Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fantastic Kid Friendly NYE Ideas

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Traditionally New Year’s Eve is a quite a grown up occasion and a chance for adults to let their hair down, have a few drinks and dance the night away as they ring in the start of the new year in style. However, if you happen to have young children, you’ve just had a baby or are currently pregnant it’s not feasible to do any of those things. Not to mention getting a babysitter that night is going to be harder than keeping last minute New Year resolutions! So we’ve come up with a few ideas that will keep the little ones happy, after all, they deserve to celebrate too, that you can enjoy as a family or with other parents and kids.  

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An Afternoon Of Glorious Games

Everyone brings over their favourite game and you set them up in a large, clear area making sure ones like twister, Simpsons monopoly and uno have plenty of room as they can get quite raucous. Set out a buffet style snack area with plenty of party food like sausage rolls, jello, and chips as well as smiley face salad, carrot sticks and lots of juice. Remember to set aside 23463572443_045d482190_k.jpgsome grown up snacks for the adults as well and if you know guests have dietary requirements take that into consideration. Why not adapt some birthday party games for the occasion such as musical chairs, red light green light and even pass the parcel? Think carefully about the ages of the children invited and if you need to pop away any valuables that could get knocked over by wandering hands.

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Marshmallow Movie Madness

Get your kids to choose three of their favourite movies and spend the evening watching old favourites, Frozen will be amongst them, and discovering new ones at the same time while making s’mores. This could get a little messy so make sure you’ve got paper towels, warm water and wipes on hand just in case. You can buy online grocery or visit the store before setting up a surprise s’more station in the kitchen using sweet crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, candy and whipped cream. Either melt the marshmallow or grab a packet of them and some wooden roasting sticks. Gently caramelise the marshmallow either in front of the fire, by using a mini creme brûlée torch even an extra long lit match will work. Settle your kids in front of the TV, with drinks, their dessert creations and plenty of blankets or double duvets then simply sit back, relax and watch.

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Take Them To A Winter Wonderland

At this time of year, there are plenty of ice rinks, winter festivals and NYE concerts to go to as well as county fairs packed with rides, games, stalls and food demonstrations. Bundle everyone into their best coats and enjoy the celebrations as a family with creamy hot chocolate, armfuls of soft toys won from the grab machine and delicious mince pies. Finally, let your kids drag you onto the ghost train, into the fun house or onto the ferris wheel they’ll love trying to look brave in front of mom or dad, and you’ll end up having a wicked time yourself.

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