Wednesday, December 14, 2016

PartiesByMel Will Make Your Party's Next Centerpiece Beautiful

When you have a party, you focus not only on the food you put out, but the centerpieces on your table too.  A successful centerpiece draws attention to your table but is also a stylish conversation starter. Whether you have flowers, handmade wooden signs, or even framed pictures as your focal point on the table, you can bet your guests will love it.

PartiesByMel is an Etsy shop ran by owner Melissa.  Melissa creates Sesame Street themed birthday banners, center pieces, and party decor.  If you have a child having a birthday with this theme in the near future, they will absolutely love the fun items Melissa can produce for their party.  Hang up a birthday banner on your front door as you walk into the party, or even have your child's name next to Elmo or Big Bird as a centerpiece.  If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, have Melissa create Sesame Street decor of your dreams!

Scarlett's Sesame Street themed 2nd birthday party was last weekend.  It was so much fun and everyone really enjoyed themselves.  This was the first actual home party that I planned as a parent and believe me I took it very seriously! Her first birthday party was in a restaurant and didn't have a theme.  I knew that for her second birthday I needed to step up the creativity, and you can bet I did.

I knew that Scarlett needed a special centerpiece to tie the party together.  When I came across Melissa's birthday centerpiece, it was just what the event needed.

As you can see, it's completely personalized to Scarlett.  Forget Sesame Street, it's all about Scarlett Street! Since she was turning 2, Melissa put a 2 on top to represent that.  Scarlett's favorite character from the show is Elmo, so of course had to be in the centerpiece.  She also loves Big Bird and Cookie Monster and I knew this centerpiece would not only catch her eye but look great on the table too.

The centerpiece contains 3 6" characters with google eyes and a 12" street sign with the name and age of your choice.  A clear vase with colored tissue paper of your choice is also included.  I stuck with red which was the default color.  I chose not to change the color because it matched Elmo well who Scarlett lives for.  The characters are made from card stock and stuck on durable lollipop sticks which then stick into a foam structure inside the vase.  The final product comes unassembled which gives you the freedom to assemble the signs however you'd like.  If you wanted different characters such as Grover or Ernie, Melissa can do that too.

Melissa did a fabulous job with the centerpiece and it turned out so adorable.  The character faces are large and look exactly like how they do on the show.  I noticed how bright and vivid the colors were and it was like Sesame Street was brought to life on my table! The sticks securely stayed inside the vase and did not move at all. My guests really loved the centerpiece and kept asking me if I made it.  I wish I had that much talent, but sadly I don't.  In cases like these, it's fantastic to be able to utilize others talents for situations like these.

Scarlett was very excited about the centerpiece when she saw it.  She enthusiastically pointed to it and smiled and laughed.  This child is Sesame Street obsessed, I knew she'd absolutely go wild over it.  It was also fun to have her name be apart of the centerpiece too, I'm sure she wishes Scarlett Street really existed.

Even though the party is over, we put the centerpiece on her dresser for her to admire and love every day.

I'm very satisfied with Melissa's work and would highly recommend her shop and services to anyone.  Keep her in mind for your Sesame Street party needs now or in the future.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to PartiesByMel for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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