Monday, May 9, 2016

Nutrisystem Week 5 Update #NSNation

I'm five weeks down on Nutrisystem and have never felt better about myself.  I'm the same weight this week, which is a little disappointing.  Of course on the flip side I'm happy to not have gained any weight either.  I do know that some people plateau with their weight on diets and I might be headed in that direction.  People who haven't seen me in a while are complimenting me on my weight loss and I've never been happier!

I've been going to the gym and maintaining my goal of drinking as much water as possible.  When you drink water, you feel so much better about yourself.  You don't feel heavy or weighed down at all.  

Every week I still can't get over how you can eat such delicious food that helps you lose weight! Who would have thought it? Some of my favorites from this week included the grilled chicken sandwich and hamburger (again) and my new love affair of the white cheddar mac and cheese.  I ate that mac and cheese for lunch and it was fabulous.  It was disappointing that I only had one of them.  Hopefully there's more in my next shipment!

I was taken out for a pre-mother's day dinner on Saturday night.  Obviously you can't have Nutrisystem at every single point in life, it's impossible.  I tried to be as healthy as possible and ordered a chicken salad with lots of fresh veggies in it.  With a lot of unhealthy options on the menu I tried to make the right choice.  It's hard when you're at certain places that don't allow you to eat your diet food.

It's important to me to work on toning my body as I continue to lose weight.  I can't wait to see what the upcoming week brings! Stay tuned.

*DISCLOSURE* I am receiving NutriSystem for 3 months in exchange for blogging about my weight-loss journey.  

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