Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Royal at Playa Del Carmen Review

Imagine a place that combines a close beachfront location, a variety of delicious food at your fingertips, and spa treatments that will send you off into a blissful world of relaxation all in one.  No, this is no joke.  This establishment truly does exist.  Everyone needs rest and rejuvenation especially around the holidays. The Royal is there to make all of your vacation dreams a reality.

The Royal at Playa Del Carmen is an all-inclusive resort located in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  For one fixed price, you're given access to unlimited food and drink (alcohol is included). There are many different restaurants serving different cuisines for everyone's taste preferences.  The establishment boasts 513 extra spacious suites including a garden, ocean view, or ocean front room.  You're just steps away from Playa Del Carmen's famed 5th avenue shopping district which offers hip night spots, trendy cafes, and wonderful shops. The beautifully maintained grounds feature many pools and rows and rows of inviting lounge chairs to hang out in.  The beach is just feet away, which makes for an excellent day of fun in the sun. If you're looking to be pampered, why not sign up for spa treatments at the luxurious SPAzul?  This is a world-class eco holistic Mayan-inspired full service spa with dual temperature jacuzzies, steam room, sauna, and a variety of out of this world treatments.  If you're looking for the stay of a lifetime, the Royal is ready to welcome you today.

My husband and I were offered the chance to review some treatments at the spa.  When I was in the beginning stages of planning the review, I knew you couldn't go on a honeymoon and not go to a spa.  It was just something that was practically required to do! When our spa day officially arrived I was very excited. What lady doesn't like a fabulous day of pampering? The Royal was only about a 5 minute walk from our hotel which was very convenient.  When we arrived, I was blown away.  The establishment was beautiful and relatively new.  It was a spacious, open air facility that was built in 2005.  The attention to detail was certainly evident in the construction of it.  The center of the lobby features a great lounge area where you can relax and enjoy a beverage of your choice. 
The Royal's ready for Christmas!

Can't you just imagine sipping a pina colada or frozen margarita and looking at this view? Heavenly!

We met with Wally Dagri, the hotel's public relations manager.  He gave my husband and I a tour of the facility and I quickly fell even more in love with it.  I wished I was staying at the Royal! He offered us both a day pass which included use of the entire establishment and also any food and drinks we wanted.  We were quickly whisked away to the spa, where I knew I was born to be. The spa features facials, massages, body wraps, manicures and pedicures, and much more.  Anything you could possibly want from a spa is available.  Robes and slippers were handed to us for us to change into for the ultimate spa experience.  The spa locker rooms featured a jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna. There was cold refreshing water and iced tea to sip on and also dried fruits to munch on and enjoy. There were plenty of seating options to choose from to relax in. While the locker rooms were not co-ed, my husband and I were given a few minutes to enjoy the jacuzzi's while we waited for our first treatment to be ready. The spa ladies were very friendly and would check in with you to make sure you were okay, and to see if you needed anything.

The inside of the locker room.  I wish I was in the jacuzzi right now!

We were finally ready for our massage.  The 50 minute massage was a couple's one and we were together in the same room for it.  The lights were dimmed, candles lit, and the relaxation started.  My masseuse was wonderful. The pressure was not too rough at all, but perfectly enjoyable.  I don't like very hard strokes when receiving a massage. I could feel all of my tension and stress just melt away.  Both masseuses checked in with us throughout the treatment to make sure it was to our liking.  My husband enjoyed his massage immensely.  It was over far too quickly and I wished for just another 5 minutes! 
Let the healing and cleansing begin!

Afterwards, the staff wanted to take us into a temazcal, which is a a type of sweat lodge.  It has cleansing and healing properties that take affect as the heat inside steadily rises.  This experience was very new for me, but I like holistic therapy so I was interested to try it.  My only concern was that I wouldn't be able to bear 100+ degree heat for 80 minutes.  We were told that we could take a break if needed, or if we couldn't handle the heat, it was no problem.  Water was provided which would certainly be needed.  Unfortunately, the temazcal was not working as normal and it wasn't getting as hot as it should.  We were told that we should get lunch and then check back in about an hour or so while they fix it.

We went to Pelicanos which is a Caribbean fusion restaurant.  I had seafood, while my husband had steak. Drinks and dessert were mandatory. We had a mojito and a frozen margarita, and shared a piece of cheesecake. Everything was extremely tasty and very fresh.  The menu also had a lot of options to choose from too.

We checked back with the temazcal soon after and learned that it still wasn't operating as normal.  In lieu of continuing our service with it, we were offered another spa treatment instead.  I thought a facial for both of us sounded fantastic.  My husband had never had one before and I knew he would absolutely love it.  A facial is the best thing you can do for your skin.

The facial was absolutely wonderful.  The lights were dimmed and soothing music was played.  Our estheticians were very knowledgeable about their craft and gave us helpful tips on improving our skin quality. They told us what they were doing throughout the treatment and made sure we were comfortable. Afterwards, my husband was completely in love with the facial and wondered how he had never had one before.  My skin felt revived, rejuvenated, and extremely soft.  Let me tell you that days later my skin still looked and felt amazing.  How's that for an excellent treatment?

Our spa day was absolutely fantastic and we enjoyed every second of it.  If you're planning a future trip to Mexico, I highly recommend staying at The Royal.  You will have a stay of a lifetime.

*DISCLOSURE* My husband and I were provided complimentary services and use of the establishment in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.  

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