Thursday, October 15, 2015

All About Lynnie

Carolyn (formerly known as Sunshine) is a Schnauzer/JRT mix that was found wandering the streets of Tennessee.  She was pregnant and brought to an animal shelter where she stayed for about 2 or 3 days.  A woman who fosters animals through a rescue organization until they are adopted brought her to her home where she had her puppies there.  Lynnie ended up having 7 puppies who all have Spring themed names that the woman's daughter picked out.

We saw Lynnie through her rescue organization via in May 2013.  There were 3 pictures of her and a little bit of information.  In the beginning we actually considered one of her puppies, but after speaking with the organization about the level of care a puppy needs, we decided that a puppy wasn't a smart fit for us.  My husband and I worked at the time and couldn't be home with the puppy to take him/her out every 2 hours.  We knew that Lynnie seemed like a good fit and filled out an application for her.

I believe the application process took about two weeks.  We were approved not long after and I was so excited! I went out and bought everything that a dog could need.  I also went a little overboard too, but hey, can you blame me?

Lynnie came on a transport bus in June 2013 from Tennessee along with countless other dogs who would be adopted up and down the Eastern Seaboard.  Her journey was 18 hours long.  We picked her up on a freezing cold and rainy night.  The rain was insane and like a monsoon.  I'll never forget that!

I do feel like she knew she was going to a good home.  She wasn't that nervous and was instantly friendly towards me and my husband.  I think the rain made her nervous slightly though.  We got home and she instantly jumped on my bed and started chewing her bone.  I didn't know what to expect and was surprised at how quickly she adjusted.

This picture is from the first week of having her.

When we first got her she had some issues with meeting new people but seems to have gotten past it for the most part.  

Fast forward almost 4 years later and Lynnie is the most loving and happiest girl.   I can't even tell you how much joy she brings us! She is now our almost 5 year old baby and best big sister around.  She loves Scarlett so much and always wants to lay near her.  They play a lot together which is cute.  I'm happy that they will be able to grow up together and be friends.

Lynnie loves treats, her family, and of course toys.  She's always squeaking her toys and wanting to play.  What a hard life, huh?

My babies in bed!

I'm very fortunate that we are in constant contact with one of Lynnie's puppies, Clover and Puddle.  Clover lives in Rhode Island and we have been able to meet her and her family three times now.  We just love them! Also, we were able to meet Puddle last summer too. Hopefully we'll all have another doggie reunion soon. 

Lynnie playing in Clover's backyard! Clover's in the dress.  She's my granddaughter!

I don't have many recent pictures of Scarlett and Lynnie together because Scarlett is way too active now.

We're so lucky to have Lynnie in our lives and we couldn't love her more.  Here's to many more happy years with her! 

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