Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Creative Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas For Your Friends and Family

It can be difficult to think of fresh gift ideas every Christmas, but if you're crafty and creative, you'll love making gift hampers. If you look for big gifts while you're Christmas shopping, you can become quickly dispirited when inspiration doesn't strike. But with gift hampers, you don't need to think of that one perfect gift. You can put together lots of little gifts, and each one will have a lot of thought put into it. Some people choose to make things to go in their gift hampers while others buy their hamper contents. Whatever you choose to do, it's a good idea to start off with a loose theme. Here are some ideas for how to fill your hampers to get you started.

Craft Hamper

If you have friends or family members who are crafty like you, they'll absolutely love a hamper full of craft materials. You could give them little kits for making set items and include craft books too. Materials and tools could both go into a craft hamper. Perhaps you could pick a particular craft and gift someone with a starter kit, such as for sewing or knitting. If they haven't already been bitten with the craft bug, they soon will be when they receive your gift.

Food and Drink

Christmas is a time where it's not only acceptable but encouraged to eat and drink a lot. If there's something that almost anyone can appreciate, it's a hamper full of food and drink. You might choose to make some things, such as jars of preserves. Some people include homemade cookies and cakes, or something else that will last all year. You could also put in chocolate gifts, artisanal foods and tea and coffee. You might pick a specific meal to theme your hamper around or a specific food or drink. Perhaps a wine and cheese hamper would go down well with one of your friends.

Candles and Pleasant Smells

Some people aren't too fussed about candles, incense, and other nice-smelling things. But other people love them. If you know someone who just can't help collecting anything that smells good, whose house is covered in candles and diffusers, this hamper is for them. You could even make your own candles and soaps. Bath products are great to include too, from delicious-smelling body scrubs to hand lotions.

Children's Toy Hamper

Kids will love opening up a hamper full of little toys on Christmas Day. If you usually give them a stocking with small gifts inside, try a hamper instead. All those silly and cute little presents that aren't big enough to give as main presents can go in your children's hamper. You can theme it around what your child loves, whether that's books, pirates or bike riding. Include some little extras too, like small bags of candy.

Whoever you give your Christmas gift hampers to, they're sure to be delighted with the effort you've gone to. On top of having lots of fun creating them, you'll love the looks on your friends' and family's faces when they open their present.

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