Friday, October 30, 2015

Eve's Addiction Review

If you haven't started your holiday shopping yet, now is the perfect time to begin.  The stores won't be crowded and you won't have to stand on long lines waiting to pay.  Over the years I've begun to prefer to shop online for holiday presents rather than in store.  Who wouldn't want to shop online in their pajamas from the comfort of their own couch? Don't forget a steaming mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows to accompany your shopping spree either. If you're looking for the perfect Christmas present for a friend or family member, Eve's Addiction is there to assist.

Eve's Addiction is where fashion jewelry meets affordable prices.  This website is truly the jewelry headquarters.  When you log onto the site, you'll instantly be met with gorgeous silver necklaces, rings bursting with gemstones, bangle bracelets, and dangly earrings. Browse through gorgeous jewelry that can be personalized and customized to your exact needs.  If you're looking for a Christmas present for your Grandma, how about a floating locket featuring her favorite charms and colors? Don't forget about your Aunt either.  She'd love a gorgeous pair of gold earrings to unwrap on Christmas morning. Anything from Eve's Addiction makes a fantastic gift for the holidays and virtually any occasion.  With so many styles and colors to choose from, I'm sure you'll instantly fall in love with a piece.  Keep the company in mind for your holiday shopping this year and beyond.

I was able to review two stunning pieces from Eve's Addiction and I couldn't be more thrilled with them.  I value quality over quantity and feel it's better to have less jewelry if it's well made, then many pieces that aren't as high quality.

My almost 11 month old daughter Scarlett means the world to me, and I want to always have her close to my heart.  That's why I chose to have a personalized Scarlett necklace that I can wear at all times.  The Personalized I Love You To the Moon and Back Necklace is a perfect gift for any mother to have their children near them at all times, especially if they live far away.

Isn't this such a gorgeous necklace? The front features a dangling moon that says "to the moon and back" while a small heart inside the moon displays the text "I love you." The text is clear, bold, and very easy to read.  On the back, I have my daughter's name engraved. You can choose which font you want as well as having a choice of the chain length. I absolutely love the way the engraving came out and I couldn't be more pleased.  The necklace would make a perfect present for a new mom or grandma for Christmas.

I chose a 16 inch chain and feel that it's the perfect length for me.  Since the necklace is silver, it virtually goes with anything you wear.  I've received compliments on it from friends and family already and they absolutely love it.  This necklace is one that will bring me years of joy and will truly never go out of style. 

Since I'm always trying to experiment with my jewelry, I wanted to have a piece that is different from what I usually wear.  Due to this, I chose the Chen Rai Woven Turquoise Cord With Mixed Gemstones Wrap Bracelet. I had to use the stock photo because I wasn't getting a decent picture of it on my wrist.  This beautiful piece features a leather band with turquoise fabric and multi-colored beads.

What attracted me to this piece was that you can wear it however you like.  It's not just a simple bangle that slips on, but this bracelet truly has personality.  Wrap it anyway you want for a look that's completely your own.  The blue and brown cord mixed with the gemstones gives it a really unique look that I adore.  It can be wrapped up to five times around your wrist and will look especially great with anything blue, black, or brown in your wardrobe.

The wrap bracelet stays securely on my wrist and I have had no issues with it falling off.  It's easy to tie and it's something different that I really enjoy wearing.  The added beads give the bracelet an extra boost of personality.  Your jewelry box will certainly love its newest addition when you add this beauty to the mix.

Please keep Eve's Addiction in mind for all of your holiday shopping.  You'll purchase quality pieces that will instantly become your favorites for years to come.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Eve's Addiction for providing me with product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 
Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Scarlett's First Birthday Party is In One Month from Today!

Can you believe it? Baby Scarlett will be turning 1 in a matter of weeks! Technically her birthday isn't until December 9th, but we're having her party at the end of November.  My parents will be in for Thanksgiving and thought it would be a good opportunity to get everyone together at that time.

I can't wait for her party.  Stay tuned for many pictures and updates from her party!

