Tuesday, November 25, 2014

4 Amazing Ways That You Can Announce Your Pregnancy

Finding out that you’re expecting is a wonderful time. You are probably eager to shout it from the rooftops that you’re having a brand new bundle of pink or blue joy. But, there are some brilliant ways that you can announce your birth. No, you don’t have to take to Facebook. On the contrary, there are some innovative ways to announce your big news. When you are telling your family about your new baby joy, you want to be creative in your approach. The personal touch is always needed when announcing this kind of news. After all, it’s a major event in any parent’s life. Sharing this news is best done in the most creative way imaginable.

Here are four amazing ways that you can announce your pregnancy.

1.    Send a Photo Postcard

Okay, so you now have your scan of your baby. You know that you are definitely expecting. The scan is one of the best ways to announce your pregnancy. There are a wide range of online vendors that you can use to create a personalised postcard depicting your scan. You can then add a funny caption and send it out to your nearest and dearest. Do check out USPS postage deals beforehand. After all, announcing your imminent birth doesn’t have to cost a bundle. If you are announcing your pregnancy later than the three months and you have had your 20-week scan, you can incorporate pink and blue tones to your postcard. What could be lovelier than receiving a postcard of a scan photo? This is a truly wonderful way to announce your pregnancy. What’s more, it has a personal touch.

2.    Create a YouTube Video

Have you seen some of the pregnancy YouTube videos that have gone viral? Some are downright hilarious. This can be a quirky way to announce your birth, but it’s also a memorable way to do this. You can make sure that you send this privately if you don’t feel comfortable sharing with the world. You can send a video in an email and get creative with it too. Some of the results are hilarious, but others are more touching.

3.    Host a Family Meal or Get-Together

Sometimes, the personal tactic is preferred. If your family and friends live in proximity, it may be nice to host a family meal at your home. You could even go out for the evening and make a night of it. When everyone is settled, and they’ve eaten, you can announce your impending baby news. This is a truly personal touch and is a great way to tell everyone all at the same time. Be prepared for the onslaught of questions that are sure to be due! It’s a lovely way to celebrate such wonderful news.

4.    Announcing Your Baby With Gifts

Let’s face it; it’s the grandparents who are going to be the most excited about a new baby. Why not announce your pregnancy with a small token gift with grandma and grandpa written on it? If your family are good at getting the hint, this can be a joyful way of expressing your baby news.

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