher degree than we're used to and I've been making a lot of soups, stews, and hot chocolate.  I can't say that winter is my favorite season! It's essential to keep warm and comfortable with bone chilling temps!

Therapedic International offers fabulous bedding products to keep you comfortable and happy.  If your bed is in need of a makeover, they can help with pillows, sheet sets, mattress pads, toppers, and even mattresses for any bed size.  Since we're in the throws of winter, I can't help but be drawn to their heated products to keep you toasty warm.  Everyone can benefit from a heated wrap, silky plush heated throw blankets, and even a heated mattress pad.  These items would certainly make a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

After Scarlett's gone to bed and I'm finished with my housework for the night, there's nothing I enjoy more than laying in bed watching TV.  What can be better than being warm and cozy while watching something entertaining? My comfort factor has been turned up a notch thanks to Therapedic's Silky Plush Warming Blanket.

Just like it's name, this cozy blanket is truly silky and comes in a range of three colors for a twin, queen, full or king sized bed.  You'll honestly question how you never had this oasis of comfort on your bed previously.  I can guarantee you'll be sleeping in heated bliss every night.   The blanket features pre-heat technology that warms your bed quickly and dual zone control for personalized comfort.  Its programmable digital controller sets your desired temp and time that fits your needs most.

I was sent a blanket in a queen size, which fits perfectly on my bed.  We turn down the temps at night upstairs and I seem to always be chilly until I can get under the covers and warm up.  Sometimes my husband is hot when I'm cold and vice versa, so it's really convenient to be able to set the desired temperature we want for both of us.  The heating blanket will keep you warm and also save money on your heating bill if you turn the thermostat down.  It's a win-win!

I love how silky and comfortable the blanket is for cuddling up with at night.  Scarlett and Lynnie enjoy the blanket too and have been cozying up with it.  The warming feature is very nice although on the hottest setting it's not extremely hot.  I do wish it got a little bit hotter, but it only warms, not heats.  The digital controller is easy to use and I like a higher temperature than my husband does.  Simply plug the controller plug into the outlet on each side of the blanket and you're good to go.  Having the ability to have two people have two different temperatures is really fantastic.  You can set the temperature from 1-9, and after 9 is H which is the warmest.  The blanket heats up instantly.

When you're not using it, simply fold it and keep it on the end of your bed to use it whenever the mood strikes.  If you choose to use it on the couch, it would be perfect for a family to cuddle up with while having a movie night.

It's very nice to have this to keep us warm throughout the rest of the winter and beyond.  Surely, I'll look forward to having this blanket to use for many winters to come!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Therapedic International for providing a product sample to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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