Thursday, October 9, 2014

8 Important Things You Will Learn When You Get A Family Kitten

All parents have thought about getting a family pet. Getting a family pet is a great way to bring the family closer together. If you have young children, they will love having an addition to the family. As a general rule, children love animals. Make sure that your children don't have any allergies before you get a pet. When choosing the right pet for your home, it is important to think about your lifestyle. Dogs are a popular choice for many families. You can take a dog out for walks together with the family and even train the dog to do tricks.

If a dog's not for you, why not consider getting a cat? Cats are low maintenance when you compare them to dogs, but can be just as loving. If you are going to get a cat for your family home, I suggest that you get a kitten. A kitten will find it easier to adapt to a new family than a full-grown cat would. You will also find that your children take to a kitten more easily than they would take to a cat. Getting a kitten is a whole new experience, and if you are a first-time pet-owner, the experience will be full of surprises. Here are eight important things you will learn when you get a family kitten.

1. Not all kittens will be litter-trained

Many people make the mistake of thinking that all kittens are litter-trained. Litter-training takes a long time, and not all kittens take to using a litter tray with ease. When you are buying your kitten, look for retailers who specialize in dealing with cats. Ask them whether they have litter-trained the kitten before you buy it. If the answer is no, it might be wise to look elsewhere. Getting a litter trained kitten will save you a lot of hassle and mess in your home.

2. Pet insurance is always a great idea

When animals get sick, treatments can be expensive. You should register your kitten with a local vet service in the first few weeks after you get him or her. You should also make sure that you invest in a pet insurance policy for your kitten. When your kitten gets ill, you want to make sure that he or she gets the right healthcare. An insurance policy will help you to cover the costs of healthcare for your pet. That means that you can afford both large and small treatments for your cat.

3. Sometimes kittens are fussy eaters

Kittens are like children; sometimes they are fussy eaters. Trying to get your kitten to eat processed food might be tricky. Try mixing some cooked chicken into the regular kitten food. Doing so will mean that your kitten is more likely to eat their food. Over time, you can put less chicken in their food.

4. Buy kitten milk, not normal milk

It might seem natural to give your kitten a saucer of milk now and then. TV often shows kittens drinking milk, and so you might think that you should give your kitten a little milk to make them happy. The problem is that most cats can't tolerate cow's milk. If you give your kitten the same milk that you drink, he or she will become ill. Instead, buy some special kitten milk so that it is safe for your kitten to drink.

5. Some kittens come with fleas

Many owners have a shock when they get their first kitten. Sometimes your kitten will have fleas when you buy him or her. The last thing you want is fleas in your family home. If you see any signs that your kitten might have fleas, treat your kitten as soon as possible. You can buy special treatments online at You may have to get a carpet cleaner for your home as well to make sure that there are no fleas in your carpets.

6. Kittens have two moods

Kittens have two moods. Kittens are either excited or sleepy. You will notice a pattern in your kitten's behavior during the first few months of you having him or her. Your kitten will get excited and run around for a while. When your kitten is in this mood he or she will scratch and chase everything in sight. After that, your kitten will feel sleepy. He or she will sleep for a while. You might find that your kitten curls up into a ball and sleeps for a few hours at a time. When kittens are small, they want to explore the world, but they also need to sleep quite a lot. Don't worry if your kitten seems hyperactive. He or she is a baby, and so this level of energy is normal.

7. Your children need to befriend your kitten

When you bring a new kitten into the household, you need to make sure that your children befriend your kitten. When your kitten is small, he or she will begin to develop a personality. It is important that your children give your kitten a lot of attention so that he or she gets used to their company. Make sure that your children spend a lot of time playing with your kitten. That should be no problem as most children find kittens fascinating and so won't leave them alone. The kitten needs to form bonds with everybody in the family, and so you should make sure everybody gets a turn to play with him or her.

8. Sometimes kittens cry for no reason

If your kitten cries when you first get him or her, don't worry. Your kitten is a baby, and babies tend to cry all the time. Remember, when your kitten comes into your household, he or she has left his mom and siblings behind. It is normal that he or she misses his or her family. Do your best to comfort your kitten when he or she cries. Give your kitten loads of food and attention to help them to settle into the family home.

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  1. I woud never buy a kitten Sammi. I have a out of pocket rescue and there are so many places to get great cats- from rescues and shelters! Save a life! Even if there is a certain breed you think you have to get there are always those breeds needing homes too. Oftentimes breeders keep breeding anmals in deplorable conditions because breeders=money and nothing else. There are some good breeders, but they are few and far between.
    Kittens actually should be litter trained- they might not know where thier box is for a bit, but trust me they would rather go there :) Rescues rarely will ever adopt out a kitten knowing it isnt trained because no one wants a poop machine in the house. Kittens also if they are weaned dont need mik- it gives them the runs! Some cats like milk, but they dont need it :)
    Its true kittens have 2 moods and they are as fun as can be! And youre riight, sometimes they do cry missing their littermates, confused about new surroundings, but they will stop soon enough .
    Kittens are a lot of fun!