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Florida Holidays 2012-A Touch of Magic/Guest Post

Florida Holidays 2012 – A Touch of Magic

Daniel Radcliffe may well have finally hung up his broom, his Invisibility Cloak – though we’ll never know for sure – and his little golden balls in search of a more adult career starring in the “Woman in Black” but there are many families for who the draw of the Wizarding World still remains strong. Thankfully, to satisfy the needs of the smaller members of the family – and the big kids inside all of us – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ is going strong in Florida, at least. For those planning Holidays to Florida in 2012 it’s worth knowing that there is more to the Sunshine State that witches and wizards, although most experiences contain a certain magic.

What to pack

• You won’t need to pack ‘fun’. Unlike those dreary weeks in wet, grey and cold UK tourist ‘hot’ spots you don’t need to pack the play station or other diverting forms of entertainment, either. In my childhood we were subjected to endless games of ‘Happy Families’ or ‘Snap’ in dank, steamy caravans. For parents of my generation there is, thankfully, no need to subject the kids to this kind of memory sharing. Fun generally comes as standard on Florida Villa Holidays and the standards are pretty high.

• When it comes to the weather you do need to prepare sensibly but prepare, in this case, in a good way. Florida has a sub-tropical climate and although this means it’s basically hot, it can also be warm and wet at different times of the year, with high levels of humidity. So pack light clothing made from material that breathes well. Battery operated fans are a good idea for staying cool when queuing for rides in the parks – queuing is not just a British preoccupation, sadly. If it is rainy season, small umbrellas won’t go amiss – though you won’t get drenched in quite the same way as in the UK!
Places to go, Mice to See

• If it’s a family holiday to Florida it will undoubtedly involve the theme parks. Florida was named by the Spanish as ‘La Florida’ which translates as the Flowery Land. Today it’s known as ‘The Sunshine State’ and is also gaining the nickname the ‘Theme Park Capital of the World’. Say as they see sort of people aren’t they? Yes, Florida, particularly the area around Orlando deserves this title. The main parks are Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando® Resort and SeaWorld® Orlando, but it doesn’t end there.

• Florida contains numerous State and National Parks and these offer a range of alternative outdoor activities. The most famous of the National Parks is undoubtedly the Everglades National Park – further south than Orlando. This is a must for multi centre holidays split between Orlando for the big (fake) mice and Miami for the big (real) alligators. The State Parks offer the opportunity to get away from it all, with relaxing outdoor pursuits that include, but are not limited to, kayaking, hiking, cycling, camping and diving, snorkelling or fishing and surfing, in the coastal ones.

The beauty of Florida villa holidays – and it really is a beautiful state – is the variety of activities available. The climate means that you aren’t like to be stuck indoors at any point and it’s perfect for families who like to get out and about. While Orlando offers everything you could want in the way of theme parks to exhaust the kids, just down the road are small coastal towns that offer retreats, restaurants and relaxation to recover and re-charge for the adults.
Holidays to Florida in 2012, offer just about everything you could need for a perfect family holiday, including perfect weather. With holiday season nearly upon us it’s the perfect time to snap up some affordable last-minute deals to the many magical kingdoms of the Florida peninsula.

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