This is Scarlett at one week old vs. 10 months old!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Beautiful Christmas Presents Come from Eve's Addiction #HolidayGiftGuide

When I think of Christmas gifts, I envision fancy kitchen gadgets, shiny new electronics, gorgeous clothes, and of course jewelry.  There's nothing quite like looking under the tree on Christmas morning and seeing a small wrapped box underneath.  You know that box contains something beautiful that will look great on you.  Jewelry makes a fantastic gift for any lucky friend or family member this holiday season.

Eve's Addiction is where fashion jewelry meets affordable prices.  This website is like the mecca of all jewelry.  Feast your eyes on stunning sterling silver necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.  Browse through gorgeous jewelry that can be personalized and customized to your exact needs.  If you're looking for a Christmas present for your Grandma, how about a necklace with the birthstones of all of her grandchildren in it? Don't forget about Mom either.  She'd love a sterling silver bangle bracelet to unwrap on Christmas morning. Anything from Eve's Addiction makes a fantastic gift for the holidays and virtually any occasion.  With so many styles and colors to choose from, I'm sure you'll instantly fall in love with a piece.  Keep the company in mind for your holiday shopping this year and beyond.

Here are some of my current favorites that definitely belong in my jewelry box:

These are just some of the gorgeous pieces available at Eve's Addiction.  Everyone needs to spoil themselves once in a while, how about adding a new pair of earrings or bracelet to your jewelry box today?

*DISCLOSURE* This is a sponsored post.  All thoughts are my own.  

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween Pizza's Will Kick Your Party up A Notch!

If you're having a Halloween party in the next few days and are looking for a crowd pleasing snack, I have the perfect suggestion for you.

Your guests will absolutely love to sink their teeth into these not only tasty, but adorable Ghostly Pizzas.  Cut them into small squares so each guest has their own piece.

Frozen pizza dough is the secret to this easy pizza which is topped with slices of mozzarella cheese shaped like ghosts.
These ghosts all want a one way ticket into your stomach. 

You'll need:
- 1 tablespoon olive oil
-1 pound frozen pizza dough, thawed
-3/4 cup jarred tomato sauce
-8 ounces sliced low-moisture mozzarella cheese
-1 tablespoon capers

1. Preheat oven to 475.  Brush bottom of a 16-by-11-inch rimmed baking sheet with olive oil.  Press and stretch dough evenly to cover bottom of sheet. (If dough resists at first, let it rest for a minute and then continue.)

2. Spread sauce in an even layer over dough, leaving a 1-inch border around all sides.  Bake until underside is golden, which is about 15 minutes.  Use a ghost shape cookie cutter to cut ghosts from cheese.  Place ghosts on top of hot pizza and bake for 5 minutes.  Place two capers on each piece of pizza for the eyes.  Let stand 5 minutes on a wire rack before slicing and serving.

This is a really easy recipe that all of your guests will absolutely love.  The ghosts will haunt your stomachs with deliciousness!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Lakeshore Learning is Every Child's Holiday Dream Present #HolidayGiftGuide

My 10 month old daughter Scarlett spends most of her days playing.  It's important for her to not only have fun, but to learn through play as well.  I do play with her, but independent play is essential for a child to thrive and grow.  Make sure your child has plenty of educational toys in their toy box at all times. 

Lakeshore Learning creates award-winning educational products for schools and families to provide a high quality education for every child.  Not only does Lakeshore Learning offer toys and games for children from birth to 6th grade, but they offer educational materials and classroom supplies too. Your child will be delighted to play with a Peek-A-Boo Octopus as a baby and then a magnetic vehicle set a few years later.  The toys and games offered are entertaining and fun and the best part is children learn through them.  Don't know what to get your 7 year old niece for her birthday? A real-working cash register is an excellent present that teaches children about money.  There are so many wonderful birthday and Christmas present options available at Lakeshore Learning.  Why not head on over to their website today?

Scarlett was sent a Color Rings Sorting Board, a Fraction Board, and a Sort-a-Shape Activity Board.  These items are all for children ages 2 and up, but I regularly let Scarlett play with older toys.  I supervise her play and some of her favorite toys are for older kids.  

Learning about colors and shapes is very important for all babies. 

