Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kohl's Review

Summer is all about carefree fun with friends and family.  Life is extra wonderful when you're able to have guests over for a backyard BBQ or pool party.  Delicious food and fun conversation is always on the agenda at a party.  Make sure you're well stocked with icy cold, refreshing drinks to cool everyone down.  Kohl's is there for you if you're in need of some summer party supplies!

Kohl's is your one stop shop for women, men, and children's clothing, accessories, housewares, shoes and much more.  Every time I go in there, I always come out with something I love.  Need a new outfit for yourself for a summer BBQ or maybe your child needs a new outfit for her birthday party?  No problem, Kohl's has you covered.  They have the latest fashions at unbeatable prices. The clothes are made well and very durable.  I have a favorite pair of high heels that I purchased there 3 years ago and still wear to this day.  They've held up very well.  Please consider Kohl's for any of your upcoming summer needs.

I enjoy entertaining all year round, especially in the summer.  I love to make pasta salads, fresh lemonade, burgers, crispy salads, hot dogs and many other crowd pleasing items.  When you serve drinks you need to make sure there's enough ice to keep the drinks refreshingly cool.  Of course you have to serve the drinks in fun glassware too!

To make my drink dreams come true, Kohl's sent me a mason jar set and an ice bucket.  The mason jars are adorable and gives sweet tea and iced tea some extra pizzazz.

Doesn't this picture look straight out of a magazine?

I brought this mason jar set to my parents so we could enjoy chilled drinks outside.  I used the ice bucket to keep the ice cold in case anyone wanted a refill.  The mason jars are adorable.  They come in a set of four and all have attached handles.  I like the modern twist of the added handle.  The jars are glass and made well.  They hold a lot of liquid.  I served lemonade in the mason jars.  The cool refreshing drink hit the spot and really cooled us off.  The jars are easy to drink out of and hold.

The jars are dishwasher safe and I've already ran them through the dishwasher and they came out perfectly clean.  Serving your guests cold iced tea or lemonade in these mason jars would delight their taste buds and put a smile on their face. 

The ice bucket is here to save the day to add cold cubes to make your drinks freeze and your taste buds sing.

The double-wall stainless steel design of the ice bucket is sleek and beautiful.  It's the perfect accompaniment to your next party.  The bucket holds a lot of ice to guarantee that all your guests' drinks are certainly chilled.  The convenient tongs make selecting ice cubes a breeze.

As I mentioned before, I used the bucket today when enjoying lemonade with my family.  The bucket kept the ice perfectly cold.  Even in the hot sun, no cubes melted.  I was able to use the tongs to refill my mason jar and had no issues using the tongs.  The lid stays securely shut when on.

Overall, I was very impressed with the ice bucket and I look forward to using it when I entertain guests all year round.  Kohl's is your perfect party destination! Why not pay them a visit today?

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Kohl's for providing me with the complimentary ice bucket and mason jar set.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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  1. That's a great picture, Sammi. I was admiring earlier on Facebook how it really portrayed a refreshing pitcher and glasses of fresh lemonade on a hot summer's day.