Thursday, October 1, 2015

Every Girl Would Love a GirlzNDollz this Holiday Season #HolidayGiftGuide

I don't know any little girl that doesn't absolutely love dolls.  A pretty doll with long hair and a beautiful dress is sure to catch the attention of any child.  I can remember quite a few dolls that were my favorites when I was growing up, and I would love nothing more than for my daughter Scarlett to develop the same love for dolls.  Any little girl would be delighted to have a doll under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

GirlznDollz celebrates everything there is to being a girl.  Their soft and cuddly rag Dollz are based on real life characters that girls can identify with.  Empowerment starts at an early age and GirlznDollz wants to teach and grow with your child to let them know that the possibilities are limitless to who they can become.  Each doll has her own individual style that mirrors her personality, her interests, and who she wants to be.  The line has Meet the Totz! which features smaller dolls that are geared towards babies, toddlers, and young girls.  The Meet the Girlz! line features larger dolls and is ideal for older toddlers and tween girls. Any child will instantly fall in love with the doll's pretty outfit, long soft hair, and friendly face.  Keep GirlznDollz in mind for Christmas and birthday presents, as well as a gift for any occasion.

Scarlett was fortunate enough to receive Leila who is a sparkle dancer.  She comes in a purse which allows you to carry her around in it, or use it to hold whatever you desire.  

As soon as I showed Leila to Scarlett, she instantly smiled.  What baby wouldn't be interested in a doll with bright pink hair and a glittery outfit? Scarlett couldn't stop touching her hair and her face.  Since she's almost 10 months old now, she has more of a grasp on her toys and I'm definitely noticing favorites being formed.  
Leila is a sparkle dancer who is ready to dance at any notice 

Since Scarlett doesn't have many soft dolls, I wanted her to have a new friend.  This friend is perfect in her crib to keep her company at night, in the car when we're driving, or just to be with her when she's playing.  This doll is unique and unlike any other doll I've seen before. 

The doll is not only soft and cuddly, but she's in head to toe pink which happens to be Scarlett's favorite color.  Her rag doll body is easy for Scarlett to hold and hug which is perfect.  There is a lot of attention to detail on the doll from the bows and glitter on her dress, to even the bow in her hair.  Leila is certainly every girl's dream doll to play with. What girl doesn't love the color pink either?

I can assure that the quality of this doll is well made.  Leila has some weight to her and will definitely be able to be played with for years to come.  I definitely can see Scarlett loving Leila for some time.  Every girl needs a doll! 

Keep GirlznDollz on your holiday gift list this year to make a lucky little girl very happy. The positive message that the doll comes with can't be beat either.  Every parent wants their child to have confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.  

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to GirlzNDollz for providing me with a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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