Even though Scarlett is 10 months old, she won't be forever.  One day, she'll know the names of colors,shapes, animals, and much more.  Before she gets to that point, she has to learn what things are called of course.  Thanks to toys like the Color Rings Sorting Board and the Sort-a-Shape Activity board, they are helping her learn and develop.

Scarlett absolutely loves the sorting board and has been playing with it since it arrived.  I tell her what colors each ring are and she loves banging the chunky brightly colored rings together.  Stacking is something that she enjoys as well and this toy incorporates that perfectly. The rings are large and easy for her to hold and grab.  Since the toy is wooden, it's durable and will last for years to come.

The fraction board is a little advanced for her, but it won't always be.  Right now, Scarlett plays with this toy like a puzzle.  She loves removing each piece of the fraction and putting it back.  It's okay with me that she doesn't understand that it's meaning is beyond a puzzle, but one day she will.  The pieces are easy to hold and I love that each one is different and brightly colored.

The activity board also holds her attention for quite a while.  This toy helps little ones work on their logical thinking skills and hand/eye coordination as they play.  What a win-win to have fun and learn at the same time.  I like that each peg set holds a different shape and helps children learn about circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares.  These jumbo pieces are easy for Scarlett to hold and she loves trying to stack them onto each peg.  She's not quite there yet at accurately putting them onto each peg, but we'll get there! 

Thanks to Lakeshore Learning, Scarlett is learning through play and that is something that I am passionate about.  Each item is made well and will provide years of play.  Their toys will instantly become your child's favorite as soon as they receive it.  Why not put a Lakeshore Learning item under the tree for your child this Christmas?

*DISCLOSURE* Thanks to Lakeshore Learning for providing me with product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  
Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Time Life Offers a Fun and Unique Gift This Christmas #HolidayGiftGuide

This year has absolutely flown by.  Can you believe Christmas is just weeks away? Soon enough beautifully wrapped presents will be under the tree. Holiday shopping can be difficult especially if your gift recipient is hard to buy for.  If you're struggling to find the perfect gift for that person who has everything, why not let Time Life do the hard work for you?

Time Life offers fantastic DVD nostalgia options that every television lover would be happy to display on their shelf.  In an era where digital leads the home entertainment realm, it can be easy to let old favorites slip away. How about delighting a friend or family member this holiday season with a DVD collection of such classics as The Carol Burnett Show, Don Rickles: The Ultimate Collection, The Beginner's Bible and so much more?  Wouldn't it be fun to see the surprise on their face when they unwrap a television show that's an old favorite? That rectangular shaped gift will be a huge hit this Christmas!

I'm very excited that one of my most loved shows, The Wonder Years, is available through Time Life.     This series is one of those shows that you'll never get tired of and can watch over and over.  This complete series offers 115 episodes on 26 DVD's that also include over 23 hours of bonus features. You'll love watching such bonus features as the first cast reunion in 16 years, and interviews with the cast, crew, and creators.  There's tons of surprises thrown in that you'll enjoy.  The Wonder Years is one of those shows that is timeless and never goes out of style. Who knows, maybe your children will even be interested to tune in.

Catch up with Winnie, Paul, and Kevin from start to finish as you experience the trials of tribulations of their adolescent and teenage years.

*DISCLOSURE* I received a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Let Puzzingo Keep Your Kids Entertained this Winter #Sponsored+ Giveaway

As the temperatures drop lower and lower, children spend more time indoors.  In order to avoid hearing your child tell you that they're bored, it's essential to have plenty of things to keep them occupied.  If you don't want your little one to spend endless time in front of the television watching TV or playing video games, how about supplying them with something that will not only entertain them but stimulate them too? If this sounds like the perfect idea, I have a great suggestion for you.

Puzzingo Kids Puzzles is the top ranking kids' puzzles app in the app store on your smartphone or tablet for a small fee.  With over six million downloads and 500 million puzzles played, you can guarantee your child will be entertained by it.  You can choose from a variety of categories of puzzles including food, colors, shapes, animals, the alphabet and so much more. There will surely be a puzzle your child will instantly love.  

Puzzles not only keep children occupied, but they are great for brain growth and development.  

