Friday, July 5, 2013

Barking Dog Blankets Etsy Shop Review

I prefer Carolyn to be very comfortable in her daily life.  Since she was a rescue dog, I am not sure what her prior life was like.  She has two beds in different rooms in my house.  One bed has a personalized blanket in it, while the other bed had no blanket.  I knew that she needed to lay in ultimate comfort so I had to fulfill her blanket needs for the second bed.  Barking Dog Blankets was just the place to turn to to make this wish come true.

Barking Dog Blankets is an Etsy shop ran out of Hawaii.  The owner hand makes dog blankets with fabrics and material that represent Hawaii.  The blankets come in a variety of styles and colors.  Whether you'd like a blue flower or a pink flower pattern for your furry child or anything else, the choices are endless.  Protect your car seat and furniture from dirt and fur.  These blankets provide comfort in strollers, crates or anywhere you go.  They are the perfect gift for your furry friend.  It's important to note 10% of each sale is donated to animal welfare programs. I think that is wonderful.

Since Carolyn is a spoiled girl, I wanted her to have a blanket that would provide her with ultimate comfort.  For this, I was sent the Puamana blanket.

Look at this adorable blanket!  I love the bright colors and the pretty flower pattern.   How sweet!  I really like how the blanket is handmade and the pattern really represents Hawaii.  Carolyn is a lucky dog!

 The blanket is handmade and very durable and thick.  I put this blanket on her bed so she has something even more comfortable to lay on.  The colors are bright, bold, and just beautiful.  The sewing is high quality and I can tell a lot of love, dedication, and time went into creating it.  I sometimes put the blanket on the couch so she can lay on it while hanging out with my fiance and I when we watch TV.

As you can see, Carolyn really loves her blanket.  She feels special that something was handmade just for her!  I see her laying on it quite often whenever I'm home.  The blanket is large enough for her to snuggle up with.

If you're looking for a fabulous present that will make your dog smile and their tail wag like crazy, please head on over to Barking Dog Blankets.  They will love you for it!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Barking Dog Blankets for providing me with a complimentary blanket in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.


  1. My dogs have at least six barking dog blankets, plus one car seat cover.

    Wherever I put the blanket, my dogs find it and lie down :) When I want them to "settle", all I have to do is get out their blankets. I use them outside a lot, to keep them off the ground at agility trials.

    The fabrics are fantastic (one of the reasons why I have so many), and they arrive quickly and beautifully packaged.

  2. I love Barking Dog Blankets! The car seat cover works really well at protecting my car from fur and from sand when we go to the beach. Mana won't lay down unless she has her blankie!