Wednesday, November 19, 2014

10 Unique and Quirky Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas will be here before we know it, but many of us get stuck when it comes to what to buy for our loved ones. You don’t want to get them something they already have, or something that they aren’t going to like particularly. The following gifts are fun and quirky, so you can make somebody special smile this Christmas:


A Day Zorbing

Zorbing might only last a few short minutes, but it’s something everybody should do at one time or another. Who wouldn’t love to climb inside a big inflatable ball and then roll down a hill fast as the speed of light? Gifts like this are perfect for the whole family!

A Day Driving a Sports Car

A lot of people are into cars these days, but we can’t all have Lamborghinis and Ferraris. We can, however, buy an experience day that means we can drive the car of our dreams! If you know a car enthusiast, this is the perfect gift for them this Christmas.

A Star

You can’t actually steal a star out of the sky and give it to somebody, but you can use the Online Star Register to name it after them. How lovely would it be to gaze into the sky and see a star that’s named after you?

A Trip to Warner Brother’s Studios

Warner Brother’s studios is basically dedicated to the making of the Harry Potter movies. Harry Potter is a wonderful story, that people of all ages appreciate. If you want to treat somebody special this year, consider taking them on a trip to the studios to get behind the scenes info.

A Penguin

Again, you can’t really wrap up a penguin and give it to somebody like this year’s John Lewis Advert. You can adopt a penguin and sponsor them in their name though! Unfortunately, some species of penguin could be in danger. You can help to fund research and resources by sponsoring one for £3 per month. If you know somebody who loves penguins, do this in their name.

A Bubblewrap Costume

Some people almost have a fetish when it comes to bubblewrap. A bubblewrap costume will keep them occupied for hours and hours!

A Chalkboard Bag

Never forget your shopping again with the help of a chalkboard bag! It can be so much fun to sketch designs onto too - perfect for completing a quirky outfit. A great gift for somebody with a unique fashion sense.

A Smartphone Projector

If somebody has lots of cool videos on their phone, a smartphone projector could be the perfect gift for them.

Cookie Shaped Cup Warmer

This gift is great for the office worker who always has a brew to hand. It’ll never go cold again with the help of the cookie shaped cup warmer!

A Blow Up Unicorn Horn for Cats

Know a cat lover? Buy them a blow up unicorn horn for cats and their cat can become a unicat! The cat might not be happy about it but it’s great entertainment.

Happy shopping!

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