The key benefits of Puzzingo:

-Includes over 100 beautifully illustrated learning puzzles
-Helps kids develop spatial recognition, matching, tactile, and fine motor skills
- The ability to learn vocabulary in over five different languages
- Over 40 mini-games that complement the "fantasies of play" for many of the puzzles
- Perfect for bilingual parents, or foreign parents who want their children to learn english
- Carefully designed and tested to be accessible for children 5 years and younger, and for children with special needs

You can download Puzzingo here:

Keep Puzzingo on your phone for non-stop entertainment for your child at all times. You'll never hear them complain about being bored again.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tortellini Soup is the Perfect Meal for Cold Weather

Cooler weather is here and it's hard for me to accept that fact.  It feels like it was just summer not that many weeks ago! In the northeast, long sleeves and jackets are daily requirements and the nights are even cooler.  With even colder weather on the horizon, it's imperative to stay warm and comfortable.

Soup is always one of my go-to meal's during the colder months of the year.  The best thing about soup is that it can be prepared in so many fantastic different ways.  Whether you want chicken and sausage soup, chicken noodle, tomato and rice, or even gazpacho, all of them would make your taste buds happy.

If you're looking for a fantastic soup to make on a cold night, I have the perfect option for you.  Tortellini soup will satisfy your pasta and soup cravings all in one bowl.  

This recipe will taste like you spent hours making it in the kitchen, but in reality it's so quick to prepare.  

3 tablespoons of olive oil
1 clove of garlic, minced
3 stalks, celery, chopped
1 onion diced
3 carrots, peeled and chopped
2 cans cream of chicken soup
2 cans water
32 oz box of chicken broth
Family size package of cheese or beef tortellini, half cooked

Steps to prepare:

1.Put olive oil in the bottom of a large soup/stock pan
2. Saute garlic, celery, carrots, and onions until tender
3. Add frozen spinach and break up the blocks of spinach as you cook
4. Continue to sauté until spinach thaws then heats up
5. Add cream of chicken soup and water
6. Add chicken broth and then add tortellini
7. Heat and serve

The soup came out fantastic and was full of flavor.  I added some pepper and seasoned salt to kick up the flavor a notch because it was slightly simple.  What I noticed was the broth not overly thick even though there was cream of chicken in it.    I opted to leave the celery and onions out as I do not like them.  You can substitute kale for spinach if you'd like, and you can also add more root vegetables too.  

My family really enjoyed the soup and it was a nice diversion from a standard everyday soups.  Serve a slice of warm buttered bread on the side for the perfect meal.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Impractical Jokers Season 3 Belongs Under Every Christmas Tree #HolidayGiftGuide

If you know me, then you'll know I'm a huge lover of comedy.  They say laughter is the best medicine and I take that advice to heart.  You'll always find me laughing at entertaining jokes or stories at any given time.

My husband and I have a shared deep love of the TruTV show Impractical Jokers.  When it's on for the season, Thursdays are our favorite night of the week.  Murr, Q, Sal, and Joe are four childhood friends who compete to embarrass each other with ridiculously crazy antics and pranks.  With episode titles like "Junk in The Trunk" and "Make Womb for Daddy", how can you not be amused?  We crack up together as each joke and prank is funnier than the last.   If you haven't seen this show, you really have to! It's unlike anything else on TV and will keep you laughing from start to finish.

If you're in the mood to laugh, now's your chance! You're now able to get your hands on the Complete Season 3 DVD of Impractical Jokers.  Not only will this make a great present for yourself, but it will make a great holiday gift for any friend or family member.  Make sure you wrap it well and  put it underneath the tree.  Your recipient will be in for tons of laugh when they open that square shaped gift.

Even when you watch all of the episodes, there's still more laughs to be had! Tune into the bonus features like a behind the scenes look of the show, deleted scenes, and episode commentaries.  You can purchase this DVD on Amazon or wherever DVD's are sold. 

Impractical Jokers is one show that you'll never grow tired of and it'll provide you endless entertainment.  Gather the family around the television with your favorite snacks for a night of fun and memories.

