Monday, July 1, 2013

IMUSA Review

One thing that everyone knows about me is that I love to cook.  I'm always up for the challenge of trying a new recipe or using a new seasoning or sauce in an old favorite.  My kitchen is definitely my favorite room in my house. The focal point of anyone's home is usually the kitchen when someone is whipping up a delicious meal or dessert.  I have endless kitchen gadgets and cookware that I love to use on a regular basis.  There's nothing like preparing a crowd pleasing meal for all to enjoy.

IMUSA is the leading brand of Hispanic housewares and culinary brand ambassador of international cuisines.  The line of cookware is innovative, authentic and affordable.  IMUSA's products help bring the abuela's (grandma's in Spanish) recipes to life while also capturing the adventurist spirits of culinary dreamers. The product line includes tortilla warmers, steamer pots, panini makers, pots and pans, rice cooker and so much more.  There is definitely something available to help you begin your culinary passion in the kitchen.

One kitchen item that I've always wanted is a steamer.  I watch the Food Network all the time and drool at the chefs steaming mussels, crabs, scallops and various other seafood.  Steaming really helps cook the food quickly while retaining the nutrients.  It's certainly my favorite way to cook certain foods.  My steamer dreams came true when IMUSA sent me a 20 qt steamer pot for review.  

As you can see, this is one gigantic aluminum pot! It has a brushed finish and would be great for steaming any kind of seafood, corn, fish, vegetables, tamales and anything else you could think of.

I'm happy that this pot arrived today because I was planning on making mussels as part of my dinner tonight. I usually cook them on the stove but I was excited to have the option of steaming them this time.  My stove isn't extremely large, so the large pot did take up a lot of room on the burner.  I don't own anything this big, so I advise you to have a large walk in pantry or a storage room, where you can keep this pot when not using it.  The pot came with a recipe for tamales, which I would like to try soon.
The pot seems durable and the lid fits well.  The steamer insert hooks onto the latches on the inside of the pot.  The insert is very secure and I had no worries about it falling into the pot.  Once I poured water onto the bottom of the steamer, I put the mussels which I brushed with melted butter and sprinkles garlic powder on the insert.  I put the lid on and I prepared to enjoy fabulous steamed mussels shortly.
Steam and open because I want to eat you!
I enjoyed watching the steaming process.  The water comes up through the holes in the insert and quickly cooks the mussels.  Soon after, they were done and cooked thoroughly.  They tasted very fresh and had a wonderful flavor, which could only be achieved through steaming!
I certainly look forward to steaming some other foods soon.  I'm thinking lobster or crab legs next? This pot is the perfect size for cooking up a large batch of steamed veggies or crawfish for a party or BBQ.  Go ahead and plan the party, all the guests have to do is come hungry!
*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to IMUSA for providing me with this complimentary steamer pot in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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