Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wow Excursions Review

Imagine going away on your next Caribbean vacation and having a wide selection of activities to choose from.  Parasailing, snorkeling, horseback riding, or even a glass bottom boat tour! Surely there's many things that you and your family would enjoy doing together.  Whatever you choose, make sure you have a ton of fun while doing it.

Wow Excursions is a professional team that has been working with travelers, airlines, hotels, and cruise lines for more than 40 years.  They certainly provide memorable experiences in Mexico to over 250,000 annual people from all over the world.  The excursions are available to Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, and Riveria Maya.  How does riding in the jungle on ATV's or visiting Chichen itza's ancient ruins sound? Maybe you'd rather swim with dolphins or visit Xcaret? There are so many activities that picking just a few could possibly be overwhelming at first! Don't worry, you can filter your choices by excursion type such as beach, water, entertainment, adventure, etc.  Also, you can search by price, activity level, and duration so you'll be sure to find the excursion that fits your needs.

Of course when you start planning your vacation, you have to start choosing activities to go along with it.  I was fortunate enough to connect with Wow Excursions who generously offered my husband and I two excursions to do while on our trip.  We chose riding ATV's in Cozumel and visiting Xcaret, an eco-park in Playa Del Carmen.  Both activities were very diverse but still provided us with much entertainment.

First on our schedule was the ATV's.  I had never been on an ATV before and wasn't sure what to expect.  I knew that it was very important to abide by all safety rules and regulations so you could have a safe experience.  We were taken to a remote wooded area that was the ATV site.  Once you got there, you were given a helmet and driving gloves if needed.  We then watched a brief safety instructional video which also told you how to drive the ATV's.  This was essential for me to watch because I had no idea how to operate an ATV.  You could choose from an automatic or semi-automatic ATV, depending on your preference.  Soon after that, our large group of about 19 was on their ATV's and we were ready to go!
Vroom, here I go!
The ATV was very simple to operate.  The whole group rode one after the other, so it was easy to all stay together.  You do have to be careful because if you don't control the gas well it's very easy to go fast and potentially get hurt.  Make sure you always have a handle on it.  It had rained for the past two days on the morning of our ride, so I knew it would be a muddy one.  You go at a fun pace, but one that is not too fast.  The ride was about an hour and 20 minutes.  We rode through a lot of wet mud puddles that were very deep so it was kind of like driving in the ocean! Halfway through we stopped so our tour guide could hand us water, and also give us a brief history lesson on ancient Mayan culture.  This was fitting after all as we were in the Riveria Maya.  The ATV session went by quickly and soon it was over. We had a great time and would definitely ride ATV's again in the future!
Later that week, we went to Xcaret which I was very excited and looking forward to.  This is a majestic park by the sea that features unique activities where you have fun and discover the natural and cultural richness of Mexico.  Xcaret boasts more than 30 attractions including swimming with dolphins, a butterfly pavilllion, coral reef aquarium, beaches where you can lay in the Caribbean sea on an inner tube, and much more.  It's the perfect place for all ages and your children will absolutely love it. Don't forget to check out the fabulous Mexican cuisine spots for lunch.  There's truly something to see with every step you take.  I suggest getting there early in the morning to make a day of it so you can check out everything. 
Did I interrupt something?

You stand so gracefully on one leg.
We stepped into the park and were greeted by parrots and flamingos.  I am a huge animal lover so I couldn't wait for our Xcaret adventure to begin.  I really enjoyed the coral reef aquarium.  There were so many things to see including many species of fish, jelly fish, sharks, starfish, stingrays and many other underwater creatures.  There were placards displaying information about everything you were looking at.  This makes it extremely educational for children and a perfect opportunity to teach them about animals.
Hurry up and swim away before she takes our picture!

I touched the starfish.  It was very bumpy. 
We saw many other attractions during our visit including butterflies, turtles, an edible mushroom farm, and a Mayan village which was very interesting and informative. 
I enjoyed relaxing on an inner tube on the beach and sipping on a refreshing drink in the process.  A very cool thing that my husband and I did was swim through an underground cave.  We really loved that.  It was a break from the sun and it was cool and dark in the caverns.

Make sure you keep your map handy and check out the attraction signs so you'll be sure to see everything you desire.  We really enjoyed our time at Xcaret and would highly recommend it to anyone who's planning a trip to Mexico in the future.  You will not be disappointed.
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*DISCLOSURE* A big thank you to Wow Excursions for providing us complimentary excursions in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own. 




  1. We really enjoyed our day at Xcaret as well. Looks like you had a wonderful trip!

  2. Looks like you both enjoyed a lot of fun in the sun. So glad you had a nice time :)