*DISCLOSURE* I received product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  
Friday, October 16, 2015

Bloomsy Box Review #HolidayGiftGuide

There's nothing quite like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to light up any room.  With the holidays approaching, just imagine how beautiful your Christmas or Thanksgiving table would look with flowers as the centerpiece. Not only do flowers make the perfect gift for any occasion, they bring an instant smile to anyone's face.  When's the last time you had a stunning flower arrangement in your house? Go ahead and spoil yourself or someone else today.

Bloomsy Box is a flower subscription service that believes everyone should enjoy beautiful blooms no matter where they are.  A subscriber has the option to choose from a small, medium, or large flower arrangement that they will receive monthly.  You can choose from a range of flowers including peonies and orchids in colors that will take your breath away.  Bloomsy Box can arrive at your door on a month to month basis, or you can pay for a certain length of time in advance like 6 months or a year.

Flowers make the perfect thank you gift for anyone including work clients, and they make an ideal holiday or birthday gift for all.  You don't only have to enjoy gorgeous flowers in your home, why not have them in your office too? Head on over to Bloomsy Box today to start smiling every month.

This morning a gorgeous flower bouquet showed up at my door and I was in absolute heaven.   Not only did the flowers arrive in wonderful shape, they were packaged perfectly and securely with a velcro closure.  A small envelope of flower food was included to make sure your blooms stay gorgeous for as long as possible.  

Before the flowers arrived, I had no idea what bouquet I'd be receiving.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive these and truly love them.  When it comes to flowers, I usually like more color but these are truly simple and gorgeous.  The soft pink gives the pale background a nice hint of color that is certainly welcomed.  These flowers not only smell great, but they are fresh and very high quality too.  

I cut the flowers down to fit better in the vase and they look spectacular now.  It's interesting how a simple vase of flowers can really brighten up a room and make it more welcoming and inviting.  This bouquet is on an entry table near my door and anytime guests come over, they'll be instantly welcomed by the flowers.

With the holidays just weeks away, it would be a great idea to have Bloomsy Box in your home.  If you're entertaining and having holiday parties, flowers will surely bring your party up a notch.

I'm very satisfied with my flowers from Bloomsy Box and I hope my arrangement lives for as long as possible.  I'll surely be keeping them in mind for future orders!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Bloomsy Box for providing me with product in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

Thursday, October 15, 2015

All About Lynnie

Carolyn (formerly known as Sunshine) is a Schnauzer/JRT mix that was found wandering the streets of Tennessee.  She was pregnant and brought to an animal shelter where she stayed for about 2 or 3 days.  A woman who fosters animals through a rescue organization until they are adopted brought her to her home where she had her puppies there.  Lynnie ended up having 7 puppies who all have Spring themed names that the woman's daughter picked out.

We saw Lynnie through her rescue organization via in May 2013.  There were 3 pictures of her and a little bit of information.  In the beginning we actually considered one of her puppies, but after speaking with the organization about the level of care a puppy needs, we decided that a puppy wasn't a smart fit for us.  My husband and I worked at the time and couldn't be home with the puppy to take him/her out every 2 hours.  We knew that Lynnie seemed like a good fit and filled out an application for her.

I believe the application process took about two weeks.  We were approved not long after and I was so excited! I went out and bought everything that a dog could need.  I also went a little overboard too, but hey, can you blame me?

Lynnie came on a transport bus in June 2013 from Tennessee along with countless other dogs who would be adopted up and down the Eastern Seaboard.  Her journey was 18 hours long.  We picked her up on a freezing cold and rainy night.  The rain was insane and like a monsoon.  I'll never forget that!

I do feel like she knew she was going to a good home.  She wasn't that nervous and was instantly friendly towards me and my husband.  I think the rain made her nervous slightly though.  We got home and she instantly jumped on my bed and started chewing her bone.  I didn't know what to expect and was surprised at how quickly she adjusted.

This picture is from the first week of having her.

When we first got her she had some issues with meeting new people but seems to have gotten past it for the most part.  

