Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cool Hobbies to Try With Your Kids

Hobbies are fantastic tools for educating your child. Not only does having a hobby give them a way to express themselves, it also allows them to discover what they like to do. If you openly encourage their hobbies and make them feel good about it, they’ll build plenty of confidence! The following hobbies are all great to try with kids:



Baking with kids will teach them about food, food safety, and cooking techniques. They’ll learn all kinds of things, from what ingredients do to how to use kitchen appliances. You can bake cakes, cookies, and even savoury dishes if you like. Kids love helping grown ups cook, so make sure you let them!


Gardening is a great hobby for kids to try, as they get to plant things and watch them grow. Why not take them to the shop and let them pick some seeds to plant in the garden? Watering them and watching them transform will be so much fun for your child. They’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment too. You could even get them a ready grown potted plant and help them transfer it to your garden soil.

Pet Grooming

If you have a pet, why not teach them how to groom it and help look after it? They’ll learn all kinds of important things about animals, how to treat them, and how to keep them in good shape. This will also take some of the pressure off you, as you won’t be the only one taking care of your pet. You know they’ll be great pet owners later in life too.


Collecting can come in many shapes and sizes. Work out what your child’s interests are and go from there. They may like to collect dinky cars, or even dolls. Having a collection is very exciting for a child, even if it’s just a collection of pogs or trading cards.


Drawing will help your child to peak their inner artist. Make sure you let them draw whatever they like, and encourage any originality. Don’t make a big deal if they draw a dog with no legs - praise their originality.


Writing is so much fun for kids and will teach them all about the English language. Encourage them to write different kinds of stories and poems to read to you and see what they come up with. They might shock you!


Sewing is a great skill to have, although you will need to supervise your child with the needle. There are sewing kits available especially for kids, so you could start them off by making their very own sock bunny. They could even use cross stitch to create a picture of their favourite cartoon character. Whatever they create, make sure you display it proudly and praise them for it!

These hobbies will all teach your kids valuable things about life. You can be sure that they’ll grow up to be creative, well rounded individuals if you encourage them to do things like this from a young age. Good luck!

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