Fast forward almost 4 years later and Lynnie is the most loving and happiest girl.   I can't even tell you how much joy she brings us! She is now our almost 5 year old baby and best big sister around.  She loves Scarlett so much and always wants to lay near her.  They play a lot together which is cute.  I'm happy that they will be able to grow up together and be friends.

Lynnie loves treats, her family, and of course toys.  She's always squeaking her toys and wanting to play.  What a hard life, huh?

My babies in bed!

I'm very fortunate that we are in constant contact with one of Lynnie's puppies, Clover and Puddle.  Clover lives in Rhode Island and we have been able to meet her and her family three times now.  We just love them! Also, we were able to meet Puddle last summer too. Hopefully we'll all have another doggie reunion soon. 

Lynnie playing in Clover's backyard! Clover's in the dress.  She's my granddaughter!

I don't have many recent pictures of Scarlett and Lynnie together because Scarlett is way too active now.

We're so lucky to have Lynnie in our lives and we couldn't love her more.  Here's to many more happy years with her! 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Let Mike's Hard Lemonade Bring You into The Halloween Spirit #MikesVIP

*DISCLOSURE* This post was sponsored by Mike's Hard Lemonade.  As always, opinions are my own.  

Now that I have a baby, Halloween has a whole different meaning for me. Gone are the days of costume parties with friends while enjoying adult beverages and tasty treats.  My daughter's first Halloween is coming up and I couldn't be more thrilled.  I've decorated the house with ghastly ghouls, wonderful witches, and gruesome ghosts.  Of course you can't forget pumpkins either.  Halloween isn't complete without pumpkins.  I'll use any opportunity to decorate the house for holidays, but now that I have a baby it's much more fun.  As she gets older, I hope she'll help me decorate.  That would be wonderful.

Since I became a mom last December, Halloween now means wholesome family activities like trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving and decorating. We have many activities to go to this year with Scarlett including a Halloween party from my mom's group and a trip to the pumpkin patch. You can't forget a haunted hay ride either! I can't wait! One thing that hasn't changed this Halloween is my love of sweets.  My tummy can't get enough of anything chocolate or pumpkin flavored.  I'm sure I'll have my fill of tons of treats this year.  Since Scarlett only has two teeth and can't have candy, I'm positive that she won't mind sharing with her mom. ;)
All skeletons love black cherry lemonade, it's a proven fact. 

While kiddie activities are fun and create long lasting memories, it's important to have adult time with your spouse and friends too.  Once my little unicorn is done parading around our neighborhood and is at Grandma's, we'll be inviting a few friends over for some Halloween fun.  No party is complete without icy cold and refreshing Mike's Hard Lemonade, delightful appetizers and delectable goodies.  I highly recommend serving Mike's Original Lemonade, or Mike's Black Cherry Lemonade if you're looking to kick the party up a notch.

Since Scarlett will be at Grandma's, we'll be able to enjoy the night sans child, which is rare! As we partake in our tasty treats, we'll be watching some Halloween related movies.  Let's hope I can handle being spooked.  The chances are low!

All zombies request a bowl full of eyeballs.

What's on your Halloween agenda this year? Whether you'll be carving pumpkins into the shape of a witch or cat, or going to a costume party, it all counts.  Halloween only happens once a year and it's important to make the scary night a memorable one.  It'll be especially eventful this year if you have a baby to dress up like I do! 

Without candy corn, Halloween wouldn't be as delicious.

The perfect beverage for Halloween is Mike's Black Cherry Lemonade.  Who doesn't love the tart and sweet taste of lemonade paired with the dark and mysterious flavor of black cherry?  Halloween is all about darkness and spooky things, and this flavor definitely exemplifies this.  One sip and you'll be in heaven.  It's so hard to resist an icy cold Mike's! For the ultimate fantastic pairing, why not have a dirt cup topped off with chewy gummy worms and crushed Oreo's with a Mike's on the side? That'll really get you in the Halloween spirit!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Let Krups Help You Entertain This Holiday Season +Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

My favorite time of the year is rapidly approaching and I couldn't be more excited! The holiday season is all about spending time with loved ones and enjoying being together.  Of course with entertaining comes serving fabulous food and drinks that will make your guests' mouths water.  You can't forget a decadent dessert paired with a hot cup of flavorful coffee either.  When you're serving a large crowd, you'll need a coffee maker that will make a crowd-pleasing pot of coffee, and you can count on Krups to do that.

Krups products belong in all kitchens around the world.  The German engineered kitchen appliances provide functional quality and fantastic performance.  Krups is known for its coffee and espresso products, but did you know they also offer smaller appliances like waffle irons, blenders, kettles, and more? If you know someone who's buying a new house, why not gift them with a fabulous Krups coffee maker? They'll be able to enjoy a fabulous cup of coffee every morning.  Keep Krups in mind for not only housewarming gifts, but a gift for yourself if you'd like to upgrade your small appliances.  It's always an upgrade anytime you introduce Krups into your kitchen.

During the holidays, I always do a lot of entertaining.  My family comes to visit and I make Thanksgiving dinner for everyone.  Of course I frequently have friends dropping by to visit, so it's essential that you have a sweet treat and some coffee to serve on hand at all times. There's nothing like a fabulous piece of cake paired with friendly conversation to warm your soul.  This year, I knew I needed to step up my coffee maker game though.  My single serve brewer is good for a quick cup on the go, but when you need to entertain many people at once, you really need a reliable coffee maker. 

Recently, the newest collection of products from the Krups family were announced and coffee connoisseurs around the world rejoiced.  Feast your eyes on the Krups Savoy collection  which perfectly blends form and function.  The line offers the latest technological advances and provides consumers a more unique brewing experience with a signature style.  If you're looking for bells and whistles, the EC314 model has everything you're looking for wrapped up in a sleek, modern design that anyone will want to have on their counter.  Have a craving for the best cup of coffee in town? Don't worry you won't even have to leave your kitchen to enjoy it.

Isn't this the most gorgeous coffee machine you've ever laid your eyes on? The modern and stylish black and stainless steel combination would look good in any kitchen.  My husband is the big coffee drinker in this family.  He drinks more than most people I know and can never start the day without a cup of liquid caffeine.  Thanks to the 12 cup carafe and easy to read LCD screen, he'll never have trouble enjoying coffee quickly and easily.  

Not only did the coffee maker look fantastic on my counter, but it was a cinch to set-up as well.  In moments, a fantastic and fragrant stream of dark brown coffee filled the carafe.  He was immediately intrigued by the "bold" button which allows your coffee to have a richer and fuller taste. This is certainly a unique feature that most coffee makers don't have.  He said the coffee was out of this world with a rich and exquisite flavor, and truly the best cup from a home brewer that he's had in a long time! This is also due to the integrated water filtration system that allows your coffee to have optimal taste.

 A wonderful feature of this machine is the ability to keep coffee warm for up to 4 hours, which is fantastic if you have a holiday party and people come and go.  No party is complete without a hot cup of coffee to enjoy, especially during the colder months of the year. You can't forget about the 1-4 cup function for small cup brewing if you're only providing coffee for a few people rather than a big event.  

All in all, we're very satisfied with the new Krups Savoy machine. Not only does it fit snugly in our hearts, but on our kitchen counter too.  Our coffee machine game has been stepped up to a new level! If you're in search of a new machine, Krups is waiting for you.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Perfect Gift for Your Budding Chef this Holiday Season #HolidayGiftGuide

It's only natural that every toddler wants to be like mommy or daddy at certain points.  Little girls especially love to watch and help their mom cook in the kitchen.  Wouldn't it be nice if your daughter could have her own kitchen to play in at all times? Let her culinary dreams soar as she creates a delicious pretend entrée or dessert any time of the day.  Those budding chef dreams can now become a fun and pretend reality!

American Plastic Toys is a leader in play sets that include toy boxes, toy kitchens, table and chair sets, tool benches, play houses and so much more.  If you have a child who loves to help out in the kitchen, I have a perfect gift for you to consider for them this holiday season:

Shall it be cupcakes or chicken parmesan? The cooking possibilities are endless

No playroom is complete without the Cozy Comfort Kitchen! This compact and plastic play kitchen has everything any child could want including a light up burner with sound and 22 accessories.  Check out the adorable decals and bright colors that make it realistic and provide hours of fun.  Why not store fake food in the baskets below for easy access for your little one's recipes? 

Imagine your child's surprise when they see a play kitchen under the tree on Christmas Morning! They will absolutely love it and their smile and joy will be worth everything.  If you want to see that happiness this holiday season, make your child that lucky play kitchen recipient.  

*DISCLOSURE* I received complimentary product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

Friday, October 2, 2015

Be Informed About The First Years Parentpreneur Grant Program

Everyone is busy and leads hectic lives these days.  Between shuttling kids to and from school and activities, working all day, and trying to maintain a house, we can't do it all.

Did you know that 79% of millennials are considering working for themselves in the future and more than 500,000 businesses are established each year? The reality of these statistics are that the thousands of millennial entrepreneurs also happen to be new or expecting parents.  Between midnight feedings and changing diapers, it can be very hard to get a business off the ground, let alone find the money for one.

If this is you or someone you know, I have a great program to recommend to you.  The First Years Parentpreneur Grant Program was created to help provide much-needed funding for new and expecting parents to make their dreams a reality.  If you're looking to finally get funding to make your  business and dreams a reality, now's your chance!

Now through October 31st, applications will be accepted for the chance to receive an industrial grant of up to $10,000.  The maximum amount a recipient can receive is $50,000 through the program.  Please apply at this link.

*DISCLOSURE* I received monetary compensation for posting about this opportunity.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Every Girl Would Love a GirlzNDollz this Holiday Season #HolidayGiftGuide

I don't know any little girl that doesn't absolutely love dolls.  A pretty doll with long hair and a beautiful dress is sure to catch the attention of any child.  I can remember quite a few dolls that were my favorites when I was growing up, and I would love nothing more than for my daughter Scarlett to develop the same love for dolls.  Any little girl would be delighted to have a doll under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

GirlznDollz celebrates everything there is to being a girl.  Their soft and cuddly rag Dollz are based on real life characters that girls can identify with.  Empowerment starts at an early age and GirlznDollz wants to teach and grow with your child to let them know that the possibilities are limitless to who they can become.  Each doll has her own individual style that mirrors her personality, her interests, and who she wants to be.  The line has Meet the Totz! which features smaller dolls that are geared towards babies, toddlers, and young girls.  The Meet the Girlz! line features larger dolls and is ideal for older toddlers and tween girls. Any child will instantly fall in love with the doll's pretty outfit, long soft hair, and friendly face.  Keep GirlznDollz in mind for Christmas and birthday presents, as well as a gift for any occasion.

Scarlett was fortunate enough to receive Leila who is a sparkle dancer.  She comes in a purse which allows you to carry her around in it, or use it to hold whatever you desire.  

As soon as I showed Leila to Scarlett, she instantly smiled.  What baby wouldn't be interested in a doll with bright pink hair and a glittery outfit? Scarlett couldn't stop touching her hair and her face.  Since she's almost 10 months old now, she has more of a grasp on her toys and I'm definitely noticing favorites being formed.  
Leila is a sparkle dancer who is ready to dance at any notice 

Since Scarlett doesn't have many soft dolls, I wanted her to have a new friend.  This friend is perfect in her crib to keep her company at night, in the car when we're driving, or just to be with her when she's playing.  This doll is unique and unlike any other doll I've seen before. 

The doll is not only soft and cuddly, but she's in head to toe pink which happens to be Scarlett's favorite color.  Her rag doll body is easy for Scarlett to hold and hug which is perfect.  There is a lot of attention to detail on the doll from the bows and glitter on her dress, to even the bow in her hair.  Leila is certainly every girl's dream doll to play with. What girl doesn't love the color pink either?

I can assure that the quality of this doll is well made.  Leila has some weight to her and will definitely be able to be played with for years to come.  I definitely can see Scarlett loving Leila for some time.  Every girl needs a doll! 

Keep GirlznDollz on your holiday gift list this year to make a lucky little girl very happy. The positive message that the doll comes with can't be beat either.  Every parent wants their child to have confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.  

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to GirlzNDollz for providing me with a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.